UK1 Rap Battle thread

  • Have you got beef to settle on UK1? Want to take out your anger, but can't due to the Easter ceasefire/you're a dirty simmer with no troops?

    Welcome to the UK1 rap battle thread! Call out your foes, roast your enemies, and swag on people with your nasty rhymes. I'd like to spit some bars at GG:

    GG came to settle in the South West
    Brought Resurge thinking they're the South Best
    But GG getting cata'd by Betrayed
    Losings spawns, losing caps,
    Getting turned into a South Mess

    Incogneto, give me a wave
    Getting sniped by Betrayed with your 20 second cata waves
    And GG think they're simming up some fat caps
    But all I see is Deadly Duo with the fat splat

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

  • Its the strangest story you ever heard
    Stepped in somethin'
    Felt like a turd

    Smelt the same
    I took the blame
    Soon became clear-o
    Was a Betrayed hero

    Hey Betrayer
    You sad lil' fella
    Yo momma's so fat
    Even Dora can't explore her


  • the NW is full of Danes
    with silly little claims
    they're trying to be a pest
    but settled near the best

    they think pop will win it all
    they're in for quite the fall
    they'll soon be gone
    one by one

    then we will start with FOX
    crush them with flying rocks
    we can let betrayed and GG fight
    and waste all their might

    we will not bend
    we will not shatter
    MFH will win
    thats all that will matter.

    Happy does NOT speak for me. hes an absolute loon i swear.

  • Monkey's flying high
    Mum's hot steak pie

    *Mic drop*

    Past servers

    UK1 - Versace - ???

    UK1 - Tasteless - Pulse
    UK2 - Penetrator - Pulsant
    UK1 - Breakskins - MFH

  • Nothing to do with my time but raid
    Back on uk2 where i should have stayed
    Think if we stay quiet on the forum
    The rest will forget us, we bore them
    Just because we number in the nine
    We'll blame quantity not quality, whine?
    Why? we'll beat you all, we're choosers,
    Nothing but an alliance full of Losers.

    Coming on here, spouting our truths
    Full of sophistication, not youths
    Losing defence to our enemies might
    We'll try to convince you they're only spawns, right?
    Attack us enough and we'll eventually wall you
    Spin it the right way and we look good, who knew?
    But what do i know, who am i to pry?
    They're an alliance full of Monkeys Flying High.

    Alas we're here, win the server we will
    Dazzling you all with our unimaginable skill
    Attacks lacking siege hmm what a baffle
    Unsurprisingly not convinced they could even win a raffle
    Throwing our hammers away just like Thor
    We can rebuild them quicker than your defence sure
    From the depths of Scandinavia we came forth
    That's right boys and girls we're the Goobers From The North.

    Sat in the south west, with the grumpy gits
    If we cower enough hopefully they'll quit
    Struggling to lock down our quad, that's odd
    Oh wait weren't we that pre-made... squad?
    You won't find us in the top ten raiders
    112 of the servers best traders
    We don't need troops or excuses made
    Down in the gutters, we're betrayed.

  • Don’t be fooled by the crops that got locked,
    I’m still, I’m still Benny from the block.
    Used to have a cropper, but Mjöllnir dropped the rocks.
    If anyone has res, you’ll know that I want some!

  • Roses are read,
    Violets are blue,
    Ain't start the server or you'll all be dead,
    Cause i'm a god compared to you

    And we'll love again
    And we'll laugh again
    We'll cry again
    And we'll dance again