Gold Promotion (com server)

  • Or just extend it since it was announced so late it's simply stupid.

  • More than stupid :(

    It's simply not fair to treat players this way - first I receive an email about a gold rush weekend, which did not happen anyways - then TG comes up with a short "flash promo" not even pre-advised.

    I was also one of those who logged in just too late - and just now I'm pretty angry.


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  • Flash is never pre-advised a lot before, but 1h before it actually happens is a bit stupid, especially since com is mostly worldwide players which can't access psc or some methods at that specific moment

  • Hello Everyone

    A FLASH PROMO is not announced as it happens at random times.
    Since it is flash, it is just like a flash mob that suddenly springs up somewhere.
    There is no notice, it just happens.

    The weekend promos are announced 24 hours in advance.

    The announcement was posted 5 minutes before the promo went live.
    As I checked each server to make sure it was live I activated the infobox for that server.

    So it started at 18:00 GMT +2 and ended 4 hours later at 22:00 GMT +2 as advertised.


  • Maybe TG should consider it's policy abt gold promotions.

    - making af Flash might make sense at a national server, but at .com it'll always be unjuste due to the different timezones. As a player having contributed pretty stable to TG's earning for several years I feel somehow entitled to get a fair chance to make use of an offer for cheaper gold when it occurs

    - make sure mails only goes to players affected of the content. I recieved the mail abt the weekend promotion and I'm playing ts2 only (at the .com domain - besides of that itx which wasn't affected by the promotion either)

    We can have long discussions abt the way this game has become more and more dependent of the use of gold (=players' payments), bus as it is TG should at least treat players alike when it comes to the buy of gold.


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  • well i had to stay awake in my sleep time around 1am.. still i stayed awake for it.. no complaints
    playing uk domain and paid 4600 for 1600 gold.. ( still crying though )
    bought yesterdays flash gold by staying awake..paid 2985 for 2080 gold.. no complaints..

  • playing uk domain and paid 4600 for 1600 gold.. ( still crying though )
    bought yesterdays flash gold by staying awake..paid 2985 for 2080 gold

    Uhm, are you sure?

    It sounds unreal, that a package almost half the price would give you 4x more gold per unit than the more expensive one.
    1.600 : 4.600 = 0.3478 gold per unit [promo not included]
    2.080 : 2.985 = 0.6969 gold per unit [30 % promo included, originally 1.600 gold]

    And you're talking about the same package, since 1.600 +30% is 2080. I highly doubt you paid less for same package.
    Regardless of domain price differences this seems is way over exaggerated. :rolleyes:

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  • well in com i bought through mol in our currency..

    in uk i had to buy in dollars..

    and for that it costed me around 4550 for that 1600 + later i saw there was around 50 rs charges from bank for same purchase.. i know its cause of diffrent currency prices.. still i feel so sad that i had to stick to same domain like com and au where mol is avaliable..

    i dnt mind if travian team can restrict ip for purchase.. say i am from india and wanted to buy gold in some other domain.. but through mol.. so travian restrict ip and let me buy it .. means only player with indian ip can play so it will not allow account to be played apart from india region blocking sitter and dual fuction if both arnt from india.. i will not mind as i have played mostly solo its hard now given expectation still with known gold i am going to spend can help me target something special...

    i know it wont happen and its fine.. its just seeing tht much diffrence makes me stick to same domain..

    ps that com was flash promotion gold.. which i always buy and save for future play..

    2985 from 3k amount..

    alright it was around 4400 not 4600..