UK1 - Discussion Thread

  • Sure : being in an ally, having been excluded from the chat and any ally life made me feel like playing simcity... So yeah, it was nice talking to him.

    Much better than writing to def crew and getting no reply, ever :p

    Old brat. You may have many go at it but you can kill me only once, so try to make it short

  • You wrote to me while you were under attack. That is twice. I didnt respond those 2 times. And 1 of those 2 times I was on holidays, as stated on Slack multiple times. I really am sorry if you feel like I screwed you over, but I just cant imagine doing that. There are many deeper problems at stake.

    As stated before:

    1) You didnt come forward to me with any concern, critisism. All you did is post the rally point situation in an IGM and hoped for the best.
    2) You knew who made every def call ever (or at least close to 100% of them) - yes, that is indeed me. You noticed me sending MMs out. Either on my account or the account I was sitting. You knew who was doing work in the alliance. Yet I recieved nothing. If you were unhappy and decided to make it brew inside of you, that is your own problem.
    3) As I said, because of all of that, I cant say that you know what was going on in Betrayed. You maybe think that Spirit or Bikerman were handling that, but guess who is taking all the crap in the end? Yes - that is again me. After nothing got put forward to me. But sure it was nice having a chat with bikerman amarite?
    4) After the last OP - idk about 5 or 6 days ago, when I missed the def call completely, I recieved about 6 angry IGMs, why they didnt get def, that they got feeders smashed etc. At least something along those lines would at least tell me you were alive. I didnt know you were deactivated in Slack until you just said it 5 minutes ago, thats too bad.
    5) You can ask any active Betrayed member who did all the heavy lifting on the defensive front and some times on the offensive front. They will tell you who it was. Imagine being alone responsible for the def call of 110 people, while also trying to live your own life? Yeah, sounds like fun? And I left twice for 1 week during those 170 days and both times noone really stepped up to quite what I was doing. Sure it seems you got hit hard every time, but you dont/cant see the behind work that got put in - and I sure am not going to take this crap straight up. I did quit the server because of the ungrateful people, that act like you. Not because of you, since we never really spoken, but because of people that never say anything or contribute anything at all, but just complain after they get hit.

    But do enjoy complainig how the def crew was doing nothing.

  • I'm not putting it all on your back. Asking for def when 18 villas are under attack and you have a consequent negative crops... Besides, I was certain, so to speak, that at least half of them were reals. Only one was fake and cap didn't get attacked.

    You think your family life got screwed but mine was too : lucky my bf understands how it is with travian and doesn't disapprove. I had not seen him for 6 months and travelled to his home on July 31th. I left on August 11th. I don't know when is next time we can see each other again...

    I never said that def crew did nothing, I'm saying that def crew could at least get someone to reply, that is all.

    You didn't leave the server, if my information are correct : you deleted your account to dual another one, or is this crap too (since apparently I only talk crap) ?

    And don't say that I didn't contribute to anything : everytime I took the bother of telling you who attacked and where and I even sent you all the reports for you to have the hammer information. I even made a onenote file with attacker and coords, if non cap or cap for you to have about the enemy. Or did not bikerman give it to you ? I did ask him to share it with whomever was concerned.

    I did all this while I was with my bf. This is for the "little concern" I had for the def crew.

    I have been DC before, as said, so I know what you must have been going through. And don't you please call me ungrateful... There was nothing to be grateful of, was there, when no help was offered despite what we went through

    Old brat. You may have many go at it but you can kill me only once, so try to make it short

  • I only recieved 1 message from bikerman regarding your account attacks. Not sure if from 2 or 3 OPs ago, but all there were were places and times.

    Regarding help, sure, someone shouldve made the contact. Was a shitty thing that happened. But I just simply cant do everything, since If i did that to, Id be free as the new waves were about to pop up...

    And yeah, I said ill be on Snow White, but I cant get myself to do anything at all anymore, so Im as good as done. She is still doing all the clicking.

    Well, not ungrateful as a person, that couldve been a bit harsh. But considering Ive walled most GG hammers that came at our doorstep, dealt with Losers hammers and till recently GotN hammers, you gotta see it where im coming from. It gets tiring over the span of 170 days, considering all the BS I had to deal with behind the scenes.

    And the def crew was 2 people. Me and when GotN and Losers came, Crimson. If you sent anything to anyone else, it mightve been lost.

  • anyone that doesnt see David gave 110% and was the only true leader we had needs their mental health evaluated.

    The fact you rate bikerman at all, yet alone above David, just proves that anything further you have to say is a waste of everyones time

    :thumbsup: - This input is brought to you by me - :thumbsup:

  • Let's stop arguing and agree on one thing:

    CTL are the worst "spoiler" alliance in history.

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • From the perspective of an outsider, but one who has spoken to people from various factions within Betrayed, it's clear there has been some failures in leadership, but I really don't get how KTF is the one getting the brunt of it, when as far as I understand he's the only one who actually pulled their finger out and tried to actually do some... leadership...

    Dave, ignore this dude, this is an obvious case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Betrayed would've been down the rabbit hole a lot sooner if it weren't for you. You got stuck with a mismatch of egos and players of varying calibres brought together by someone else, and did your best with it. At the very least, you've now learnt the type of player and leader you want to be, and the sort of players you want to be collaborating with in the future, so at least there's that even if there's ungrateful yobs giving it large on the forum!

    CTL is a spoiler alliance? That must be why they decided to hand over the U Architect for a Small Trainer!

  • Is it collaboration though? Seems like you bent nicely for GotN to uhm, well, something.... Anywho, maybe the same happened with ctl and betrayed aswell. Who knows, who knows?

  • Sorry guys, didn't notice you were even on the server given you've enjoyed a nice little simfest with FOX for the last 6 months. What have you guys decided to play for? You haven't smashed anything, you haven't taken a WW, you've just sat in a quad with enemy alliances circle jerking each other nonstop. Must be quite sore, hope you used loads of lube! :thumbsup:

  • Much better trade than giving small boots away for free though... :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I'll have you know i defended those boots with my life, and all it cost me was my dignity!

    /me goes to cry in a corner

    Also, what happened to the uni boots? How on earth are you losing a war to FOX ffs

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • dignitiy is good thing to play for, i can't see betrayed or mfh having any left though, so please, feel free to be besties here and insult everyone who puts different opinion :thumbup:

    P.S. using lube is only smart way to do it!