Cant register

  • greetings
    old travian player away for some years trying to rejoin game but CANT do any registration at any servers ( tried us / uk and others) like I used to do previously
    what am I doing wrong here?
    thanks for your help / info

  • Hi! What exactly goes wrong with registration?


    Here is a button 'Play now', where you need to enter you data for registration.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • Are you trying to pre-register? That isn't available any more, you have to register after the official start time of the server.

    It may also be a problem with your email. I have yahoo and often it chucks out things like game or forum registrations. Have you been getting the registration emails through?

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  • thanks people for the fast feedback
    my problem is exactly that when I press/select "Play Now" ( assuming this should be the link for registration) it does nothing like the link is dead or something
    just tried again using Ameno's Us link and nothing
    I did however registered at this forum yesterday using the link at Travian Legends homepage were the " play now: seems not to be enabled so I supposed nothing wrong with my internet and mail

  • Are you using Safari on a Mac by any chance? I have the exact same problem on my Mac when using Safari. The new home isn't compatible with all browsers I don't think.

  • Safari doesn’t always play nice with all kinds of Travian things. I have Firefox on my mac for when safari won’t work.

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  • thanks again
    please ignore last message concerning help on registration
    DID finally register needed to use chrome that was the issue
    thanks again