Dual need non EU players

  • Hi I am very new to this game but I am an intelligent person and I am playing with other smart players one of which is reasonably experienced at Travian.
    We are currently 3 EU players.

    Would like some NA/AU time zone players to play over night whilst we are asleep.
    We hopefully should cover most of the day as we have different jobs that require us to work different times.

    We plan on using discord. Mic is not required but would be helpful.
    I don't know if this goes against the rules of Travian but I would like to have up to 6 players working together so that we can have a good active account.

    Thanks and please get in contact with me no matter your experience.
    Will be doing short interviews.
    Currently playing on a server to practice but want to find people and get used to the game to clear up any problems before a new server comes out.
    Please send me a pm here and we can then share more contact information

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