Forum archives are back!

After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis.

The process is the following:
🔸 First, discuss your suggestion with the community in the #💬│suggestions-discussions channel
🔸 Once the suggestion is final and contains all the details post it in the #🎮│suggestions channel
🔸 A team member will review the suggestion and either give feedback or add the suggestion to the #📋│suggestions-vote channel
🔸 Around once per week the voted suggestions are evaluated by Game Design, a note is added on the Trello Board and they are moved to the most suitable list within the board.

Please note:
🔹 Suggestions may take up to 4 days to be processed (depending on the team availability)
🔹 Do NOT place more than one suggestion per message in the #🎮│suggestions channel
  • Hello Travian Community

    We know that you waited for this news for quite some time and a few of you almost lost hope that it will ever happen.
    We want to apologize for the delay and the fact that we haven't given any official information about the date when the archives
    will be back.

    The main reason was that with the introduction in May of the new GDPR law, the top-priority of our Solutions department (like in every European company at the moment) was to adapt the system and
    infrastructure to be compliant with the new law.

    It’s a long and complicated process. We did not want to provide you with inaccurate information and therefore had to wait until we had a clear overview of the situation and at least an ETA.
    Now the preparation phase is almost over, we are really happy to announce, that old forum archives are about to go back online!

    The archive will be back the latest on the end of May. They will be available in read-mode only. There will be no registration and no login possible and you can only browse, but not change anything.
    As soon as we know the final date, we’ll announce it here on the forum and provide you with the link to your old archive.

    Thank you very much for your patience and support. We’re all looking forward to having our history back!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • Dear community,

    As promised, old forum archives are now live. You can reach them via the PAGE MENU or using link (where tld is the domain of the forum you want to browse). The highlighted link redirects you to the forum of the domain, which language is chosen as language interface on our current forum.

    While browsing old forums, you might come across the links that are redirecting you to new forum. Unfortunately, some of those links couldn’t be fixed, therefore you’ll have to manually add "archive." in front of the link to go to the needed thread.


    Link forum.travian.tld-some-thread should be changed to

    We wish you a lot of fun and happy memories!

    Your Travian: Legends Team