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  • Although fair play does not win you servers nowadays, at least you can have some fun while waiting for the account deletion to complete. Would expect a bunch of multi-accounters to easily stop a one-man-attack-operation, but apparently bots do not send defense automatically. So while my own villages are being zeroed and shot to pieces, I actually hit something back ánd ripped an artefact. With just 1 account, and all sent by myself! How's that for old-time's sake?!

    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Converter - Battle reports Travian


  • Very nice, good boy.

    Past servers: Alfėja Baltics speed, Alfėja Baltics 2, MC Eiaiestyi comx2, Eiaiestyi com29 (x5), Ankhsi com83 (PtP Closed Beta)

  • Ou revoir

    You know the old joke, Eiaiestyi? Man shows up at the Pearly Gates, sees this guy in a pin stripe suit, and a briefcase, a cigar, prancing about. He says to Saint Peter, 'who's that guy?' Saint Peter says 'ahhh, that's just God. Thinks he's Jofke.'