Tournament going to Munich!

  • Travian Games are inviting 10 players from different domains to Munich 2-5 May to talk about our beloved game. I’m one of them and it’s so exciting! The opportunity to meet players I’ve only spoken with ingame is the best of it all :)

    Ele, my leader in Twelve Monkeys on F&S, is one of them, she has started a thread about it here. Feel free to add your thoughts and proposals about the game so we can take them with us to Munich.

    We will have workshops with Game design, Arts and Community Management, to learn about Travian Games plans for the future and to add the players views. It’s a tight schedule and we will not be able to speak about all matters that concern us players but we will try to sort out the most important ones to bring with us.

    For that reason we have started a skype chat with the 8 of us that we have identified and we are waiting for the official announcement to get to know who the last two is.

    Myself I will concentrate on Tournament and forum. What can we do to make the Tournament more attractive? Is there changes we want in the qualification? For example three of the qualification servers, Russia, Turkey and Arabs is so dominated by the hosts that invited domains on Russia and Turkey have minor chances for any impact and on Arabs, well only Arabs play there. Shall we ask for more domains to be invited to each server?

    Don’t count on changes for next qualification because the drawings is also included in the schedule and the result will of course be a secret until the official announcement. But we might have influence on next year’s Tournament.

    So come up with your ideas and I will do my best to bring them forth!

    Next matter I want to discuss is what you think about TG’s idea to name me as Official reporter for the Tournament. I don’t know the plans they have for me for next Tournament yet, if they are satisfied with my work and if it has had the effect they wanted.

    In which way can we encourage the players to be more active on forums? Most of you are probably using your phone, I’m an oldtimer so I’m not. Is the new forum easy to use from phone? Can you find your way to the topics that are of interest?

    In which way can I improve my Corner (if TG wants me to continue)? What shall I write more about? How can I pimp my Corner to make it more fancy? Do you want a similar function for other versions of Legends servers?

    My Corner team lasted halfway through the Final. I didn’t expect more it is exhausting to do this week after week. I look forward myself to a 3? months vacation before qualification starts.

    If TG hires me for next Tournament I need new co-workers, from different countries and with different languages, willing to write chronicles themselves and do interviews for example. You are out there, I know that.

    And I need accounts to access the statistics as last year, so pm me if you are willing to let me in on your account!

    I look forward to your comments!

  • Ask how TG will select national domains for start qualification servers on Travian Tournament. For example Dacia not had own qual round last year but they every year dominate on TT

  • Biggest issue on Tournaments for me is the huge issue of cheating. The current finals is swarming with cheats and it is the same in qualifiers. Travian have all these rules for players to abide by, yet they award some of the biggest cheaters by giving them prizes for being top pop/off/def etc. Incredible!
    Perhaps for a tournament, the rules should be a little stricter and there should be no room for 'bending' of the rules.

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  • Admins write it's normall kill own troops and cheats with rating. So maybe better remove prizes and give better gold equivalent tablet\phone. Maybe for this reason if remove prizes italians can play on tournament and have own qual round :D

  • If the rewards for top off, def and pop will always be cheated. I think that the prizes should be won by alliances, which in the construction of the wonders ended in next positions. If it had the alliance at 2, 3, 4 and 5, some symbolic prizes would make the game more interesting. Qualification for the winner does not bring any winnings at all, which is a big mistake. Builders who invest the most time will not win anything .

    I'm never afraid of the future. He will soon come.

  • Are you being sarcastic ? <X

    :D I'm not. If winnings are set as follows, then I will fight all the means to win. On the qualification we ended up being second in WW. Result? The average player has earned rewards and the builders have nothing. Rewards are poorly set, but that's not my fault.
    On the other hand. Everyone has the same options. Someone wants to build a WW, someone wants to win an off rank. Without cooperation, no victory would be possible. I think we all agree that there is a need to change the reward system.

    I'm never afraid of the future. He will soon come.

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  • I care about everyones opinion and I agree there should be something done so the awards goes to players that earn them - not to selfish players.

  • Bah It's hypocritical said by him, he's condemning his own actions, he also got a prize for cheating, just be happy about it but don't expect many people will listen to you especially if your words don't match your actions

  • Travian has been struggling to solve multi account players in every server. And it's been forever they never solve them. It's been forever that their "anti-cheat" system being upgraded. Just find an unique way to make them harder register account. Or at least make it harder to login, using phone code for example (like steam)

    But I get it. More account-> more gold purchased -> more profit

  • But I get it. More account-> more gold purchased -> more profit

    In this case they should legalize multi account, because more advanced player cheating (Multi,Private farms) and new players no chance and give up the game.

  • The time for the event gets closer and I want more of your ideas to take with me to Munchen.

    From above:

    1. A change in the reward system.
    2. Stricter rules for off and def points.
    3. A safer login system to prevent multies and bots.
    4. Separated statistic for barrack and great barrack.
    5. Weekly contest. (Need a more active Corner team for that =)

    Questions I still want answers on:

    1. Do you like the idea of a Tournament reporter?
    2. Would the forum be more aattractive if you had it on other servers too?
    3. Do you want more domains invited for qualification?
    4. Is the new forum easy or difficult to use?

  • 1. Do you like the idea of a Tournament reporter?
    2. Would the forum be more aattractive if you had it on other servers too?
    3. Do you want more domains invited for qualification?
    4. Is the new forum easy or difficult to use?

    1. Of course I like it. Because sometimes player rarely share battle reports of their own in the forums. So reporter can fulfill that
    2. I'm afraid that it will be a bad idea. Because we player have assumption that forum and server is different thing, which means can't affect each other. Just opinion.
    3. I prefer quality over quantity though. But i like the idea, more player more interesting which leads to better story. BUT, the quality of server should be increased 1st
    4. Of course. I'm enjoy using it

  • Only a month left and I'm so excited to meet

    Aprendiz, cris@, ELE, FreakZz, Lemon, LordTurek_PL, Schmitz’ Katze, slow ciliatus and Rinobit!

    And a bit nervous too, I have to admit. The Tournament qualification drawing in Live stream the 5 May!

    Keep updated! News about the Tour will be posted on the links below.


    Travian blog