The Embassy/Diplomacy Section

  • Hello Everyone

    As you were aware there was work being done on the forum today.

    The major thing is to the diplomacy/embassy section.
    Now it is divided up into the game/server worlds.....

    Embassies can be added or deleted if and when the need arises much like how they functioned on the old forum.

    Once inside the embassies you just need to click on whatever server you wish to read or post about and ever server for that number will be displayed based on the domains you have set to view.
    So lets take a look at what is going on in the server 2(S2) section.....

    As you can see all number 2 servers are displayed here based on what domains you are following

    You can limit the embassies you wish to view by turning them on or off from within your controls.
    Just go to the top right corner of your main page screen and look for the following.....

    Then just click the boxes you wish to leave on or turn off as seen in the image below. Anything you turn off will not be shown to you.
    If you wish to view them later then you can always just turn them back on.

    The news section will always be visible.

  • Ehm, is that it? How on earth did it take 12 hours to do? We were all kinda expecting that the archives would have been released today? :| ETA on archives?

  • The idea of having sections for each server is nice.
    Just the realization is insufficient, sadly.

    Why throw all "S1"-servers from different domains into the same section? This means that I (who reads more than one domain) can either have _all_ S1-servers or _none_. Seeing all doesn't help to make the forum -structure less confusing. Having none is... well, you get my point?

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  • I would think because the same format has to be in place for all domains. Just as, if you read several forums, you got all the forum posts for "Politics and Diplomacy" from each domain you are subscribed to, you'll get the same for each Server now. I can't see any other way this could have been set up.

    @Schmitz' Katze I posted how it would have to look here

    Server section display size

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  • A few more questions...

    How on earth did the title of this thread get changed after I posted a question? That hasn't been answered yet?

    Can we get a full changelog of what the forum update was yesterday? Cause it takes no more than an hour to move everything single thread into a server folder...And why is the speed folder called Speed x3, instead of just x3? Unless you plan on changing slow servers to Slow/Normal S1,2,3

    Active topics today still show threads from domains I'm not subscribed to...How come this still is a thing? :sleeping:

    And there's still no icon for iron ;(
    Will we forever be stuck with :lumber::clay::crop::nocrop: ?

  • I don't see any rules about how often you can bump a thread, so here's one...Answers to the questions would be much appreciated.

  • Hello lemon

    The title was changed because i changed it.

    When I get a list of all the stuff done then that will indeed get posted on the forum

    Active topics are a great thing.

    Iron symbol. Not really sure but sure someone knows about it. I will add that to my report just in case it is not.

    Hope that helps answer some of your questions.