[UK20] FaS x3 Server Start

  • Dear players!

    We’re happy to announce that speed x3 servers of Fire and Sand are about to start!

    Fast Huns, cunning Gauls, disciplined Romans, economy-wise Egyptians and ruthless Teutons will become new heroes of this FaS x3 server. The ultimate battle for the regions on x3 speed will be fiercer than ever!

    Here is important information about the server:

    Server start: April 11th 2018 @ 7:00am UK time
    Game version: Fire and Sand
    Speed: 3x
    Map Size: 401x401
    Server length: 100 days
    Beginners protection: 3 days
    Beginners protection extend: 3 days

    Your path to the server lies here Travian uk20

    NOTE: For those of you who love the classic version of the game (WW), stay tuned, the next Speed Server will start: May 16th

    Your Travian Legends Team