[NORDIC] Fact and Rumours - F&S x3

  • Welcome to the Nordic FaS x3.

    This thread is for fact and rumours.

    and will be open for players from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, in other words:
    The Nordic countries.

    Welcome to all of you.
    We will include all players, so the language has to be in English.

    You are all welcome to share facts and rumours.
    Who will win?
    Who will share everything with us?

    We are excited to hear what is happening on the server!

    Ad gladios!


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • If we added our cousins from Iceland, that would make us 5! Really Sherlock?

    I would love to hear which tribe would fit each country!

  • What about the other tribes?
    I'd love to hear which other tribe you connects to each of the other Nordic countries?
    If there is a problem with 5 tribes, and 4 countries, we can borrow Island for the moment :)

  • Somehow I felt like Norwegians are found from the very right, with their fishing bows and oiled mustache. Look at that face :D - And Egyptians look very polished with a little spray tanning, do I hear skål på den saken? But then again has anyone ever really seen a person from Iceland IRL? :D - Now all there's left are the vikings, the drunks and the tall and handsome! This is too hard for me! And all tribes look so grumpy they could all be Finns.

  • Well, norwegians are very known for their flying capabilities and a moustache.

    Huns also have moustaches, flying speeds and a flying scout.
    Now, I'm no expert, but Robert Johansson does give you the feeling the Norwegian folk are Huns.


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