loss of Medal after change of email address

  • Loss of medal after change of email address?

    old email address is no longer practical, it had to be changed to new one

    my long term service medal has gone :(

  • It may be that for many of us the medal is not precious ...

    But it should be possible to change the email address without losing the medal. If you announce the change it should be made possible.


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  • I lost my medals because travian was having issues with my email address, I was not able to register for new servers, I was not receiving gold links, and even couldn't change ownership of an account, without lengthy communication with customer service. Rather than medals, I'd prefer travian just said "thank you for being a loyal customer" now and then

  • I don't have my medals either after changing my e-mail address almost 3 years ago. If there was one for 10 years plus i would have that as well. Maybe one day they will be able to make it so old e-mail addresses get included. Or better still people who have been playing for 5 years or more should get some sort of loyalty reward the way they do in other games where players have been with them for over 5 years.