Day 5. The Inner Sanctum

  • Surprisingly, the Inner Sanctum was really small and – unlike other rooms – not decorated at all. An empty room with a central stone altar on which stood three bottles – one yellow, one red, and one blue – including some inscription. The statue of Nefertum – the man with the lotus – was guarding them.
    "These are bottles of pure death." Nefertari explained cautiously, and Mark, who was about to take the red bottle in order to read what was written on it, immediately snapped his hand away. "Try not to drop them. Two of the bottles contain deadly diseases so virulent that everyone who walks nearby would die in no time at all. There is still no cure for those diseases, but as long as they are locked in a bottle, they cannot infect people. The other bottle contains the cure to an existing disease. If we pour this cure into the Nile, we can neutralise it, and the river's water will spread the cure around the world.
    Bottles like these were only made by two of the high priests of Nefertum, Nil and Menes. We know that Nil always only put true statements on the bottles that he had made, and Menes inscribed false statements. We need to find the correct bottle with the cure." Here is what was written on each bottle.

    Yellow bottle Blue bottle Red bottle
    The cure is here. The cure is here. At least two of these bottles were made by Menes.

    Which bottle contains the cure?

    Task: For this task, you need to find out where the cure is and PROVE it by posting your logical reasoning.

  • The cure is in the Red bottle made by Nil therefore the statement is true that the other 2 bottles were made by Menes therefore their claim that they were the cure is false :)

    Dragun COM2

  • Red Bottle: At least two of these bottles were made by Menes - this is true therefore at least 2 bottles must have false labels, which means both the other 2 bottles have falselabels
    Yellow bottle: The cure is here - False
    Blue bottle: The cure is here - False

    As the cure is in niether the Yellow or the Blue bottle, the Red bottle contains the Cure

    Urban / UK20

  • Red bottle.
    Lets starts by assuming that the red bottle is false (made by menes), which means that only one bottle or less can be false. Since we have the red bottle as a false, the yellow and blue bottles are true and we have no solution. This leads us to the conclusion that the red bottle is true, and if the red bottle is true the yellow and blue bottles are false. If the yellow and blue bottles are false then the cure is in neither of these bottle, which mean that the cure can only be in the red bottle.

  • I think the Red Bottle is the cure. If is was menes i would lie saying (since he always says false things) that bottles are made by me to distract you from the bottle your reading,The cure. Also if what he says is false then he only made one bottle.


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  • Answer:

    The cure is in the red bottle.


    The red bottle was made by Nil (true statement) and both blue and yellow bottle were made by Menes (false statements).

    If the cure were either in the yellow or blue bottles, the statement in the red bottle would create a paradox, either if it was written by Nil or Menes.

    Player: PFlauta

    Server: Com2 (ts2).

  • i'd go with the red bottle, as the text says "At least two of these bottles were made by Menes." AT LEAST, which means he could've made more than 2.unless that wasn't intentional,i'd be grateful to word the sentences better. anyways logic behind my answer is that the text says "at least" which means that if nil guy wrote that, and if his statement is true, still there can be more than 2 bottles that manul guy made. so if manul guy made 3 bottles 1st and 2nd statements are false, and by deduction that leaves red bottle to be the only one that possess the cure,if he made 2 on the other hand, you still can't deduct if it's 1st or the 2nd bottle with the cure inside. but if manul dude wrote 3rd statement, as his statements are false, he said at least 2,but he lied and thought 3. all i wrote is as if your wording was intentional. if it WASN'T, then i'd go with red bottle as well, and the logic behind it is that by simple deduction from the text you can't deduct if it's 1st or the 2nd one as the question is made that way, so by deducting the possibilities 3rd one is the only one that is a variable that stands out from the 1st and the 2nd bottle.

    dunno, i tried to explain this with my limited english, i can't wait to see the answer as im probably wrong.

  • Alias: Al7azin
    Nil only says truth, and the statement « at least two of these bottles have been made by Menes » is obviously his, thus the red bottle was made by Nil and the two others by Menes.
    On both there is « this is the cure » which we know are false since Menes lies always.
    So the cure is in the red bottle.

  • 1. Only one of the bottles contains the cure, so both yellow and blue bottle can not be correct.

    2. If the red bottle is correct, both yellow and blue bottles are made by Menes, have false messages and do not contain the cure, leaving only the red bottle as the cure.

    3. If the red bottle is incorrect, that means that either no bottles were made by Menes, or only one of them.

    4. If red bottle were made by Menes and were false, both yellow and blue bottles would have to be made by Nil, have true messages and would have to contain the cure.

    5. (4) can not be possible, because we know the cure is in one bottle, meaning that only the red bottle says the truth.

    6. The red bottle contains the Cure.

  • if we pretend, the blue bottle is the cure:
    it's statement "The cure is here." is therefore true and the bottle is made by Nil. This also means the yellow bottle statement is false (made by Menes)
    the red bottle statement is impossible (if it were true it would be made by nil, thus making it actually false since menes would only have made one bottle..... if it were false it would mean menes had made the bottle, but then menes would have made two bottles which would make the red bottle statement true)

    therefore this situation is not viable, and the same would occur if the yellow bottle is suggested to be the cure. thus the red bottle contains the cure:
    yellow and blue bottles are not the cure (false statements, bottles made by menes), and the red contains the cure (true statement since menes made blue and yellow bottles, red bottle made by nil)

    therefore: the red bottle has the cure!


  • Red bottle contains the cure

    Nil wrote true instructions
    Menes wrote false instructions

    Red bottle is false : made by Menes
    then Number of bottles made by meme is at-least 2, should be false
    hence we can say number of bottles made by Menes is at max 1

    and since red bottle is assumed to be made by Menes, it should be the only one
    which means Nil made other two bottles (yellow and blue)
    since both have written they are cure, both should be true
    but there is only 1 cure out of 3, hence our assumption is wrong

    Red bottle is true : made by Nil
    hence atleast 2 other are made by Meme
    that means both Yellow and Blue are made by Meme
    which means both are not cure ( false instruction on both of them )
    which means only Red is cure

    Since Assuming Red : false was proved invalid, assuming red = true must be valid
    and if red made by Meme
    then other 2 are not cure (false instruction)
    Hence Red bottle is cure

    Task Adventure 4, I see none replied
    must be because there was no answer to that puzzle
    I tried it for 4-5 hours and still could not get a logical solution
    must be one of the room's symbol was mistaken

  • Fire_Aura

  • Red bottle contains the cure
    the red bottle can be made by Nil or Menes, but Yellow and blue were made by Menes

    The reason is following here

    1) If yellow bottle contains the cure then blue & red are poison.
    So that yellow made by Nil (true statement), Blue bottle made by Menes (false statement),
    Red bottle has contradiction with statement. If Red was made by Nil (true statement), there are not at least two bottles were made by Menes. And If Red bottle was made by Menes, the statement should be false, but it is true.
    Therefore yellow bottle doesn't contain the cure.

    2) If Blue bottle contains the cure then Yellow & red are poison.
    the reason will be the same as 1), just switch between yellow and blue bottle

    3) If Red bottle contains the cure the Yellow & Blue are poison.
    then Yellow & blue were made by Menes (False statement). then Red is the cure. The red statement doesn't matter.
    Because if Red bottle was made by Nil (true statement) -> there are yellow and blue bottle made by Menes (at least 2 bottles same as statement).
    If Red bottle was made by Menes (False statement) -> there are 3 bottle made by Menes (no contradiction), but it doesn't matter! yellow and blue are poison. So the rest bottle (Red) contains the cure!

    Pednoikub com29

  • The Red Bottle contains the cure. You cannot prove that either yellow/blue is true or false on their own but if they are both false then that means that the red bottle's statement is true; meaning that Yellow/Blue were made by Menes and the Red bottle made by Nil contains the cure since both yellow/blue have false statements and do not contain the cure, leaving the one remaining red bottle to be the one with the cure.

    COM2 - Ramuthra

  • Red Bottle contains the cure.

    impossible for either person to have made all 3 bottles. both scenarios have contradictions.
    impossible for Nil to have made 2 bottles - they would both have to be blue and yellow - and the cure is in one bottle only.
    Nil made one bottle.
    Menes made 2 bottles.
    Menes writes false statements so he did not write on the red bottle - that is a true statement - Nil could not have made 2 bottles.
    the 2 bottles menes made were yellow and blue - which state the cure is here... menes writes false statements - the cure is not in the yellow or the blue bottles.

  • Red bottle.

    Logic :
    First, I'm gonna assume that the statement on the red bottle is TRUE (which means - written by Nil).
    because if it's false, then this statement has no change on the situation, it would be like writing "The cure is here" on all three bottles, in which case you'll have a 33.3% chance of finding the right bottle.

    now that we cleared it up, if red bottle statement IS in fact TRUE, that means that the yellow and the blue bottles were made by Menes (as the statement on the red bottle says), and both "The cure is here" statements are false, and the only bottle left with the real cure is -> The red one!

    makes any sense?

  • Red bottle

    For the cure to be in either yellow or blue bottle, statement in red bottle automatically becomes false which then means there are two false statements in there. But if statement in red becomes false , it means there are no two false statement, contradicting each other.
    Only in the case for the cure to be in red bottle, statement in red is actually true and was inscribed by Nil.