Issues loading graphics

  • Recently experiencing an issue where text etc. loads fine, but graphics like granary, warehouse, troops and fields load extremely slowly and make it hard to play.

    Started experiencing a couple days ago, no issues on mobile though... also have no issues on PC with any other site/interaction.

    Windows 10 Acer Aspire ES 15
    Default processor (quad core), Default graphics card, Default RAM (4GB)

    Browser: 64.0.3282.186 (no extensions or modifications)

  • Does the issue persist with any other browser on your computer? And has clearing the cache and cookies helped? And you know the drill, report it in game so it can be followed up on.

  • Okay now it's getting annoying. Thought it's die to net issues I've had, but now that they're over it's still present.

    Cache cleared. No difference.

    Hey iRonik

    Can you give us a brief description on what is happening for you?
    Plus be sure and do report that ingame as well.

    This way we can try and figure out what is going on and get it reported as quickly as possible if it is server related.

  • Have reported ingame.

    Issue persisted on other Windows PC (other pc is windows 7), and issue persisted no matter what browser was used.

    Issue wasn't present on Mobile however.

    Tried all the basic stuff like clearing cache cookies etc. to no avail.

    Today, this issue has stopped though. But now when I click a village in map, the image loads extremely slowly lol. It's all been reported anyways