Fire and sand 3x

  • Hi

    I have a question about fire and 3X quick sand

    Is there enough explanation to know how to use antiques and how to activate them, and can I run two antiques together and how?

    Is there a picture showing that?

  • I presume you mean artefacts when you say antiques.

    Your team needs to hold 50% or more of the population in a region, and the region needs to be unlocked. When these conditions are met (and the initial activation period has passed), you can use the artefact that belongs to that region.

    To do so, you will need a treasury level 10 for small artefacts, and level 20 for large and unique.

    You can use as many small artefacts as you'd like, however, only one per village.

    You can only have one account wide effect active at a time (large/unique).

    Small and large effects do overlap, however, they do not multiply or sum together - you can have for example a large diet active for the whole account, and then have a small trainer active in a specific village - both effects will apply to the village. However, activating a large trainer and a small trainer will not give you 1/6th training time - the small artefact effect will apply to the village, while the accountwide won't.

  • I am talking about servers that have been launched

    Fire and sand

    There is a variable to seize and activate and how to use