Looking for dual

We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
📌 PTR is the acronym of Public Test Realm. PTRs are used to test patches before we release them to the public. Unlike standard game worlds, you’re one of the first people testing a new build which can often be unstable or otherwise non-functional. Accessing the PTR and reporting bugs is one of the biggest services you can provide ❤️

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  • Still looking for dual?
    I live in Finland (UTC +2) and im shiftworker (working on nightshifts so basically same as US player). Also I can cover up some of the morning/evening on GMT timezone. Mosly cause I'm able to play during working.

    I have loads of experience in classic and played couple succesful servers afterwards too. Now after few years break I've been warming up by myself in Finnish servers and Im feeling like I'll be ready to bump back to top notch raiders.

    Pm me