UK2 WW Update

  • Am I really bothered.... :D

    As for who ever said ... I shouldn't hold my head up high... I will because I played with a great team... And I had fun in a Game... And that's all it is at the end of the day... No real blood was real tears fell...

    I hope GOT get to play a better game in UK3 and use their hammers well before the end... So they don't need to waste them.. And succeed at being real champions against stronger and bigger adversaries who will be prepared to take on their might on an equal footing..

    Ps... Mags... It's hear not here... Lol

  • Well to be more accurate.

    It was 3 allainces, and 3 Quads Versus GoT (Nemris + SWM + JB)
    and yes sir Yoda. you are right. technically TFSC and GoT were never at war, and Yes "Painfully" (So Sorry Virgo) We Attacked right at the end to stop them from winning.

    The two verses two I referred to were the four WW alliances, but I take your point.
    Your apology to Virgo will I'm sure be appreciated, but I doubt she'll forgive you. TFSC sent attacks on SWM that would not have been sent had they thought GoT would do what they did. Those attacks would have been at GoT. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because GoT played TFSC like a fiddle and that is what this game is about, but the lesson needs to be learned.

    Going forward to UK server 3, let everyone know who and what their opponents are. They will turn on you so do not engage them, your only choices are to be part of their alliance or to fight them. If everyone on that server realises that and acts accordingly, it should make for a very good server - GoT verses everyone. :)

  • yoda, most of the time i had taken you as one of our team mates , i thought you were from GoT. but it turn out you are part of TFSC, So will you like to play with us as team, i liked u, good for our forum and ingame .

    Now regarding GoT hitting TFSC ww. that was obvious, we were never under confederation or some kind of hard core mata, It was a neutral stance against a common enemy , when they are gone, and TFSC were at 98, and we were bound to be hit by SWM and there was a sure chance that atleast few lvl of WW will be gone.
    What you expect we let win TFSC, or you expect us to believe that you people would stay at 99 and wait for us to win. again i would say we were not in proper confederation it was neutral stance which both benefits, GoT used TFSC no, we didn;t i think u people had more benefited then us.
    We never relied on others for Win, but we always being a friendly neighbors tried to be on good terms with every one.
    Second what i have observe most of the people inside game are non verbal , they don;t like to talk , if you don;t take don;t chat how could we be sure about u. We all love to chat and talk. If you don;t believe us ask boxx one of a better cater and worthy opponent.

    As this server ends, all the good, crap, bad talks/comments end with it. All of you who like to join uk3 are welcome, and those who want to play as team with us, you are also welcome. New server new game forget about the past.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • I think we have had four or five hammers over 100k <3 Boxxx

    Gaming since 1976. Travian since 2007. Genius since the day I was born. Inventor of the smoke screen, trust me you do not want to know what that is :)

    Boxxx ANGLO 7 Grey Wind

  • I'd just like to say before the server ends, Thanks to all of the GoT team for giving me the opportunity to be the ww holder this server. Also a special thanks to my sitters who did an awesome job while i wasn't around. Although it was a whole group effort and without every person it would not have happened.
    Also, thank you to every alliance that we played against, specially the other fellow ww holders: Godfather, Virgo, Demeter. You all did a great job and gave us a good run in the end.
    Soon the hour will come that Nymeria shall sit atop the Iron Throne victorious.

    Winter has finally ended!

    Thanks again UK2. See you all on UK3 :)

    ~ Nymeria ~

    UK2 - Nymeria (winning ww holder) - 2017/2018

    UK3 - Rogue (winning ww holder) - 2018/2019

  • Looks like GoT are having trouble defending two WWs concurrently:

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    It did break my heart when the vill was changed and the WW was gone, though. Would have loved a cheeky WW zeroing to add to my portfolio.

  • 700k Rammer.. Another Top 10 HoF hammer.. Well done Drogon.

    gosh i wonder how many more WW worthy hammers are left with this Damn GoT alliance

    I am tired of waiting i wanna play UK3 :(

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • That was a master piece from drogon.
    Sad it could not find worthy opponent.
    It will be remembered for a long time. :thumbup: .
    Well done leo aka drogon.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • So I am done with Uk2 , Yes sadly couldnt found proper enemies. Thank you all GoT for providing opportunity to make both rammers. Special thanks to Sansa stark and ronin, for all the help they did for the hammers .

    UK2: Drogon

    UK3: Bone Collector

    TS7: Drogon

  • 700k Rammer.. Another Top 10 HoF hammer.. Well done Drogon.

    gosh i wonder how many more WW worthy hammers are left with this Damn GoT alliance

    I am tired of waiting i wanna play UK3 :(

    Which quad? :D

    My Praet anvil uk2 - Rhaegal

  • amer you want to remove my name from tbe list, my hammer is 200k+ and you are saying to adf hammers above 350k.

    From gaurav aka Tormund aka Bahubali

    I will not chief arti in next server from enemies if you do that