A suspected glitch

  • Hello Everyone

    There seems to be a glitch that has shown itself.
    Tech crew is on it but this involves equipment from other vendors so process may take a bit of time.

    Talk has been of a reboot of the system which means for us the players, a downtime of roughly 10-15 minutes.
    Not sure if this will even take place but we should all prepare for it in case it does happen.

    I am waiting this one out till the end so will do my best to keep info flowing here in this thread.

    Just be ready for the unexpected since we may or may not get any notice on this.

    Your Travian Team

  • Yes I’ve noticed this glitch.

    Apparently it is affecting people’s capitals on uk1. Wheat fields mysteriously vanishing.

    I assume these will be restored after 3am this morning right?

  • UK6 For me it is horrible lag, almost at times going backwards,and if it is a reboot to this morning someone will this time lose a hammer :)
    So you tech wads think on this how your little mishaps affect the outcome of a game :)

  • I did not clarify the word reboot very well.

    This does not mean any servers would be rollbacked or anything like that.

    This means the vendor will be recycling their equipment which will means the
    servers will go like into maintenance mode or just not be reachable for the 10-15 minutes.

  • Gonna be a fun time settler raiding and not being able to clear before settlers land due to a reboot :|

  • Do it at a decent time for once, i.e never because it will only bring more problems <X

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    Our technical team managed to fix the issues with heavy loads and now all systems are going back to normal.
    We'll thoroughly look into it tomorrow morning to make sure the situation is completely resolved.
    If you notice any issues, please, contact support team.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience and want to thank you once again for your patience.

    Your Travian: Legends team

  • Do you mean at the speed of the catapults, rams or regular def you made so you have 3 attempts at every split without even worryingly by about using waves as a last resort?

    sure, i'll pretend i understood everything you just said. I totally agree!