Earlier & More Predictable Server Start Announcements

  • This is taken from a post I originally made in a discussion about when COM1 is restarting. I have made some additions and modifications. The gist of it is, players are frustrated with the lack of predictability and length of notice of when a server will start. We want earlier notice and more predictable server starts.

    Original Post
    At the beginning of each month Travian can release the forward 4-8 weeks of EXACT server start dates. (An absolute minimum of 4, preferably closer to 8 when possible). Then they can give us estimates on servers 8-16 weeks in advance. With each months announcement, they can then update those estimates as they become easier to pin down.

    Example: Today is April1st

    Previous Announcements (March 1st)
    FaS x3 will start April 2-15 etc. etc.
    US1, COM1 will start April 20th
    DE1 will start April 30th.

    New Announcements
    FR1 will start May 3rd
    RU1 will start May 9th

    Estimated Starts
    Us2 in June
    FR2 in July

    In short players want more predictability and ability to plan future servers. Right now the announcement process doesn't allow that. It is impossible to know, "If we don't start the server starting next week, how long will we need to wait for the next one on that domain? Take my group. We opted out of COM2 because it was a bit too soon after we finished BETA. Now we find ourselves wondering exactly how long we might have to wait for COM1. Even if we just had a start MONTH it would be easier to plan.

    Speed servers are generally easier to predict, but the 1x servers don't really function with a nice set schedule - in part due to the wide range of server lengths they can have. But also because of additional things like the birthday and New years specials. Hence the use of estimates to point out about when a server should restart. The specials can also be permanently "penciled" in to certain months as well and planned around. It could be made even more accurate with some modifications to server length but that is really a separate issue. To summarize, please publicly plan future servers so the community can better plan how and when we play.

    Additional Thoughts
    Forward planning of servers should be a relatively easy thing to do. In fact I would suspect that someone at HQ already does this, since it makes good business sense. The information just needs to be communicated to the community! Help us help you. A happy community is good for the bottom line, we play more, get our friends to play and spend more money. This is just one of a myriad of issues impacting the game but this is also one of the easiest things to fix. The cost to HQ is negligible or non-existent, a google calendar the CMs can see would do the trick!

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