Day 4. The Labyrinth of Death

  • A much bigger picture of the above

    "So, I promised to tell you the story about this belt," Nefertari began talking as soon as all four of them successfully passed the first trap and were on their way to the next. "We do not know much about who created it. Some of us believe that Nefertum, the deity of healing, gave it to the first Pharaoh of Egypt, and inscribed on it the way to his sanctum. The clasp is used to unlock the labyrinth and return safely. Unfortunately, this treasure was stolen from our temple centuries ago, but priests never lost hope to find it again. All this time, many priests and priestesses of Sopdu secretly entered your lands in search of this lost artifact, including my grandmother, who traveled along the Roman roads disguised as a gypsy almost all her life. All was in vain, until finally the recent changes in the Empire's diplomacy encouraged your friend to plan this adventure. He shared the secret with some of the researchers and that's how my grandmother got on the trail. That's the story."
    "That's a really interesting and touching story," mumbled Lucius, who seemed to be a little lost by the changing pace of events. He listened to Nefertari with all his attention. "But was it necessary to capture me, hold me as a prisoner and then steal the belt? Why not just ask?"
    "So, we could have just come to you, and after hearing this story you would have simply given my grandmother the Pharaoh's belt, 'the greatest of your treasures' and that would've been the end of it?" Nefertari smiled. "By the way, we've almost come to the place our manuscripts call the Labyrinth of Death and now, as I promised, I'll tell you where the belt it."
    "Yes, that's the real secret," replied Mark, who slowly seemed to be gaining his usual adventurer's spirit. "The belt was with you all this time, wasn't it?"
    "Of course," replied Nefertari as she took a very familiar belt out of her travel bag.
    Mark sighed again.

    Task: The belt contains a code, which once deciphered, reveals the safe path to the sanctum. It is a labyrinth comprising 25 rooms with death traps.
    Each room can be visited only once and only in the correct order. Decipher the map and show the correct path through the rooms (this can be done either by uploading the picture or simply as a text answer).

  • Answer: 4 - 3 - 1 + 6 + 1 - 5 + 2 = 4

    Player: PFlauta

    Server: Com2 (ts2)

  • The code is simply a mirror put to a number. easy to recognize once you see every symbol is symmetrical. Which gives you numbers for every alternate box.
    After that you need to make the path to equal to 4 (the top right symbol)
    Path looks like this:

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  • Did it by using the number of lines in each drawing as numbers and calculating it as an equation. So if you follow my path it works out to 4 - 6 - 6 + 6 + 6 which equals 4

    Did it by using the number of lines in each drawing as numbers and calculating it as an equation. So if you follow my path it works out to 4 - 6 - 6 + 6 + 6 which equals 4

    forgot username and server.

    stan lee

  • So the hint with the mirror is about that the numbers in the rooms are mirrored and difficult to see that they are in fact numbers. So we start in the bottom right corner with 4 and from there will add and subtract numbers that we encounter within the labyrinth and if we add or subtract a number depends on the sign in the room before. We will exit the labyrinth from the top right corner and the two last rooms will be =4, so the number that we add and subtract should add up to 4, given that I have understood the puzzle correctly.

    It is not possible to get all of the rooms into the solution and the path that I have marked in the picture above will result with the following numbers and signs.

    4 - 3 - 6 + 1 - 6 + 4 + 8 + 2 = 4

    And the numbers before = 4 will indeed add up to 4. There seem to be other paths that will add up to 4 as well.

    Traed - com20

  • The signs are digits, each of them represents a number from 1 to 2, we have to form an equation of which the result is 4, and the only path that grants that is this one:
    4 -3 -6 +2 +7 = 4.

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    The answer is as follows.....

    These are just mirrored numbers. So, basically if we cover right part of each sign, it will be simple equation.
    2018-04-14_00-52-19.png — Yandex.Disk
    So multiple answers were possible and all that were correct were in the random winner drawing.