Day 1 A Beautiful Egyptian

  • Day 1. A Beautiful Egyptian

    Mark Atilius had never felt so tired in his life. He was tired of idleness and the dream that had often been haunting him recently. Lucius and Tiberius were late, making final preparations for the planned expedition to the Egyptian pyramids. They were sending rare dispatches when they informed him about the whole plan and begged him not to leave their usual meeting point without them. Knowing how important this trip was for his friends, Mark didn't even try to go elsewhere. But by the end of the second week, he didn't know what else he could do here to avoid death by boredom. It was the most uninteresting place he had been in his life!

    He was now spending some time in another tavern, entertaining himself by making guesses about the other patrons. A beautiful woman, who was silently sitting at the next table with a scroll in her hands, attracted his attention. Hmm… Mark was stumped. What could possibly bring such a majestic person to this dusty corner and why was she traveling alone? Her delicate features, up-swept hair, and the speed at which she was reading the scroll, all made it clear that this woman was used to a very different and far wealthier way of life. Almond eyes, sun-blessed complexion, and dark-brown hair revealed that she came from the south.An Egyptian woman? Here? Ever since the Emperor had opened the borders, Egyptian men were not such an uncommon sight in the Empire. They would be seen walking with their strange weapons, frightening the local population with their naked torsos, even during the cold winter. But Egyptian women, on the other hand, rarely left their homes. That is where they preferred to spend their time, waiting for their husbands to return from war.

    The beautiful neighbor finally felt his interest and set her eyes upon Mark. What she did next though caught him by complete surprise.

    "If only my poor old grandmother knew that I would talk to a stranger in a dirty inn without being properly introduced, she would have been died of outrage," she said to him and smiled. "You are Mark Atilius, right? The famous explorer?"

    Mark was so astonished that it even took him some time to respond.

    "Me?" he retorted, trying not to appear too surprised. He still couldn't get used to his own glory. He made an awkward attempt at a joke: "More like the famous idler. But yes, that's my name."

    "Perfect!" exclaimed the lady. "You're exactly the person I'm looking for! My name is Nefertari, I am from Egypt. My grandmother asked me to give you this and tell you that she's waiting for you right now, and that if you don't come in time, your deal with her is over and she won't give you whatever it is you've been looking for so long."

    She then passed him the parchment that she had just been reading.

    (AB|C) ->S57->E73->S47->E57->S43->W26->S18->?

    Task: Find out the coordinates.

    Mr Freeze

    (52|1) -> S57 = 52|-56
    52|-56 -> E73 = 125|-56
    125|-56 -> S47 = 125|-103
    125|-103 -> E57 = 182|-103
    182|-103 -> S43 = 182|-146
    182|-146 -> W26 = 156|-146
    156|-146 -> S18 = 156|-164

    The answer is 156|-164

  • AA3+2 = AA5 = AAA -> A = 5
    CC6+6 = ??2 = CBB -> B = 2
    if B= 2
    CC6+6 = ?22 = CBB, which means it was 16 before, and C = 1.

    overall the calculations are:
    553 + 2 = 555
    116 + 6 = 122

    Which means the coords are (52|1)
    S57+S47+S43+S18 = S165. Assuming S means South. 1-165 = -164
    E73+E57+W26. Assuming E means East. 52+73+57 = 182. Assuming W means West 182-26 = 156

    Coords are (156|-164)

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  • 156/-164

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.

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  • 156/-164
    Mad Minds

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.

    Alianzas anteriores: NameleSS, Nihlyr, ESUS, POTAS, Skynet, ES&DOTH, NAVI, COWAR

    Servidores actual: PR - ??? (Soy un cagón que no identifica ficha)

  • The value of A, B, C are explained as below:
    AA3 + 2 = AAA => A = 2 + 3 = 5
    CC6 + 6 = CBB => C6 + 6 = BB => (C+1) = 2 = B => C = 1.
    A = 5;
    B = 2;
    C = 1.
    Therefore the start coordinate is (52|1)
    Then go from this coordinate through South 57 tiles => East 73 tiles => South 47 tiles => East 57 tiles => South 43 tiles => West 26 tiles => South 18 tiles, the finish coordinate is central of Memphis: (156|-164).

  • Sorry,
    I forgot adding my nickname and server in my answer above.
    My nickname is: tqcuongmt
    Server I'm playing in is: Travian us20
    My answer as mentioned in the comment above is: Central of the Memphis (156|-164)