Medal Contest

  • Dear players!
    Take part in this small contest and try to guess how many players will receive right to 10 Year Medals on 04.04.2018

    Please, keep in mind:
    - This is an exclusive medal - only a very small percentage of players currently fit the parameters.
    - You need to guess the total number of all players worldwide (on all servers from all communities - not only for your specific community)

    General contest information

    Start Date / Time: 27.03.2018 – 10:00 GMT+2
    End Date / Time:04 03.04.2018 – 10:00 GMT+2
    Winners announced on: 04.04.2018
    Winner chosen: Closest guess based on the data on 04.04.2018
    Prize (please adjust this based on your domain!) 1st place: 100 Gold
    2nd / 3rd: 50 Gold
    Gold Voucher valid only in: UK community
    Gold Voucher valid until: 31.12.2019
    To be entitled to win you need to: Write your in-game nickname and server in the same message together with your answer.

  • I'll be guessing somewhere around 20 will receive the medal, but about 100 won't due to e-mail issues.

    Com29 - sph1nX

    Lol, a guy on the german verison of this competition said 2142, what a madman. :D


    Thought I made it,

    but I'm feeling stupid now.
    Drinking till I'm falling,

    cause my mind is so polluted now.
    I just wanna be free.

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  • I changed mine too so I don’t even get the 3 year medal XD


    Are you even 3 years old?

    27 people will recieve the medal.

    Why do you need our ingame name and server if we recieve a voucher? :huh:

    @iRonik You may want to enter the COM contest, instead of the UK one.

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  • 84 players worlwide will receive this Medal.

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  • Will likely miss out from my 13-14 years of playing due to changing emails half way through :(

    Either way I imagine it to be a fairly low number, but making a few assumptions:
    -at leat 50 domains
    -average is maybe 6 servers per domain
    = 300 servers at least (likely to be way off here)

    I generally meet 1 or 2 players per round that I play that have played longer than 10 years, most have ditched the game for obvious reasons.
    Based on 1 person per server = 300 players
    Assuming that not many people keep 1 email address + the fact that it is likely people come and go - will assume this is half the number, therefore my guesstimate is 150 players to receive the medal. (I really hope I have used mine for 10 years at least!)

    :S I could probably have made this a lot easier with just a number... X/

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  • I'll say 150.

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    Josh, does liking Prince Joffrey sound better then?

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