Day 2 The Priestess?

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  • "Grandmother?!" even a few days later, Mark couldn't accept the new information about the old witch, who had made his life miserable so many times. "Grandmother?!" he repeated again.
    Nefertari giggled. Surprisingly, she turned out to be the ideal companion: almost tireless, witty in the way Mark liked most, and with a good sense of humor. After some time, Mark stop caring too much about whose relative his new friend was and just enjoyed the time he spent with her.
    "I know, you somehow skipped that fact, but people sometimes meet each other, they get married, then they have children... And when those children become grown-ups, they can have their own children as well. This is how grandchildren come into being. Now you know!" she replied, teasing him.
    Mark only sighed.
    "You know perfectly well what I mean," he smiled. "Just this old wit..." he swallowed the last word, "your elderly relative has nothing in common with pleasant old ladies who bring their grandchildren candy and knit endless socks for them, don't you think?" He instinctively shivered, recalling that he barely got out alive from all his previous meetings with the old hag. He was almost sure that another death trap had already been prepared for him... and he was willingly traveling to it!
    "I lost both my parents at the age of two. My grandmother had some other business that she had to continue, so she left me at the local temple where I received a classic education. I know you don't like her, but she was always kind to me, and we talked a lot during her occasional visits. She's also the Priestess of Sopdu," Nefertari shrugged her shoulders. "They're all quite like that."
    "Well, I always expect to be fooled by you due to your close relationship with her," confessed Mark and Nefertari smiled again.
    "Actually, my grandmother taught me that it's not that hard to fool even the smartest person," she said with a smirk. "Most people willingly allow themselves to be fooled. Like you just did."
    "Me? How do you mean?"
    "You said you expect me to fool you. So, regardless of how I act, you'll eventually be fooled. Either I will fool you, or I won't. But since you expect this to happen, then even If I don't, I'll disappoint your expectations, and therefore you'll be fooled, is that not true?"
    "Hmm..." Mark pondered. "And now I'm starting to think that you could be the priestess of some Egyptian deity as well?" Mark said with a little chuckle.
    "You love logical puzzles." Nefertari laughed back. "Try to guess the answer to this one. I have three friends who I grew up with in the same place: Amizi, Bennu, and Phoeba.

    • If Amizi is a priestess, so is Bennu.
    • If Bennu is a priestess, then either Phoeba also serves a deity or Amizi is not a priestess.
    • If I am not a priestess, then Amizi is a priestess, but not Phoeba.
    • If Amizi is a priestess, so am I.

    So, according to the puzzle, how many of us and which of us serve a deity? But remember," she smiled again, "it's just a puzzle. And not necessarily true."

    Task: Solve the logical puzzle. How many of the four friends are priestesses, and is Nefertari a priestess herself?

  • 3 of the 4 friends are priests

    Nefertari is a priest

    Tanwen Com 29

    Tanwen Com29 (Stone)

    RedSwords UK4 (Never Give Up - Never Surrender)

    Polaris Anglo 29 5x ( IDTS!)

    Storm Anglo 3 R1 (LDL)

    Aurum Anglo 6 R2 (Elements)

    Sea Toad Anglo 1 (AFS)

    R1-O1 Anglo x (N/A)

    Helios Com 2 (Gunners)

  • 4 of them are priestesses, including Nefertari



    RoA x2- Barturen
    Ts19- Barturen

    Ts3- KeithRoss
    RoA x3 com - Nairobi

    Hispano.ts3 - Homer Simpson

    Hispano.ts2 - Mid

    Hispano.ts3 - Benicarló

  • Alias: Al7azin

    The answer:
    A = Amiti
    B = Bennu
    N = Nefertari
    P = Phoeba

    +A = +B
    +B = +P or +B = -A
    -N = +A -P
    +A = +N

    +A -> +B -> +P
    +A -> +N

    The equation: -N -> +A -P is superfluous.

    Which means that all of them are priestesses, so the number of priestesses is 4 and Nefertari is one.

  • Hello
    I think Nefertari , Phoeba and Bennu are priestesses and Amizi not!
    And Amizi is the only one who serves the deity.

    For Ever And EVER...

  • 3 of the four friend are priestesses
    Nefertari is a priestess
    only phoeba isn't a priestess

  • Amizi=priestess

  • They're all priestesses:

    If Nefertari isn't priestess -> we know nothing about Bennu or Phoeba.

    If Nefertari is priestess -> Amizi is priestess as well -> Bennu is priestess too -> Phoeba is a priestess (or Amizi isn't, which we know that she is)

  • Okay so first things first :

    We want to take a look at the odds. Every person here has Two equal odds of 50% of :

    1) Being a Priestess (50%)
    2) Not Being a Priestess (50%)

    If you look at the 3rd and 4th statements, you can figure out for sure one Priestess.

    Third Statement : If I am not a priestess (Nefertari), then Amizi is a Priestess (we'll focus on only this part for now)
    If Amizi is a priestess, So am I.

    There's some contradiction here but ultimately, Amizi is a Priestess no matter what. Wether Nefetari is a priestess or not, Amizi is a priestess.

    To illustrate my point, I can give you a grim example (i'm not good with examples) a Murderer holds a person captive and tells them : If you talk I'll kill you and if you don't talk I'll kill you. Which means the person is doomed either way.

    So we've established Amizi is a Priestess. And from here, it's as clear as day (That is, if I was correct in the first place)
    Amizi is a priestess so, according to the first statement, so is Bennu
    According to second statement, Phoeba is also a priestess (we already established Amizi is a priestess).
    And according to the end statement, Nefertari is also a priestess.

    ANSWER : All Four of the Friends are Priestesses and Nefertari is also a priestess herself yes.

  • Tiroshi com 80
    Amizi not a priest
    Bennu is a priest
    Phoeba is a priest
    Nerfertari is a priest