Pouch of the thief, how does it work?

  • Hello,

    I don't understand how this item works, as i've been attacking (raids) several times with 40 or 60 legionnaires and the hero of course, but the bounty cap is always 2000 or 3000 in each case, so it seems to me that the bonus is not applying.





    No entiendo como funciona este item, he estado atracando varias veces con 40 o 60 legionarios y el heroe por supuesto, pero el limite del botin es siempre 2000 o 3000 para cada caso, me parece como si el bono de saqueo no se estuviera aplicando.


    El Abuelo

  • Hi,

    For the pouch of the thief to take effect your hero has to accompany the troops on the raid.

    As you know the cranny will protect a certain amount of resources of the total villages storage.

    E.G (using one resources only for simplicity's sake) if cranny is 2,000 of resources and the village holds 3,000 wood a raiding force would only be able to take 1,000 wood.

    With the pouch of the thief equipped the hero would be able to dip into an extra 10% of that so they would be able to take 1,200 wood instead.

    I hope this makes sense.

    To fully utilise it look for local accounts with high cranny levels (this can be obtained by scouting). If you find one with 10k+ there is 4,000 resources only accessible by the pouch which you can have without other raiders touching.

  • It is very clear now, thank you very much!

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