Expansion Slot

  • I have problems to understand how the expansion slot works.
    So can someone explain it to me. I already build lv10 residence in my spawn vil. So in what order do i have to do in my second village and subsequently to maximise my expansion slot. Is it build the palace to lv15 and demolish it ? Rinse and repeat ?
    And how is it chiefing our own village will free up the expansion slot?
    ty in advance

  • Residence allows for 2 expansions, one at level 10 the other at level 20.
    Palace allows for 3. One at 10,15 and 20. Note you can only have 1 palace built at a time.

    Since you are still early in the game its wiser to go for the cheaper alternative.

    I personally suggest, if your second village is a 9 or 15 cropper, you can build a level 1 palace there, change your capital then demolish the palace, and rebuild a residence. It will save you a lot of resources.

    Regarding the expansion slots. When Village A settles village B. It will take a slot in the residence of village A. So A’s residence will be 1/2. What you can do sometimes is have a third village C chief village B. This will move the expansion slot from A to C, freeing the expansion slot in A and allowing A to once again chief or settle a new village.

    This is done mostly for people who want to have 3 chiefs in one village in order to fastly chief their opponents.

    Hope it helps :)


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

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  • hi there, ty for respoding.

    i have read somewhere that it is better to build palace to lv15 then demolish it to build it in another village. so we use 2 expansion slot there. it is much cheaper.
    do people really use all of the 3 expansion slot of one village ?
    if i train 3 chief using the capital at lv20 and chief someone, so i used 3 of the expansion slot ? or amount of chief doesnt related to expansion slot used?
    So for example, a residence at lv10 that has been used to settle a new village when chiefed by our own, can train 3 settler again ?

  • The number of expansion slots available directly relates to how many settlers/chiefs you can train. Each expansion slot allows for 3 settlers or 1 chief.

    People rarely use a palace to settle 3 villages because its simply too expensive, and can be easily evaded by a residence level 10 in a new village.
    So what people tend to do is a chiefs group. And thats when 3 chiefs are trained in one village. That can be done by building s palace there to level 20 and build 3 chiefs, then demolish it to do the same in another village. Rinse and repeat. These chiefs group of 3 allows for a much easier and faster chiefing procedure.

    If you have 3 chiefs in one hammer and chief a village, you will only lose 1 Chief and thus one expansion slot and not all 3.
    If you have a village A that has settled village B, in order to change the founding village of B, you need a third village C to chief village B after destroying its residence. Now in village A you can rebuild 3 settlers or 1 chief


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

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  • There isnt a time limit, but rarely before you have 5 villages, because level 20 residence or palace and 2-3 chiefs is something really expensive, and thus people prefer to utilize the resources differently


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

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  • People chief their own support villas with other support villas so they can have 3 chiefing troops ready in their offensive villas at any given moment.

    People do that for multiple off villages as well.
    You make 3 senators in palace, then you demolish the palace and build residence. Go to your other off villa and do the same there. You only have 2 expansion slots, but all 3 senators are taken into effect and you drastically increase your chiefing odds. I've seen people do this with up to 4 villages.

    It's quite annoying to demolish and rebuild expansion buildings, but in the long run it works for some, so why not? :D


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