Reports tab suggested change/improvement

  • Hello,

    so I was thinking. I am one of those players that like to keep the number of reports to 0. What if there was an option in the settings that you can "hide" the reports, if the attack/raid had less then X amount of troops? Like you can do with merchants. Many wouldnt favor this idea, since then you wouldnt be able to check what farms/raids were good etc. But you can always just keep it like it is, since its an option and not mandatory.

    Another change would be: in the Reports tab there you can sort by offensive/defensive/scouting/etc. What if there was an option to sort by an attack and a raid? Since then it would be easier to find some of the attacking reports, where you lowered walls/buildings and wouldnt have to go through 100s of raids while fishing for that 1 report?

    Just a few ideas.