Reports and Story times

  • This is the story of two friendly rivals.

    As soon as BP ended, two accounts were racing for top raider ! But instead of being mean and hostile towards each other, those two accounts began a healthy and friendly rival relationship. Often sharing personal reports, they even worked together once to take down the biggest spiker of the server (who still is responsible for the bloody raids, Egyptian tribe located in Segestica). Even if the outcome was way too evident, for the account who was second in raiding worked very hard day and night trying to compete with first raider. But they never gave up.

    The days and weeks passed by and this race was still on. The Teuton account beat the Hun account (even if a third account came in the race and crushed all hopes to become first raider :thumbup: ) , until the day came that the hard working account (Teuton tribe) saw their rival being banned. Suddenly their friendship splat in pieces, and they were hugely disappointed - it could never be the same. What had to be friendly rivals would become hostile enemies. And indeed, a few days later the hostilities began. The Teuton account was the one to engage: In an (unsuccesful) attempt to chief the spawn village (hosting a big army responsible for raiding), they were hoping to make all those troops vanish into dust. But the account (Hun tribe) on the other side did a very good maneuver. They took down command center/residence and built a palace. Here are the results. The Hun account was mocking their timing (2 seconds and 2 seconds gap between first and third attack). The Teuton account didn't have the time yet to sharpen their timing skills. But the attacks were unsuccessfully sniped.

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    It was evident that this aggression would not be left unanswered. So the Hun account did what the Teuton account had thought that they did best: they did a follow back ! Only difference here is that they missed them by 7 minutes, resulting in a slaughtering of cavalry.

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    What followed next was a bit reckless and very messy in timings. After a hard and tiring waiting night, the Teuton account waited for the real attack to show up, resulting in another even bigger slaughtering, with 3 waves of catapults in front, hammer 3rd , and 2 catapult waves at the end. Look at the rams though...

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Conclusion: The Teuton account was very happy with this encounter and playing excitement and still thanks their old rival for this fun.

  • accurate vs alpha omega for those not smart enough to work it out

    dont know why noobs hide the names in the reports

    plus the biggest spiker on server is me, come take me down bro dare you