Can't register for COMX

  • Not able to register for COMX.

    This seems to happen everytime a new server is launched and some users who end up being able to regsiter end up with a massive advantage. It's time your developers fix it

  • Are you talking about being able to pre-register? If yes, than pre-registration no longer exists.

    If you are not able to register for an active server, that is a different issue.

  • thought mods would know when servers start...
    [ComX] Restart Information

    server has started today, I have just tried to register, and I don't receive any activation code.

    // edit: watch your spam folder.... there it is :) maybe that helps you, too @Curuncula


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  • Hello

    Are you still having issues with registration?

    Sometimes the activation code ends up in your spam box so be sure and check.

    If you are having issues then please send a message to as they can sort that out for you.

    The email is glitchy at times so please keep trying.

  • Activation code wasn't received, definitely not in spam folder. I tried having the code sent again and still nothing. Sent email to and got auto response but still no code. And so we get further behind especially since the server started at 3am EST.

  • Okay thanks for heads up and have asked about it so should hear something soon.

    Sorry you are having issues.

    Can you be kind enough to let me know what email service you use so this way I can pass that on.
    Gmail has some issues so if others are it is good to relay that too.

  • Hello Everyone

    If you are still not receiving an activation code after registering then please send in a ticket tot he following....

    This will help get things moving along for you. :|

    EDIT...For those using gmail you may have to switch to a different email platform as a work around. Gmail seems to still be having issues.

  • If you had to register with other email due to gmail issue, please, change your email address after registration back to your old one and write ticket to Support / Admin. They'll be able to give you veteran medal via ACP on currently registered email. I know it's not the perfect solution, but this is what we have till gmail problem is sorted. Sorry for that.

    //upd. Have to say, that it works only for already excisting medals. If you aim for 10 year veteran medal, better register with old email in order not to break the chain of used emails. (I'll raise that issue, though, to have it sorted for 10 year as well - current problem with emails, this is just for information that we do not have ready solution for that yet).

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.