Hero Adventure 4 discussion thread

  • Hello Everyone

    A new hero adventure will soon start on April 10th. You can use this thread to discuss the contest if you wish.
    You can read more about the contest here.....

    Hero Adventure 4

    Remember the following....

    - Your answers need to be posted in the thread.
    - The thread is moderated so your answer will not be visible till that day has concluded.

    Stay tuned...

    You Travian Team

  • if is not the right decoding. The symbols are numbers with mirror put on them as they are symmetrical vertically. After that you got to make the numbers equal to 4 (which is the exit symbol)

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  • Yep after the last big update, it's game over after 200. You might be able to get to 205 maybe 210 if you're good but that's about it. Personally I don't care so much since even before rewards stopped after 200 but it's not really a good way to design an "endless mode."

  • I glitched to get every good skill so effectively great rng x 10 with spellbook. I got legendary lance and staff. I got to 200 comfortably with absolutely no difficulty. Timing my criter / speed aura with every room and just eviscerating it all in seconds. I got one shot with +20k health after 200, and barely had anything dented. Think I did it up to 207. I was streaming more than 100k crits multiple times a second, and still fucking everything! The endless mode now seems useless and boring because the soft cap makes it impossible and no loadout will produce much better results

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