Critical BUG on WW village

  • Can I ask 1 question?? now all work ok on server?? on my account is all perfect, but I ask for WW,all is ok? we can finish this server in peace?? 8):rolleyes:

  • No, it doesnt work well and it's not okay

    I've never saw in my entire life so much incompetents working in the same office. No offence but this misery must stop. Remember this is a GAME so if you are not able to ensure that players can play it then close the doors or players will stop playing it.

    Disabled starvation for 12 hours when there are only 60 left and when you know you have big problems with your most precious server and one day later again starvation disable for another 12 hours due to starvation. Are your crazy people ? What's wrong with you?
    Problems are far away from gone and server still has big problems with starvation on full granary.

    This server will be remembered as the server where Travian Team prove their limits to everyone.

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  • This server will be remembered as the server where Travian Team prove their limits to everyone.

    TT 2014-2015 have same problem with starvation on WW. Someone spammed event system. And restart after 3 start days.
    It's not a worst TT.

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  • Hello hitman

    Starvation was added because the bug was still somewhat active and they wanted to make sure it was cleared up.

    As of right now the WW's are still being monitored and starvation has been working as intended and that is troops starve due to no crop.

    If you feel unsure then please report ingame and MH can take a look to make sure but as of just a little bit ago all was still working as intended.

  • Stop this please, just stop, it is painful to read. Can you imagine, for a split second, that people who is posting are among most experienced players around and they know how much crop they have, how much crop is coming (yes, there are legal tools for it), how many troops they have and can do simple arithmetic? Just for once understand you are not talking to elementary school kids who may need a lesson on how to divide XK crop by YK troops? Full granary means there is crop and yet troops are starving. What is "as intended" in this picture ?

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  • ELE I was just reading the chat in the finals room and that is what is being said.

    I am not saying it could not happen again just that so far it looks like everything is working as intended.
    I am not insulting anyone here and only relaying the information that is at hand right now.

    In my post I also state that if they are unsure please report that to the MH so it can be looked at and they will since this is being watched.


  • Then go back to the chat and tell them they are delusional. Stand up for the community, you are here represent it, some still may have that hope.

  • There's 18 hours before the server's end.We're tired of all this bugs that have been here since the beginning of the server. Wouldn't it be better to just deactivate the troops' starvation for these few last hours and let us end this server in peace, and, most importantly, not making us spend money for nothing? In these hours, that would be the best thing the TG could possibly make to not make us leave the server angered.

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  • The disappearance of the army on WW is not the only mistake in the game, there are more errors, which of course are reported and appeared after the server rollback. We are very sorry about this because mistakes decide about the place of our miracle.

    you can write whatever you want, but such things should not take place.

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  • Our frenemy on F&S just report a new bug, I think they are related so i will not open new thread. To Mods - it has already been reported, of course players got it wrong and all as intended.

    Troops were forwarded from village A to village B, traveled for about 4.5 hours to get there and eat crop, us they suppose to from village A. Total 153K of crop. Troops arrived at village B and eat amount of crop equal their travel time feeding immediately after arrival (i.e. 153k crop x 4.5) about 700K crop. 23K crop worth troops died within seconds. Screen shots of 153K landing to the village and attack landing 5sec which is missing 11.5K troops in crop later are archived.

    It is possible that the same happened at WW villages, reins arrive their constantly and often travel long time.

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  • Can't edit anymore, sorry. Dead troops left behind 690K crop, same amount as feeding during their travel time. @Templar Knight Please edit previous post - 11.5K crop worth troops dies (and a couple of typos). I need more caffeine.

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