Day 5. The Inner Sanctum

  • Menes could not wrote the statement in the red bottle
    Because that mean the puzzle would locked.
    50% Yellow bottle is cure
    50% Blue bottle is cure

    It's Impossible.

    So The statement in RED Bottle wrote by Nil
    in this case it's true

    that's mean the Yellow Bottle is not the cure. (Written by Menes = F)
    the Blue bottle is not the cute. (Written by Menes = F)

    The cure is in the Red Bottle.

    The solve is The Red Bottle.

  • I hope this reply isn't to late. Saw on the nordic server that we had 48 hours to respond and thought at first it would be so on the ordinary .com servers as well.

    The red bottle contains the cure.

    If the yellow bottle would contain the cure the statement on the yellow bottle would be true and the statement on the blue bottle would be false. The statement on the red bottle would not work though. If Menes wrote it, that statement would be true because he also wrote on the blue bottle. But he only writes false statements so he can't write it. Neither can Nil because he only writes true statements. If he would write on the red bottle then Menes had only made one bottle and the statement would be false, so Nil can't write it.

    The same applies to the blue bottle because the same statement is on both the blue and the yellow bottle.

    So the red bottle remains. If it would contain the cure the statements on the yellow and the blue bottles would be false, so Menes made both of them so neither of them contains the cure. This would mean that Nil can write the statement on the red bottle since that statement is true and therefore the only solution to the problem would be if the red bottle contains the cure.

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    The answer is as follows.....

    Suppose red bottle is made by Menes. It means that statement here is false, then that means that there should be at least 2 bottles made by Nil, and that should be yellow and blue bottles. But it’s impossible, because according to the task, the cure is only in one bottle and it can’t be both in yellow and blue at the same time. So, that means that red bottle is made by Nil. That means that 2 other bottles are made by Menes, and both contain virulent decease, and not the cure. So, the cure must be in the red bottle.