How do i find out who has put his hero at a farm?

  • Hi all. I found a nice farm however somebody has parked his hero there to kill my troops how do I find out who has parked his hero there?

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  • Check accounts close by that are the same tribe as the defending hero, and then send a single troop and see if their hero exp/def points go up.

    Alternatively, screenshot hero exp/def point pages and then compare before and after you land.

    If it's early in the game, or the beginning of the week, you might even be able to spot it in the top 10.

  • Allright thanks for your answer. will have to look up all the players around me then. so, check the hero xp, send my troops, let him kill them and then check all the players hero's experience again right?

  • It may not have been that the hero has been parked to to be def, but the player who own the hero may have sent hero as reinforcement, instead of raid or attack.
    I have seen many players do exactly the same, but it was not intended. Often they realize after the hero or troops has been killed :p

  • Thank you, i'll make sure to notify the player first if I find out who is was. Like you said if it was a mistake no problem but if it's there consistently...... another story