PTR updates and new features - Discussion thread.

  • To support the fastest way (and more direct). Here is also the option, at least to have list of known issues.

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  • I usually post things here more into detail (if needed) and then just send the link to support. They also have a chance to see if others are experiencing similar issues then.

  • As code is rewritten for combat simulator and reports: Is it possible to add info on the rally point? I would like to see reinforcement's smithy level. You never really know how heavy the defense of your standing is except you go to every account that sent defense and ask how high the troops are levelled.

    I was in defense team several times and you just suppose at a specific point of the server that troops are fully levelled without speaking about it. But it still appears that you have high batches of troops that saw not even one upgrade and make all your calculations going worse. On last RoA we even considered a capital safe at late server stage with tons of praets as standing. We were sure they were l20 ones. Well, no, they were not and easily killed by enemy...

    If I had to send half home and keep standing, I could pick according to upgrade level and I could speak to people who didn't upgrade yet. Even more important on birthday server I think. There are hubs which are used for different issues which is already hard to maintain as you have to always set many tabs to see if the troops are on boots, if they have any TS level, to send them to another village close to incoming time. Those two would be also very nice pieces of info to add. I know it is effort we are supposed to bring in (of what I heard) but I am not able to see upgrade level of troops. I would have to message every single owner.

  • I use a simulator in 2 general situations:
    1. Under attack to see if I have enough or how much I need to call. The simulator will only work in case of one attacker as a train can’t be added which is rarely critical. So most of the time it is still kirilloid.
    2. I need to clear a potential farm/oasis with profit in mind. I need to know how much it cost me in resources. No such information unfortunately, so again - kirilloid it is.

    In some not so frequent situations like follow Home for example the simulator can be used but knowing losses in resources is preferable too.

    Bottom line: even if the simulator worked perfectly I would only use it when for some reasons kirilloid is not an option.
    The simulator does not work perfectly either, definitely something wrong either with hero strength, animals strength or haeds. Report sent to support, I have a couple more similar, you can test it on oases yourself.
    The only advantage is auto filled information, but that is not enough to make it useful for me and given that all report-saving tools will need to be reworked I would say it is no go. More harm than good for anyone who knows what kirilloid is.

    P.S. pardon my on phone typing.

  • First picture shows the real report how it appeared to be after I attacked an oasis. Second picture shows what was transferred when I pushed "combat simulator" button. It says "-1" levels on haeduans which I think happens because they came from adventure and aren't researched in that village. I get a message "Smithy levels for the attacker are out of range. The correct range is between 0 and 20." - Nothing major, just needs a little adjusting that it would be added with l0. But simulation in picture three shows also another result than in my report on the first picture.
    One more rat suddenly would survive the battle. I think it happens because hero strength in total is calculated wrong. Hero wears a Walking Staff of the Druidrider which seems not to be taken into count. If I add more strength points I will have same result as in the report picture one. This also needs adustment. Gonna give that to support, just for general information.

    Following picture is a def report of the same account. Why can I add off reports with a button (plus-feature btw.) to combat simulator but not def reports? If enemy came again and I would like to see how my troops would defend against it, easiest way would be to transfer report into simulator and also get my defenses and troops of the village I am sitting on, my hero with equipment and attributes.
    If I go on the simulator I can select my villages I want attack from on the top but defender side does not have that option.

  • @kirilloid reported bug that horn of natars works incorrectly (multiplies by value instead of adding it).

    //Just to the list of known bugs.

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  • Another 3 issues found by @kirilloid. Already reported. Thanks @Schmitz' Katze!

    • Negative effects of the artefacts (less stronger buildings) don't work.
    • Residence also affects scout report (iirc only wall should)
    • If you add second target to catapult, and then remove it, simulator will still try to "hit" second target 0 lvl. To clear it, you need to remove catas from the sim and add them back.

    // Those bugs are about Combat simulator calculation. They do not affect the game.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • It was, indeed, inspired by @kirilloid, though not completely identical and actually has bigger plans behind that. Pictures are also a bit outdated, but the new ones are coming already tomorrow, so, I hope, we can survive with that. :)

    Actually, the story is a little more complex than "they copied my design". Let's consider for example, horizontal layout. Yes, I did it much earlier than TG. In Travian. The devil-in-details thing is that several years ago there was a game by TG in similar genre: "Imperion". And they had horizontal layout in their combat simulator even before I did that. But I have been thinking about that idea even before Imperion appeared to public... y'know, when it's your part-time pet-project, you have a lot of time to think about it, but little time to actually implement something.
    So the idea was "in the air" since ... always.
    Other [similarly looking] ideas are also just one of a few ways to apply design principles. Catapult target levels just under catapult number input? It's just gestalt proximity principle.
    By no means I'm a professional designer, though. So it's appealing, [presumably professional designers in] TG did it the same way, like: "Yay! I can [sometimes] do just as professional designers" =)

    So I'm happy with those changes.


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  • What happened to the new combat simulator on PTR80, is it down? I can not access it.


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  • Currently there are issues with Warsim. Unfortunately no news about it till Monday. I'll poke people then to find out more information.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for a great PTR,

    Im wondering -

    Is there not a way to go straight into "City" from for example Map? (If you last were on "Resources" and Visa versa,

    You seem to have merged the "Resources" and the "City" adding some feature that takes you back to the previous overview,

    Meaning I have to click twice as many times to go into City if im in a different screen, and lastly were on Resources,

    Is this intentional?


  • You don't have to do double click. In every page there's an "X" that closes the window you've opened and takes you back to wherever you were (Buildings or fields)

    There seems to be a bug when you settle your second village, The quest "Found new village" doesn't work. No reward given and it stays in the quests outliner (being so, we'll have the friendly fella watching us all game).

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