Best UK alliance ever?

  • I think this is a hard one as it's a totally different game from the "olden days" of Angels and the likes.

    T3.6 and before alliances and T4 and after alliances are a very different thing so it's hard to judge who it the best alliance ever on a UK server.

    I know some very good players who played in and against Angels and ASBO and but i wasn't playing back in the old days so can't comment first hand on these alliances.

    I have played against some decent teams, a Danish outfit came to UK5 when some of AA were playing our one and only supposedly fun non WW server and the Danes absolutely smashed it in a record time which we are still not sure how it was possible in so few days lol! (i do wish we had started that server with the aim to win to get a full idea of how good they might have been vs us but Koch, Hancock and co had a very well organised team of Danish players that I've not come across since or before, i played a COM server with them straight after and the organisation and dedication was insane). They played under Superheroes i think and they get my vote. We were playing as M (Marvel) if my memory servers me right but it was a long time ago.

    Other than that I played against a strong Pulse team once when i wasn't in a very well organised alliance and they totally smashed it so i'd have to rank them up very high in their peak.

    I had some great times when in HATE but could not class us then as a "Best" alliance as we didn't really play to win the server.s As meme said the server against Smash they played really well and it would have been good to see if they could do it for more than one server but it didn't happen.

    Obviously i really enjoy my time leading AA and we do try our hardest to be as organised as we can and improve server on server but we are also in semi retirement now and unfortunately we are past our best, we will of course have one more server though, probably as a smaller group and would be up for other alliances to come and have a scrap. It will probably will be the next starting UK server in September. I hate servers that run through the summer so no more winter starting servers for us, haha.

  • I remember once, back in the day. 2010 if I remember correctly. An alliance of 19 TLW players took on and beat the south east's Orcus meta that had six wings of nearly 60 players per wing. The remnants of that meta that were near the northern border joined a north east alliance and continued on their losing path to the end of the server. But the 6 wing meta, a group containing over 300 players, were smashed to pieces by 19 players.

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  • Id vote AA - played against once and with once - but exceptionally well organised and absolutely decimated all comers both servers, Geoffles would have to be a very close second, remembering the one wing alliance smash apart 3 different METAs the server I saw them on.

  • Slightly biased AA my all time favourite as a member, heck I helped create it, but the best I ever played against and probably the toughest bunch of characters I ever met on a server has to be HATE.

    They hammered a complete server in to submission with 30-40 members. ( and a lot of wannabe spies )

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