• Think Knock.Knock can teach you how to splat uselessly :x at least tis something right? although i dont think you could get more useless Spencer :x Unless Medusa starts coaching you :x

    My classes are highly sought after. Once graduated, the student can discern exactly where not to send...but will send anyway.

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  • Why are you confused?
    MM have not even bothered to pick up the Large Architect they lost when their player deleted, guess their "We have won 100% of servers we have played as an alliance" is going to end :)
    They even gave their Unique Architect to a player who has joined S4TW after S4TW took it without a fight it seems.
    That's just my take on it as we have had no comment from either MM or S4TW ...... simfest server ... apart from 1 player from G0T reducing MM cap cropfields at will it seems !

  • My only comment we be to not entrust your alliance's most important artifact to a player who isn't a part of your core group.

    Not much to talk about really, S4TW celebrate privately over a month ago when we realized the artifact was going to be ours.

  • Oh pish posh. That was genius and you guys are all just upset. Sucks to suck. :) Especially Medusa.

    Anyways, things will heat up quite soon I imagine. On another hand....

    Special shout-out to Sticky Icky Maple Syrup who seems to be flawlessly picking MM apart single handily.

  • Yes you did, he's real name is ……..

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    Previous identities include red wyvern, red dragon and once many years ago Easter

  • Welcome back all

    Seems like MM lost a couple of GW's ... not a good thing just before plans are released :(

    MM are just a bunch of arrogant noobs, whos only specialty to spike farms. what else you could expect.

    Any one bother to put the report of the hit.