Team leader

  • What the hell is an ingame leader?

    Who ever MH refers to as their team leader i guess :)

    Im simply trying to figure out who it is that refuses to help us honoring a dead ally member.

    Have heard that there is precede on the uk servers, as there is on the danish, that when a member dies, on request, the account can get locked down. MFH told me that they had a simular situation last year... Can anybody confirm that it is normal procedure on the uk domain?

    I know it is on the danish, since we lost another member 1,5 years ago.

  • That is not procedure.

    It is at the discretion of the other players.

    The one last year was RD vs MFH vs Null and as all alliances respected each other they agreed to leave the account alone. It was never locked

  • Axetor account was locked in null on last uk3 (I wasn't in MFH last server, I was against them - although I know that they had a loss themselves).

    Not 100% sure how it happened, MH wouldn't do it on my request, then said "light was shed on the situation" and the account was locked.

    Hope that helps :)

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • Depends on what you mean with team leader.

    Templar Knight is the Community Manager (CM) of this domain. The CM is has no ingame duties, they manage the community aspects of the forum. Ameno is the Senior Community Manager (SCM) and oversees the communities of all domains.

    The Customer Service Representative (CSR) can be contacted via They may also reply to messages sent to Support or Multihunter, just like any supporter or multihunter would. As game support is not provided on the forums, they do not have official presence here. CSR is essentially the local boss of supporters and multihunters.

    On smaller domains, the duties of CM and CSR may be appointed to the same person, for UK, this is not the case.

    If you mean the actual Team Leader, they are the boss of CSRs and oversee the ingame support of multiple domains. The only direct contact a player can really have to a Team Leader, is to file a complaint about the CSR or if appealing a bot/script ban.

    This is a private account and messages posted from this account are of my own personal stance and do not represent Traviangames in any way. / Tämä on yksityistili ja edustaa vain omaa kantaani, viestit tältä tililtä eivät edusta Traviangamesin kantaa millään tavalla.

  • Since i'm new to the UK domains this might be a stupid qustion, but who is the Team Lead for the UK domain, and how do mortals like me get in contact with him?

    Hello FatherOfEvil

    Sorry to hear a Travian player has passed while playing a server.
    I have seen this up and close and personal twice myself and when you play with others from around the globe on a game that plays out in real time it can become quite common.
    Even if you never meet a player in real life it is still shocking when you find out something has happened.

    You were given some good answers and contacting the MH ingame will be your best bet for this situation.

    Hope all goes well. :|