• hmm, we can but if some strong big teams coming too. Don;t wana play alone with noobs and in the end just we left on the server. need some competition.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • NMS always plays uk3

    Good to know, so who are NMS exactly . A short intro may help a bit. Approximately how many will join there, as i heard many of them are already busy on uk1.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • Good to know, so who are NMS exactly . A short intro may help a bit. Approximately how many will join there, as i heard many of them are already busy on uk1.

    Very well, very well. Gather around children and hear the tale of UK3.

    This tale goes back to the very beginning.

    The very birth of UK3 itself.

    Long before the horrors of auction houses and gold abusers.

    To a time when you could have over 3,000 players on a server without them being bots.

    A time when heroes roamed freely with names and you could chose what type of of troop you wanted that hero to be.

    A time when you would see 10 or more WWs be taken and all compete to be the victorious one.

    A time when being the owner of an artefact was an achievement rather than an expectation.

    A time when being croplocked actually meant something as you couldn't build wheat fields until you had dropped the population of the village sufficiently.

    A time when WW holders would have to form tiny alliances of their own away from their main alliance as a single dead troop send against them would give a spy the full report.

    A time when you could send 8 waves in the same second.

    A time when a server was won by blood sweat and tears as apposed to showing up with the best preformed you can and competing against casual playing alliances because you're too scared to play hardcore servers.

    Right to the start; UK3, Round 1.

    There was name.

    A name so evil that is made people shudder when mentioned.

    The evil malicious emperor of the South Western lands of UK3.

    The number of followers he had made the the emperors of old look slightly older.

    His maniacal forum avatar struck fear into the hearts of his enemies as he would be posting reports of their loved ones receiving rocks thrown into their fields. I don't know you've ever walked through a crop-field with a load of rocks in it barefoot but that really hurts! Those who were around during these dark times may remember his face;

    It is of course KRULL.

    The sadistic scourge leader of the TC Empire. (That's right, the coalition empire, shush, it makes sense.) followed by his generals Bekler and Balu they caused terror across the land.

    Their empire being both vast and powerful, few in the realm dared to stand against them.

    A few heroes rose and stood together claiming the banner of NMS, fought side by side and battled against the might of Krull and his barbaric horde of savages but alas they could not stop the demon from building the ancient natar artefact.

    The second age dawned and KRULL rose yet again.

    His empire flourishing once more.

    This time NMS teamed up with the might of DA to fight against this evil.

    Yet they could not prevail, the sheer evil of KRULL was too overwhelming.

    By this stage KRULLs empire had over 300 players working together spreading evil across the realm.

    The NE had 500+ of their own and NMS/DA had 400 but his evil was too strong.

    There was even a little FOX alliance around at this time though Madog wasn't taking his own WWs at this stage.

    The third era came.

    KRULL and his evil demons once again rose. The trilogy. The third prong oh his trident of doom. With each prong infused with the power of the natars secret WWs he would have the power to take down the world.

    He had to be stopped, a hero was needed.

    A hero arose.

    His name was ... Crunch!

    Just kidding, though that was my first server.

    His name was ... Magnus!

    The hero the people needed and wanted. NMS rallied behind this hero as did many others. The 'Angels' of UK3 were born.

    A last alliance of Angels and Dark Angels marched against the armies of TC, and on the very slopes of UK3, they fought for the freedom of Middle-Server. Victory was near, but the power of the coalition could not be undone. It was in this moment, when all hope had faded, that Magnus, leader of Angels, went 'POW, right in the kisser'. KRULL, enemy of the free peoples of Middle-Server, was defeated.

    In this fight though a new kind of evil had arisen. An evil unknown to these lands at the time. ASBO. A smashy alliance with lots of heavy hitters and no end game plans.

    During the heated battle between Angels & TC, ASBO has free reign of the map killing at will.

    "First we take the WW, then we shall deal with ASBO" said magnus in the voice of the guy that does the darth vadar voice.

    The fourth age came.

    TC rose again. The darkness that had once shrouded the land had arise once more. This time without KRULL. Still evil, just not as powerful (think Sauron without his ring).

    Seeing them not being as strong as they once were Magnus, the hero of the people, decided to vanquish the new threat early. He sent his wolfpack to take down the ASBOs before they could strike at us. After a relatively short war ASBO begged for peace. Once the ASBO banner had fallen and they chose a new name Magnus turned his attention back to the the evil in the SW.

    That didn't take long either really and Magnus claimed victory.

    Feeling slightly under challenged the Angels went to the US to war over there and won too. The Angels retired.

    The fifth era.

    Now that the evil had been removed and the Angels had gone the member of NMS came back together again.

    HATE arose to fight against them.

    I wasn't really on this server so i got no idea what happened. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks here.

    The Sixth era

    NMS returned again. Changed their name to GutPath at some point. No idea who won.

    Again i wasn't here so I haven't a scooby doo

    The seventh, eight and 9th eras.

    I was still retired here. NMS were on both though, no idea who won.

    Again if someone can fill in the blanks that would be grand.

    the tenth age (i think)

    The most recent one NMS spawned in the same quad as MFH, they battle for a while then merged.

    Cracking end game, great fun.

    Some sexy alliance called R D won. I hear their WW holder has a hug willy.

    anyway, i'm bored now, time to go to the pub.



    oh sorry, just saw that bit, may bad.

  • I played with Hate on one of those, that was a fun server. I remember trying to chief Boots aka Adam aka Bloated Fish’s hammer with another Hate player and Adam cut it with his hammer. Two similar sized Roman armies clashed and it wasn’t pretty on either side.

    That RD alliance though, they were something else. Loved that alliance!

    Magnus and Angels though, what an alliance they were.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • Ok 1st era

    TC was : TST Templars Wolfpack (Although running wolf's lot might have been templars) And Angles + some extras and several of them had wings.

    Pretty sure it was more of a colaboration than u make out though don't seen RW or Magnus as people who folow blithly
    Might have mentioned Bennyblanco that guy was there no.1 attacker I think, but yakuza defo had the advantage in offensive

    NMS was the re-branding of "Yakuza" and some other alliances Dark angles might have been one of them

    Maleorderbride was the rank 1 player, and I was young enough then to read his name "meldorbride"

    My WWK at that server was like 2 swords and phals + 70 cata, and I multi accounted I played both mine and "my brother's" accounts and never got banned for it, not even a message from the MH.

    2nd Era
    Idk if NMS and DA teamed up or its just the name of NMS flagship wing
    Angles were NE NMS NW Abso SW and TC SE, NW and NE teamed up in the end I think
    before quads weren't a big deal L.A was rank 1 with lords for a little while with top accounts in all regions but it fell to peices ofc
    idk if its 3rd or 4th tbh kinda blurry around then

    Most importanly TC has 10 pretty much full wings, on a uk server.
    Just leave that here, and no one knew how to play back then, people were still developing stuff I think there was no meta etc I dont really know tho cos I was a noob on uk3 r1, 2nd ever server :)

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • wow nice, thanks crunch for such a wonderful introduction. It will be an honor to play such server.
    Looking forward for large number of players to register here , more players, more competition, more fun.

    Yeap good old days of large matas, now the concept of proper matas has just vanished from local domains. If NMS is a permanent NW alliance, we might go to NE.
    Need server to be evenly distributed so that every one can have a chance to grow and provide healthy competition at mid and end game.

    Peoples who are looking for competitive server better to join uk3. You will surely get a good server. Alteast from our side you will not be disappointed.

    For those who dont know GoT team. we will be bringing atleast 50 quality players(if amer aka jon snow approve it). Team GoT joined uk domain last year at uk6. won that one overwhelmingly by cheifing the enemy WW in the end.
    We are currently at very end of UK2 against a quality alliance. Hopefully that will also endup with an another win for GoT.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

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  • We will most probably play uk3, not 100 percent sure yet.. and if we do play this server most probably the theme is gonna be super heroes

    if there are pre formed alliances please do let us know. we might settle in the NE quad.

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • MM will probably start on uk3.

    They bottled uk1 after I made their leader cry. My bad :(

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • So you’ll be going as the powerpuff girls?

    Damn you mind reader.. i am gonna throw a tantrum coz i dont like mind reader.. :P

    Anyways it is confirmed NE quad, UK3 our alliance is officially Making an entrance.

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less