Less exp gained when killing oasis animals

  • Hey guys

    I have seen hero getting lesser exp than what he kills during raid

    I have seen 3 very specific instance of this happening
    all includes wild boars (clay/clay-crop) oasis

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    these 3 reports
    My hero should have received 21, 20 and 12 exp respectively
    but her received 20, 19 and 10 exp instead

    I raised this issue to support but they claim that they have no information about my hero exp prior to attack so they cant trace it back
    (3rd one in report)

    Initially i thgt it might be just me overthinking and let it go
    but 2 instances happened today only back to back (1st 2 in report)

    SO IS there any information about why is this happeining
    pretty sure its not supposed to

  • Please contact the Multihunter of your server. Only the Multihunter is able to look at information about your account. They should be able to help you figure out what is going on.

  • this is the reply i got from support

    What you describe is a known issue. This might also happen in regular fights. The amount of exp gained by the Hero and the attack/defense points you gain can vary by +- 1 point for each combat.
    This was reported several times during the last 10 years. The way the game calculates losses and the way the game code calculates exp/def/off points varries. Fixing this would be a huge efford.

    Development run some statistics and they decided to not fix this bug, but rather put it into "known issues".
    The reason for that (besides the huge efford) is, that compared to the total amount of attacks that happen, this bug only appears in rare cases. And since its only +- 1 exp difference, the effect for a player (advantage/disadvantage) is very low compared to the total amount of exp a Hero has.

    I hope i could explain it to you in an understandable way.

  • "We are too lazy to fix this bug. So it should not affect you much." :)

    Trying to fix a bug could mean to create 100 bigger and unknown bugs.
    This is the reason why many known bugs around the games that seem easy and little are preferred to not be touched.

    Writing something like this shows your complete inexperience in informatics.