Day 5 The Inner Sanctum

  • CONGRATULATIONS to our winners who were picked at random from all those with the correct answer for day 5 of the hero adventure.


    They each have won a voucher worth 60 gold which will be sent to your forum account.

    The answer is as follows.....

    Suppose red bottle is made by Menes. It means that statement here is false, then that means that there should be at least 2 bottles made by Nil, and that should be yellow and blue bottles. But it’s impossible, because according to the task, the cure is only in one bottle and it can’t be both in yellow and blue at the same time. So, that means that red bottle is made by Nil. That means that 2 other bottles are made by Menes, and both contain virulent decease, and not the cure. So, the cure must be in the red bottle.