Day 3. The Meeting Point

  • As it turns out, no witch had been waiting for them at the meeting point. This was by no means a surprise. However, what caught him off-guard was Lucius and Tiberius’s presence. And they were angry! The former imperial architect, though, immediately hugged him. But Tiberius was still furious.
    "It is just not acceptable to go on some adventure while your friends are waiting for you here – for two full weeks already!" His indignation knew no bounds. "Two weeks! And this scorching weather almost killed me! Let's go to the pyramids already – maybe they'll be at least a bit cooler inside!" he paced up and down the small room.
    "But..." Mark looked at his friends, still feeling stuck, "but didn't we agree to meet in Salona, where I had been sitting for two weeks? And, honestly, I also blamed you for the delay with the exact same words!"
    A sudden thought made him look at his companion, who was standing to the side and seemed to be really interested in the white ceiling. Having felt his sight, the beautiful Egyptian gave him a guilty smile.
    "Well, my grandmother didn't want me to travel here alone," she confessed. "That's why she altered your plans and dispatches slightly."
    Mark, angry and ashamed at the same time, turned away. What could he possibly have expected from the witch's flesh and blood? Honesty? How stupid! He felt his cheeks burning.
    "I am sorry..." Nefertari still looked guilty, but not that much. "Let's skip the part where you decide what to do with my head, and discuss our next steps. I need you, but you also need me. Help me walk through the pyramids, and for this, I'll reveal you the secret of the Pharaoh's belt and tell you where to find it. I'll also explain why this belt is so important for our tribe. I don't expect you to forgive me, but at least you'll understand my reasons.
    Mark, who had been avoiding her eyes all this time, finally turned back and his heart softened.
    "Let's go," he sighed. "And be it as it may."

    Task: There are three doors to the pyramid's chambers. One is made of gold, the other is made of silver, the third one is made of bronze. We know if someone opens the wrong door, a terrible death awaits them. According to ancient manuscripts, both statements on one of the doors are false, on another door both statements are true, and on the third door there is one true and one false statement. (But we don't know on which doors these statements are.)

    This is not the safe path. The gold door is not the safe path. This is not the safe path.
    The safe path is through the silver door. The bronze door is the safe path. The safe path is through the gold door.

    Which is the safe path into the pyramid?

  • Both statements on the Silver door are true.
    Both statements on the Bronze door are false.
    The first statement on the Gold door is true and the second is false.

    The safe path is through the bronze door.

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