player online visibility

  • when you are in an alliance in travian you can see the online status of all other players in that alliance.

    I suggest that this be moved to alliance leader functionality along with 'assign rights', 'add player', 'send mass message', etc. This means that alliance owners can choose who can see online status - either everyone, or only trusted members. This will remove/reduce the ability of planted players (spies) to come into an alliance to check online status for attacking when players are offline or log off.

    "get better at catching spies you say" - in real life you cannot insert a spy into an organisation and then just look up a device and see when that entire organisation, globally, is awake or not. So, if you wish to spy on an alliance you should have to do better espionage than something like this. The leaders should have a basic counter-espionage ability, such as disabling the online status visibility.