Troop Calculator ( Offense + Defense )

  • Hello Everyone,

    I took some free time to create a calculator for both Offense Troops, and Defense Troops. It's similar to the Kiriloid Calculator, just a bit more precise and has the option to calculate for defense troops as well.

    Here's the link…Rh8CVwQ3yMbX6ABfNaHBZqSMM

    I'm working hard on making it more user friendly and a lot tidier, will soon have it readied up with icons and portraits ^^ will also add the recruitment bonuses soon too

    Enjoy, and if you have any remark or complaint or suggestion please add me on skype on : Kyrill.shwiti


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

    calm , i'm here

  • You just need a def calculator then, off one is pretty fine. And it's almost as simple as it gets.

  • Yea its actually a very old post on the old forums i had, but it didnt get moved here, you're pretty right, making it def only and maybe merging it with kiriloid would be best. I gotta talk to the russian kiril now :D


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

    calm , i'm here

  • If everything was on 1 website, that'd be nice. Don't get this defcalc, but must be due to being on mobile device. Also more languages added. :D

  • Needs the new tribes too

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • It has them, you just need to select Fire & Sand in game version.

  • It has Recruitment and Metallurgy included.

    Recruitment in off training calc. and Metallurgy in battle simulator.