Medal Contest

  • Dear players!
    Take part in this small contest and try to guess how many players will receive right to 10 Year Medals on 04.04.2018

    Please, keep in mind:
    - This is an exclusive medal - only a very small percentage of players currently fit the parameters.
    - You need to guess the total number of all players worldwide (on all servers from all communities - not only for your specific community)

    General contest information

    Start Date / Time: 27.03.2018 – 10:00 GMT+2
    End Date / Time:04 03.04.2018 – 10:00 GMT+2
    Winners announced on: 04.04.2018
    Winner chosen: Closest guess based on the data on 04.04.2018
    Prize (please adjust this based on your domain!) 1st place: 100 Gold
    2nd / 3rd: 50 Gold
    4th / 6th: 30 Gold
    Gold Voucher valid only in: Com community
    Gold Voucher valid until: 31.12.2019
    To be entitled to win you need to: Write your in-game nickname and server in the same message together with your answer.

  • Will likely miss out from my 13-14 years of playing due to changing emails half way through

    Either way I imagine it to be a fairly low number, but making a few assumptions:
    -at leat 50 domains
    -average is maybe 6 servers per domain
    = 300 servers at least (likely to be way off here)

    I generally meet 1 or 2 players per round that I play that have played longer than 10 years, most have ditched the game for obvious reasons.
    Based on 1 person per server = 300 players
    Assuming that not many people keep 1 email address + the fact that it is likely people come and go - will assume this is half the number, therefore my guesstimate is 150 players to receive the medal. (I really hope I have used mine for 10 years at least!)

    I could probably have made this a lot easier with just a number...

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  • 132

    In-game nickname: rastogi2008
    server: .com (ts29)


    com83(beta): rastogi2008

    com29(NYS5x): Slavefactory

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  • Hi,
    I am also playing this game for last 10 years. Many had joined and left the game due to various reasons. Some only play speed server or some play only specific domain.
    But I feel there are still fair numbers of player who are playing this game for long time.
    If I want to put this in numbers it should be around 250 players. (+/- 10%)

    Server - com2
    Nick name - sultan

  • 120
    username/nickname: KraZYD
    server: Travian com2
    Happy Hunting

  • Well, fellow travelers, assuming the rule is that you have the same mail, I think entered the xdxd medal estimate for time. I think they reach 200 players.the reasons are several- accounts due, here disappears, one, two or several accounts to play in one.- Retire from travian- other reasons.Note: at the end of the event tell us how much is the amount xdxdxd

    servidor: Travian com2

    Bueno compañeros de viaje, asumiendo que la regla es que tiene el mismo correo, creo que yo entro en el medallero xdxd.

    mi estimacion por tiempo. creo que llegan a los 200 jugadores.

    las razones son varias
    - duos de cuentas, aquí se desaparece, uno, dos o varias cuentas por jugar en una sola.
    - Jubilarse de travian
    - otras razones.

    Nota: al final del evento decirnos cuanto es la cantidad xdxdxd

    servidor: Travian com2