• Dear Players,

    As every year, there will be an Easter ceasefire on our domain this year.

    The ceasefire will start on Friday the 30th of March at 6pm UK time and will end on Monday the 2nd of April at 6pm UK time.

    It will apply to the following servers....UK1, UK6, UK19 and UK29.
    Due to endgame festivities UK2 will not be included

    During the ceasefire and in the 24 hours after it, starvation will be disabled.
    Attacks landing during the ceasefire will only submit greetings.
    Natars will still attack if you settle in the grey area.
    Adventures can still be completed.
    Scouting remains possible.

    Please note that you will not be able to gain 100 points in your daily tasks during the ceasefire. As the purpose of the ceasefire itself is to give you some time away from Travian, this should however not have too big an effect.

    We suggest you don't try to time attacks to land too close to the ceasefire beginning or end in case there is a slight delay lifting the ceasefire.

    Happy Easter,
    Your Travian Team