Control sitter's gold spending and buying.

  • Proposal:
    Allow sitters to spend a set amount of gold, as opposed to all of it.

    Not all of us know our sitter personally and even if we did it doesn't necessarily mean that we trust them completely.
    I don't know if this has been proposed before but I would like to be able to allocate a small amount of my total gold
    that my sitter is allowed to spend. I want my sitter to be able to use gold to use the NPC merchant to balance
    my resources below my cranny limit without giving them the ability to convert it all into silver or the like.

    More control of your account. Allows your sitter to make quick gold-requiring adjustments before impending attacks
    without allowing them to bottom-out your wallet.

    Instead of having a check-box that allows sitters to buy/spend gold, split it in half. Have a section for gold buying and
    gold spending. On the left there will still be a checkbox to enable/disable the entire section completely. But on the right
    there will be several options. Here is a mock-up of my idea:

    Here there is the option of restricting their payment methods to disallow them from using a method that they can charge back or refund (i.e. only letting them use a paysafe card). You'll
    also notice you can create a sort of allowance schedule. Where they are given an amount of gold they can spend in a given cycle. Perhaps one could give the option to have the gold carry
    over to the next cycle (or not).

    Anyway, above there is a lot of fluff. The main idea and most important feature here is being able to limit the sitter's gold spending. The rest of the options would be nice to have
    but aren't my primary concern. I just got a bit carried away making this post.

    Thanks for reading,


  • The allowance idea is a very good one. I also like the structure of your post. I'm not totally sold on the buying options but as you said the primary element of the idea is the gold allowance. I think it would be useful to also put in a feature that shows sitters how much gold they have left to spend as well.

    It also like your mock up :thumbsup:

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