My first alliance: how did I get in.

  • I ran into a couple of questions recently about how to join an alliance. It is hard to write a guide on it, but maybe if experienced players share their stories how they got into very first alliance it will help someone. After all, finding a group to play with is the main goal for all newcomers.

    Here is mine: My first server was on usx. I did not know what to look for when I settled second village and ended up in close proximity of a big offensive player, not exactly next to him, but in the area he considered his. He sent a raid right away, I defended with all my might (thought my 300 praets are huge army back then), got an angry igm that requested to pay back troops cost, said sure if we agree on peace and to my surprise the offer was accepted. I did not let him forget about me, asked for an advise a couple of times and eventually he asked for assistance with defense and I sent all I had (well, the closest round number so it would not look like all :D ). Next day I received an invitation from their academy wing, got invited into skype rooms, made a few friends and was invited to play next round.

    Couple years later I moved to com domain, did not know anyone here, but that was easy. I looked around, find an alliance that looked good and send a message " The account is such and such, settlers will be ready in a X hours and I want to join an alliance before I send them". Got invite with suggested coordinates for settling.

    Who is next? :)

  • My first couple servers many years ago I played with a group of players that came from outside forums, so that doesn't exactly help.

    My first US server I took a cropper in an area claimed by an alliance. Trapped a few raiding troops and released them, messaged with a polite "I am not a farm" message and started up a conversation. Got them to sponsor me into the alliance.

  • My experience joining an alliance is not a recommended route since more or less i was in the right place at the right time.

    Didn't actually joined any alliance, noob me instead decided to create one. After all, people will ask what is your qualification for joining their alliance but if you are the one leading, nobody will ask? (At least not directly)

    The alliance obviously wasnt very successful, nowhere near the top but at least we are a regional power. We merged all the way to become the second or third biggest alliance in the SE and at the end, merged with the academy wing for the top raiding alliance. I was asked to be one of the dual for one of the player in top 20.

    Fascinating experience. Leadership position, even in a small alliance will open your view. You get to interact with capable and experienced people and get to understand how to analyze server situation, alliance, and your role in an alliance. (coordinating off, def, diplo, internal, intel, etc) No need to make your own alliance, just try to show initative and willingness to learn in the alliance you joined. Experiment. The more you fail, the more you learn.

  • Thanks Ele for creating the thread, I really liked the idea.

    I started on .com domain. My first alliance ... I think it was created by me and I am all the member it had. It was my very first server, I found that the game has 3 tribes and I wanted to test them ALL!

    I created 3 accounts (didn't care to read the game rules and whatever gibberish there was) in 3 quads, Gauls in NW, Teutons in NE and Romans in SW - I tried to match the similarity in real world. Anyway, I thought soon I'll rule the server, so didn't join any alliances even though I got invitations. I found my own alliance as rest were beneath me. I was flying very high until I woke up one day and found MH has banned my accounts. :D The accounts were really really poor but my lack of game knowledge gave me fake pride. :whistling:

    My first meaningful alliance was the next server. I didn't bother to create one. I was at a population race with my next door neighbor. It was very exciting for noob me and after a week we are like even. One day he messaged me that we should work together as we were both too strong for each other too defeat. I liked his idea and the alliance was found. That was his first server and even though I had the experience of 3 tribes, it was kinda same for me. As a founding member, I had a leadership title too, that opened the opportunity for me to talk with some other alliance leaders and we actually attracted some good numbers.

    Eventually our inexperience was found out and we had to give up leadership roles. I was happy as I didn't know what to do and was kind of annoyed by the amount of stupid messages. I was eager to learn and the people took over was happy to teach. So it was nice at first. Soon after that there was a conflict and our top players were divided and the alliance crumbled and I lost interest to play. It was not a good alliance but I learned some valuable lessons that server.

  • My first alliance (10 years ago) was a newb alliance that had the slogan "A friend is better than a farm". Let me tell you, you get a whole other level of angry messages from your farms with that kind of slogan. I had a boilerplate response of "If you learn to protect your resources, I'd happily invite you to the alliance to be a friend, but if your resources are going to available to raiders I am going to come pick up my share." And I did recruit a few that way.
    Eventually though, our leader stopped logging in. His sitter reported that he had applied to the top alliance and had been rejected, and hadn't logged in since. I decided that since our alliance was dying and, I had a better account than our leader, that I should apply and see if I could get in. Not only did I get in, one of the leaders noticed I was online during the overnight and asked me to be his sitter. That eventually led to be being the night sitter on one of our World Wonders a few months later. It was very educational experiencing the extreme differences in alliances. I had spent the beginning of the server afraid of the top players, but at the end they were my peers.

  • 2009. I was invited by a friend to play with Golderod on com1. I initially had no idea what to do but picked the game up rather quickly. I made many mistakes that server, building my spawn fields to level 11 and then wondering what happened to them when I changed cap was a highlight... Within a few months I was a wing leader, helping as a def coordinator on one of the most fiercely contested servers I've played (AoW-sgr/Eximus one), ended up holding a WW for a few minutes, as did quite a few others that day (noobs) and sat another. It was a great learning curve that has helped me be the player I am today

    I've never forgotten the friends I made that server even most of them have sadly stopped playing now.


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  • How do i know what server im on?

    Read the link in your browser. is Server 1 in .si domain is server 29 on international domain ia Server 2 on UK domain.

    Anyhow, on topic.

    First alliance was just a couple of us school brats fooling around back in 2007, but that didn't last long as we literally got destroyed by some folk.

    In 2008 I believe it was my first time in an alliance, where I knew noone. Basically a low developed acc with every troop type possible, but a nice old lady in that alliance saw that I just needed guidance, so the invitation came and I became her padawan.
    I didn't evolve into anything special as my acc got destroyed, but others there assigned me as a dual to a night player.

    Not much more I remember, was a nice team of ~100 people which organized a picnic at the end of the server, which I ended up attending with 50 others. Was a bit funky being aged 12, while almost everyone was 20+, but oh well.

    At the end of the server one could say I didn't join the alliance, but rather became a part of a big family. :)
    Sad to see almost nobody is playing anymore.

  • Was on com3 back in 2005/06.

    I was of course a big noob, who was happy to wait several days for resources to upgrade a building, while my fields weren't even level 10.

    First team was HT-NOR. Back then, it was common to see HT alliances, that were groups of people coming from another online football manager game to play Travian. I didn't play that, but they welcomed all Nordic players. I think I just wrote to them, and got invited. Anyway, that team fell apart. Not really sure why, think maybe leadership disagreement.

    Meanwhile, I had made some friends in another team. When HT-NOR had lost like half it's members, I got invited to the other team. Think the main wing was called Red Alert, while the wing I ended up in was called Yellow Alert. They were the eventual winners of that server, though I can't claim to have done much in that regard. Not even sure if I sent any support to the WW at all. I fought with a much bigger neighbour for most of the server though, and did more damage to him than he did to me. I think that was probably my biggest accomplishment on that server.

  • What a nice topic. I honestly don't quite remember already.

    First round was the very first Ru2 (2006? 2007?), where I settled with my then-boyfriend by a ref-link from my real-life neighbour. She sold my soul to Travian for just 20 (back then) Gold! Of course we had no idea about how to choose the exact quadrant, so we both settled pretty far, but still got invited into some small noob alliance. Then this ally became a wing of a wing of a wing of a big ally and in the end it turned out to be the huge meta that won the server. But I almost lost interest in there since first ru4 started and I founded my own ally. We ended top-3 alliance, had a WW, lost the game but managed to create good relations between each other and (surprisingly) with our adversaries, and they offered us to move together to another newly started server. There we won couple of rounds (there I was a head of the meta, since no one was actually much into it).

    After that I became CM and just played occasionally (and only moderately active) on COM servers as a defender with a bunch of druidriders in my capital village, verifying bugs that players reported to me, and had nice packs of phals that I normally offered to my sitter to send to whom he wanted and whenever he wanted. Pretty much all the time to get an invitation I just waited to get scanned, after that the nearby players thought it might be good to have me as a defender rather than fight and lose army and I got invitation somewhere.

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  • Well :p I'm really not proud on how I joined my first alliance *ehem*
    Ofc I had my fair share of noob servers where i quit less than a month - but during my first serious server, I spawned in an area with a good gaul defensive player account - whom I made friends with and he helped me with push once a while (his acc name: Mirmidon). It was probably like a month or two into the server - and my Roman capital spawn village was beyond 100s coordinate. Basically I followed him wherever he joined. The issue was that he was not talkative at all - and he joined random alliances :/ So, I had to talk on behalf of him to the leaders of the leading alliance of SW (Aka FAT), if he was interested in a good gaul account *ehem* and that I'm his +1 :whistling:
    So, that is how I joined FAT/Golderod alliance to play the server of SGR/UNION/LIGHT in com1 2011/12 if I recall correctly.
    And not to brag :thumbup: But the server lasted for 1 year and half, and I transitioned from a noob who sent 1 praet for a defense call to a noob with 250k wwk hammer of 4k rams and 3k catapults all within one server! Also I stole a Large Storage during that server!

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  • 2009 the first t3.5 version
    I read a friend writing on facebook something like "on travian the whole day", so i searched for and found the game. I joined the very first alliance who asked me, a pretty noobish one :D we had a war with a much better ally, we lost and they recruited me. I end up building a WW rammer (not a super one but it did his job) :D.

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  • My first alliance was in S1, I believe the meta was called Eximus and the premade players had a "!" before their name.

    Spawned in the boonies and made three villages. Managed to get climbers medal in the last week (so I believe)...

    Its been 8-9 years (of course with massive breaks in between and I can safely say that I've gone from 3 village accounts to 8 village accounts. Hopefully I can hit double digits soon!