Importance of artifacts: Rank it!

  • Which artifact is most important? 92

    1. The architects secret (15) 16%
    2. The titan boots (26) 28%
    3. The eagles eyes (18) 20%
    4. Diet control (40) 43%
    5. The trainers talent (47) 51%
    6. Storage masterplan (22) 24%
    7. Slight confusion (2) 2%

    As new round of F&S has been announced for April, 3x this time, hopefully some teams who never tried it before will join and make it remarkable server. Lets entertain them and ourselves with discussion about importance of artifacts. On regular legends server we all have preferences but when time comes and arts are spawned, we go for whatever is nearest. On F&S spawning/settling strategy can be done in advance and choosing the path is most critical piece of pre-server activities.

    Only effect of the art is on the poll, not the size. You can chose up to 3. Please vote and of course, comment.

  • The way we've usually played.

    -Large/Unique diet - Able to make and hold much more def, settling close to other players and making villages with large granaries so other also profit from the artifact.
    -Large/Unique trainer - Able to make def faster. Also set up a specific villa with that artifact, that other def players chief, since it's cheaper than rebuilding Treasuries to 20.
    -Large/Unique boots - Def reaches its destination significantly faster, these usually go to the bigger defensive players with a lot of def from multiple villages.
    -Small eagle eyes - If a def player has a village dedicated to scouts to ship them around it's a nice feat. And if in your largest def villa with large trainer in another you can also notice chiefing attempts.

    -Small diet - Holding a lot of own/allied troops in capital. Or adjacent to capital in off villa with trade routes set to avoid starvation.
    -Small/Unique trainer - Able to make a lot of offensive troops in specific villages, moving the trainer isn't a problem as Treasury 10 isn't THAT expensive. Or chiefing from def players for a short while if one is making offense in more villages and is able to keep filling unit production everywhere at the same time.
    -Small/Unique boots - Armies reach their destination soon, optimal for night hunting with TT, EI or SR. Unique used in case one has multiple large armies and does some coordinated attacks between them.
    -Large/Unique eagle eyes - Makes it a lot easier to notice if there's a hero or chiefing attempt on the offensive village.

    -Large storage masterplan - Usually this goes to larger accounts who need bigger storage in multiple villages and are able to do so in a short amount of time, so the art doesn't stay there.
    -Small storage masterplan - Usually goes to smaller accounts, or those which require larger storage only in a specific village.
    -Small/Unique eagle eyes - If an account has an enormous amount of scouts, the artifact can help you scout basically everything you desire, if the opponent doesn't have a much larger amount and/or an artifact himself.
    -Architects secret (any) - This varies where it is, Unique was usually kept somewhere with a lot of def nearby, as it's quite useful in WW stage, or a Large if one couldn't get the unique. Rest was used on players where there was more danger, with the large artifact being in a village away from the action so it's a bit safe.
    -Large/Unique Slight confusion - Haven't seen those in action that much, sometimes on large off accounts so if one attempted to chief they weren't able to target the residence in that village. Small ones were usually at people who just wanted an artifact for the lols. :D

    Of course this system is far from perfect, but it's what we usually went with if a few of us that know each other gathered to play a server. And this would only be executed if we got the artifacts in the first place. :p

    Regarding defending. Trainer/Diet/Boots were always a significant priority.

  • I'd like to add that unique confusion is the best for an account with multiple hammers.

    Account can hold diet/trainer without having to worry too much about losing the arti.

    Don't have to worry about hammer getting chiefed..

    Downside is you have really bad luck and attacker targets treasury/residence/palace so that arti is lost/hammer chiefed etc :S

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

  • I guess we need basic introduction to F&S

    Each region provides an artifact power to the alliance members if controlled. You don’t need to be in the region, just in the alliance that controls it to use the artifact.
    To control a region, an alliance needs to have 50% +1 population there after the region reaches 4K total population between 5 largest alliances in the region. After the alliance population reaches 50% majority in the region, it takes 24 hours to activate the region.

    Artifacts are activated in treasuries (10 or 20, as on regular server) for 24 hours. If the region is lost, the power goes off immediately. If treasury is destroyed, the art runs till 24 hours expire. The only way to stop and reset an artifact before 24 hours is to chief the village. One large is allowed per account, and number of small is unlimited but just one per village. First activation is free, with an additional cost of 5 gold for small and 10 for large.

    The time if for regular speed, I guess for 24 you replace it with 8 hours.

    In F&S environment boots are the must in my opinion, after all your troops are only good if they can make it to a target before opponent does. Eyes are second on the list. Before new races were introduced my trio would be completed with confusion, but with Egyptians on the picture and probably high % (TS19 currently has 46, TS29 29%) of this tribe and the speed of the server, I think storage regions will be aimed first.

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  • Seems like people missed the premise of the poll:

    As new round of F&S has been announced for April, 3x this time,

    I would say boots, storage... And for the third... hmmm, for the team probably eyes, or maybe even confusions?

    Boots is obvious. Everything is happening at insane speed already of course... But if enemies can send catas on your team in 2 hours, it helps if you can get the defense whereever in ½ an hour or less.

    Storage -> on 3x speed, you're gonna be producing a lot of res. Especially Egyptians will be absolutely nuts. But the farming will also be insane, so offensive accounts that farm will also like to have storage quickly so hammers won't just overflow if you're away from the account for 30 minutes, or if you've had boots active and wait for doing a trainer queue.

    Now, for a normal server, with the exception of WW related artes, i.e. UD and UA, I'd value trainers and diets the highest.

    But this doesn't make much sense on a 3x speed F&S server.

    Diets: your production on 3x is huge. It's not a question of lacking res, it's a question of making troops in enough villages to actually be able to spend them. Adding on that it's F&, Egyptians will probably be begging for people to park stuff in their caps so they don't have to NPC every 20 minutes, and offensive accounts raiding can pull in absurd amounts of res. I very much doubt feeding will be an issue for anyone.

    Trainers: don't forget that you have merging on the server! On normal servers, the main benefit of trainers (for off accounts) is that you can grow the hammer more quickly in the single village (i.e. time is the only hard constraint on hammer growth in a single village (with resource cost and feeding being "soft" constraints)). With merging, the time constraint for a single village is completely removed. Yes, merging does cost 2x resources (3x when you count the production cost of the village you produce the troops to merge from), but as already mentioned, resources will most likely not be an issue on a 3x speed server.

    On F&S at normal speed, getting a trainer did give me a small boost in troop and hammer growth, since it saved me some resources (I could queue twice as many troops at 1x cost in my primary and secondary hammer), but if it had been 3x speed, the difference would have been close to non-existent.

    I'd say, the only place where they would really matter would be for small accounts with little to no raiding and 6c caps basically - since merging for those would still represent some cost... Or if you're just really lazy and can't be arsed to set up additional troop producing villages.

    And thus, other artefacts would probably be of more use to the team - for example eyes, or even fully defensive artefacts like confusions and architects to prevent chiefings and cata damage (remember, short notice on attacks!).

  • My top 3:

    1. Unique Fool
    2. Small Fool
    3. Small Fool


    Nvm this is about F&S and not Legends >.>

  • Trainer is important:
    - can't merge catas so your siege count depends on it;
    - it is huge saver - regardless if you merge with gold or resources, saves time to move resources as well;
    - on regular legend server we would reject a trainer, to much hassle, easier to set another village for defensive troops. However, on F&S another village means another pair of boots to activate when needed which is huge for defensive player, especially smaller ones

    I tried to approach the list from the other end, lets say I need to decide which artifact (region) to abandon, lets say I can't protect all. Trainer and diet would go first, I think.

    I am surprised nobody voting for architect :) We were told last server that u-architect was the main reason we won - nobody could really damage capitals with 5x and SM.

  • Sorry I am still a little confused by this.
    Let me just break it down so I understand it clearly.

    My alliance has over 50% control of the small boots artefact for example. I build a treasury to LVL 10 in any village. This allows me to activate the boots for that village correct? Do I do this manually by an option in the treasury or does it happen automatically? Obviously the wait time for artefacts to activate still applies as normal.

    Does this mean I am able to activate this artefact in every single village I own simply by having a LVL 10 treasury in each village?

  • Yes, you can activate an artifact in every village, one per village, as long as your alliance controls the region. Large/Unique artifact is one per account. First activation after 12 server time is free, each next cost either 5 or 10 gold (small/large).