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    It’s time for a review on the International qualification server, it is in two parts. A summary on the Travian blog and details here in my Corner including more maps and interviews.

    I have counted players in Top60 alliances and some random up to Top80. After that it’s average 5 players per ally up to Top100 and 11 pages with 1-2 players per ally. In total I’ve assigned 1740 accounts to the bigger alliances plus around 500 more in those with few members.

    There will be no problem to qualify on this server for active players. It’s a real summer round, many plays only to get a ticket. I have to admit I’ve been quite lazy myself, taking the chance to enjoy real life ^^

    I’ve also checked the alliance profiles to get the official cooperations. I find it rather funny that Vietnam, being the biggest meta - due to numbers I’ve found - believes themselves having less accounts than Ghetto and therefore claims it’s necessary to find other alliances to cooperate with.


    Vietnam 450 accounts

    Vietnam has few enemies in their quad. A small Portuguese alliance and one from Lithuania for example. They also have a confederation with PP in SE. I’ve seen reports from attacks at the border to SE.



    • A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before: Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
      2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
      3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
      4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
      5.Tell us an anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.

    VN2 Ruby

    1.My name is Ngoc, (Ruby in game). I am diplomatist of Vietnam team in this year. We settled in the Northeast because it was the traditional area of my team in the finals.

    • It may be quite early to determine our opponents in the NE because diplomatic relations are gradually established. We are also very welcoming to cooperate with international friendly if they have the same purpose as us.
    • Of course, winning at this server is our goal and I think that is also the goal of all the alliances participating tournaments. To achieve that goal, we will play with the solidarity and fighting spirit of our nation, and a indispensable element is the cooperation and support from our coalition, the new friends that we will link to this server.
    • Ghetto, Iran, Bulgarian, Russian, М-Λ's are all powerful alliances in this server. At the present, Ghetto, Bulgarian, X3- Russians, М-Λ's have been coalition. I am afraid because this will make the server become unbalanced. So we maybe need to link to the other alliances of the server to make the game more balanced.

    VN4 Blow

    1- A group of VN players with scattered english speaking players from different countries (Europe / Middle East).
    2- Enemies in our Quad: Some players from SSG/PT alliances. Small alliances in the NE like SEX.
    3- I would say Yes but with difficulties especially from the Bulgarian /SSG players. My expectations for the finals: Ghetto Vs VN Vs Bulgaria. I don't think the P.T will do much in this server.
    4- Other Alliances:
    - Ghetto: has excellent players and will be seen in the race for the WoW for sure. Yet, having excellent players doesn't guarantee you the winning.
    - Bulgarian: will have their word in the race if they stay the same till the end of the server.
    - Iranians: half of their players will leave the game before the race.
    - VN: I won't talk about our alliance and let the others give their opinions.
    5- The funny thing is that I registered randomly to kill the time and was planning to delete few days later. . . I don't know why I am still playing.
    The other thing when I launched my farm list and only 15-20% of the attacks were sent because players were banned and I was hitting my computer twice thinking its a problem with my PC.

    RSH MC Jofke

    1. We are RUSH alliance, com3 winners. Almost everybody in our alliance are from Lithuania. Most of the people from Lithuania are playing in .ru qualification, but we made a different choice. After winning the com3 server which was very long and tiring in the server end meeting after the first day we discussed about possibility to spend summer and try playing in the qualification. We don‘t have many goals here, since we are here only 15 out of 70+ players we played last time and we are not planning to play in this year’s finals. If everything goes right we will come here with full force for next qualification/finals, but for now we are just gathering information and resting after com3. We selected NE just for convenience of putting coordinates (we don’t need to use – while sending troops/resources), also there were not many strong alliances at that moment.
    2. We don’t have any enemies per se, but currently a lot of Vietnamese guys are spawned nearby, so they should be our enemies.
    3.No, we are not going for the win. Just for the good time.
    4. I don’t have an opinion about them, it’s first time I see them anywhere and alliances should be judged by their midgame/endgame.
    5. MC Semtex account. Everything and at the same time nothing fun is with his account, last server he was one of the best players in the team, he was dualing with mc vasaroju (mc summertime in english) and both of them are playing separately and became almost like a farms.


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  • SouthEast

    Ghetto&Co 280 accounts

    Ghetto with their allied X3 and Μ-Λ is the meta that so far have been the more lively. They are involved in several wars. BH, PP and R@K. They have their hands full and seems to have real fun.


    • A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before: Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
      2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
      3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
      4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
      5.Tell us an anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.

    Ghetto Tuomiopäivä

    • Well, we wanted to have balanced map so every META would be in different quad. That way it is the fairest fight for the win.
    • Some small alliances like R@K, PP, BH. Not much to deal with even if I think other big METAs have even less to do in their own quad.
    • Are we going for the win? That is a stupid question Saf.
    • VN in +/+ seems to have lot of players again. Like 400 in their alliances + surely some multi accounts without any alliance. They are allied with PP and BH so they have around 600 accounts at least there. With that many accounts you surely have chances to win even if you don't know how to play.
    • Iranians in -/- have very quiet quadrant so I'm expecting to see lot of hammers and def from them after artefacts. I have heard rumours about their multi accounts so I can't tell you how many accounts they have in total. Surely have chances.
    • Bulgarians in -/+ is a new one for me so I can't tell you much about them. One of their alliances is allied with BH which is allied with VN and PP so I don't know if Bulgarians and VN are playing together in the end. That would be insane number of accounts there
    • One day I saw VN guy having 2 villages. I thought it was a miracle before I woke up.

    Μ-Λ Mike 21

    Hi, my name is Michalis. I am from Greece and I am 36 years old. I don't remember anymore how long I have been playing Travian. I am a proud member at HellasDreamTeam, with my alliance we won 4 tournaments in a row. Unfortunately our leader decide to not participate at this round for personals reasons. Now we are M-Λ alliance, we are friends (family) from hellasdt. We know how to win and we hope we will do it again. We respect our allies and all together we are working for the win.

    This map contents both PP/BH&Co (black) 200 accounts and single alliances (blue) 260 accounts, in total 460 accounts.

    PP and BH have cooperation with VN in NorthEast.

    BH Mystique

    • Alliance is founded by Hippy who is veteran but didn't play for a while and his wife, Valkerie.So, we dont know each other from before like other alliances does.Well there is no specific reason why we are settling SE, most of our members are located there but we have members all over the map lol.

    2. Our enemies at our quad are Ghetto, Μ-Λ and the rest of their coalition.
    3. I don't think so we are going to win this server because I think we don't have enough players for something like that + we are outnumbered by every coalition for like x2.. I think we will just support some of others coalitions in their fight against Ghetto and Μ-Λ. Personally, I don't have any expectations, I just hope we will have great time playing this server.
    4. Well i think every quad of the map have good coalition on it and that's good. I don't know about Bulgarians but I think Persians and Vietnams are decent opponents to Ghetto. At the end, we respect all alliances.We will do our best and I hope so we will earn respect from other alliances, we are rookies here and we need to show them what we got.
    5. At first I wanted to join PP. I messaged Valkira and waited for her reply. Later, I got invite from Valkerie (now BH 2 leader). I thought Valkira from PP invited me and I accepted invite. When I joined alliance I realized I join the wrong one and I was like, wtf, how did I get there, this is the wrong alliance lol. But I decided to stay there and I think I did not madea mistake about it.

    PP Valkira

    • I did not know that so many players from the Balkans (more precisely from EX YU) were playing the qualification and Miko (Tuomiopäivä) called us to play with the Ghetto Alliance so we decided to come to the + - cord SouthEast. :)
    • This story continues ..... Miko was proud of the PP Alliance and PP decided to play against Ghetto. Very simply if he will not be with us then it will be against ... and the Ghetto and the Balkans that joined them: D
    • My expectations are a good game, fun and social.
    • Some alliances are developed but are not as strong as it is thought ..... PP has cooperation with VN and it works great.

  • SouthWest

    Iran&Co 310 accounts

    Iran have united with WEA and Ænigma, there are a couple more smaller alliances as TUF and FIN. This quad seems as peaceful as NE except at the borders to SE where they can fight with Ghetto&Co.


    • A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before: Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
      2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
      3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
      4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
      5.Tell us an anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.

    P.T CatChMe-TeaM

    1. We designated SW because it was logical to not have big neighbours.
    2. There are no enemies at the moment. we planned for a united quad before the server.
    3. VN's are a lot over 15 alliances is not logical they thought its final i think coz they toke it much serious :p
    Ghetto and Hellas and those Russians in SE are honourable and good players a big opponent and have no idea about Bulgarians but they seem to be mostly international than a pre-made group.
    5. Well a lot of things but the funny thing was lots of alliances trying to get a spot on SW I can say nearly from all quads trying to support an ally inside to weaken us but all failed and were reported back to me :D So I can imagine what gonna happen in the future and who would be our enemy but I rather not discuss it now.

    WEA - PT Sunny

    Hello, how are you Safiren? Hope you are in a pink and jolly mood.

    1) My alliance name is WEA-PT (We Eat A$$-Persian Team) <- that doesn't sound right. We wanted to have a fun qualifiers round and an open area to settle as this isn't finals and no one has to stick too close to each other and have those 2*2 rules . The Persians allowed us to have our space in SW and let us settle wherever we wanted to and so we planned to work with them. There has been communication issues and errors but we're doing fine now.
    2) We happen to have almost no enemies in our quad because we recruited a few players and the other alliances also got linked with PT like Enigma and soon another decent ones too since they are in talks with Persian leadership.
    3) WEA personally have only come here to have fun and not go for the win but we will support the Persians with their WW with the best we can.
    4) Bulgarians in the NW have teamed up with SSG and most of the NW is under their control and in the NE, the overpopulated Vietnam's look too strong with their 20+ wings, except that only 2-3 wings seem to be the real ones . In the SE, Ghetto is busy fighting their quad enemies BH and PP(who get the support from VN) and seem to get a bit weakened by that but they'll cover up and they are doing comparatively the best so far on the server according to me. My confeds - Persians are doing good too, they're refreshing travian after so long, almost 4-5 years, I'll give them their time and I'm sure this is gonna be a fun server for everyone as I wished for.
    5) I just saw this today somehow and did laugh for 30 seconds, does it count?

    -PT- NUMBER13

    1- Well our alliances as its shows one of the Irans alliances but its not the first Iran alliance. The players in this alliances are in training to help us continue. And about quad l'll have to tell you it was collective decision.
    2- We don't have any particular enemy's and we'll have to see in the rest of the server.
    3- First our goal is to take a lot of tickets for the finals but we didn't join this server just for fun and we work hard to win.
    4- All 4 alliances can be the winners. Ghetto works orderly and arranged but Vietnam who takes part with a lot of players can be dangerous and for sure Iran is hard to defeat.


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  • NorthWest

    Bulgaria&Co 250 accounts

    I don’t have much information from NW but Bulgaria&Co have for example Predator and Ottomans to fight with to not be too bored.



    • A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before: Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
      2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
      3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
      4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
      5.Tell us an anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.


    1. We are BULGARIA. Most of us are Bulgarians. We are friends and we almost always play on NW.
    2. Our quad is calm for now. Our primary enemy is Vietnam.
    3. No.
    4. Everyone is worthy of respect.

    SSG Dark Emperor

    • We are below in population rank wise but have cemented our positions in other top 10 ranks and the most prized possession is in raiders of the week. We were random players settled in NW but have since amalgamated into one strong unit and have an rendering support of Bulgarians and NW-union.
    • Enemies are a lot. Almost everyone else in the quad not part of our allies or us is seen as an enemy we are looking forward to eliminate them and send them to their original place: Oblivion
    • 3. Its too early to decide whether we are going to win or not. I try not to be condescending or sit on a high horse so I'm not going to boast that we gonna win or anything BUT my lads here are pretty strong so we have a good chance. And even if we are unable to get a Wonder of the world, we gonna send fakes to the wonder of the other ally and destroy it.
    • Bulgarians and NW as said earlier, are our brothers. The rest are simply our supper.
    • 5. Well, a lot of things have happened so far and many cherished as well as saddening memories were made. For eg, the multihunter in this server is severely despised by every player because he is banning players for reasons which are not firm and likewise banning farms so we have to edit farmlist every day...
    • Funny side, a lot of them. Just today in the morning I was sitting in one corner of my room doing travian on my phone and suddenly dad barges in and I, out of shock and suddenness, close the phone and am unsure what to do. Then my dad eyes me and say what are you doing this early in the morning eh? You got yourselves some girls? And I laughed and said nothing like that was doing a game :p ... This games gonna kill me someday and I wont regret it LOL

    NW-Union Roland

    Why North-West? I really don't know, I knew that.. Ghetto is at the south so, I was like, let's go to North-west.
    PREDATORS, they're good players too. Not even joking.
    We'll see in the next week. How we're going to cooperate with our allies-- but we're trying to win.
    VN is trash, bunch of randies together.
    Ghetto, did you see the reports? Who are they?
    Tuomiopäivä attacks Bomber - - Getter-Tools
    Irans? Oh boy, they'll be the biggest threat at the lategame, but you can't show any kind of thoughts, we won't even communicate with them.
    Bulgarian & SSG are our homies, Yo Dawg
    Something funny? Bots, 50% of the players were like bots. Banned but it ruined the map, a lot of holes in the map.

    Predator GETWRECKED

    • The core is a pre-made, we used to run alliances on previous server and decided to spin it here, however most of the players didn't make it in time to join so we ended up recruiting members.

    Until now we have few competitive players but, on week 7 I'll start to do some cleanups.
    NW was the usual choice as it's more competitive and the more farmy section
    2. I wouldn't say enemies but yeah, we had a bit of fun with Bulgaria and SSG, I enjoy them and NW being in a confed, as this will stir up the challenge
    I do believe however, that Maybach is cheating, as I don't explain otherwise him not being a top-raider with the size of his hammer, and especially the upgrades on it considering there also the development of his capital.
    This screws the game, but we are used to this.
    3. Not with 40 members surely, that's not enough defense to handle the WW, but atm we are still waiting to see a good alliance to confed with and form a coalition.
    Usually the good players don't show up till mid game or late game, that's my personal opinion anyway.
    But yes, there is no doubt that we are aiming for it, we have good players and overall good organisation, with a nice nest developing fast.
    4. Didn't study that much Ghetto, VN and Iranians, but Bulgaria although they have a good core on their main, they seriously lack in the communication sector, and they are all over the place, making them more vulnerable to mid-game late-game coordinated attacks.
    5. I don't know if you can have access to my messages, but there is this gaul neighbor that was croplocked later (I call them crannie maniacs xD) , and after cleaning his army I prepared a trap for his hero, and invited him to attack with his hero having a "hero vs hero" match :p
    My hero of course was in an adventure he took the bait lol.
    It was one of those magic moments of this server , I hope he got some experience out of that.

    EMP Redhand

    Actually my friends from other servers decided to join in NW so I went for NW.
    This alliance was not founded by me. I was made the leader.
    Our alliance takes in players who are active and tries to make them stand.
    About the end game we have not decided as alliance is still in primary phase and many other alliances have emerged good.
    They might be winning.
    But in the future we may be a wing or part of some big ones and participate.

    Ottomans badboys

    1-We are not new in this group. We come to this group as an alliance for about three years ago. We played here last year with the name 1453. We love to play this group because we find it closer to our style of play.
    2-We dont want to get opponent in the qual.We are making new friends of participating in finals.Our goal is to win the final ticket.It’s always nice to win friendships from this group.
    3-We are not here to win.This is our prepation for finals and to obtain new friendships in.Our goal is to secure the finals all player.
    4-Getto and we have a beatiful friendship. VN,I’d say close to us.Iran is also.We're in the same as the Bulgarians and will be a contention among us.
    5- I think the 2014 finals. But we didn't come as a group. We came to the finals with my 3 friends.I prepared immigrants. but I asked my friend to send it because it was too late to be friend sent the immigrants in the morning and I built the second the future, when he asks me for a defense,we realized that the distance between us was 300 friend accidentally sent immigrants to the rival territory. I finished the game without any attacks from opponents in the opponent area with 25 villages and 300k defense troops.


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  • Top 20


    SW have 8 players on Top 20 which makes the quad to a paradise for simmers :) WEA have 4 and Iranian alliances also 4 players on top.
    Ghetto has 5, VN 4 and Bulgaria/SSG 3 players on Top20.


    Attackers points is something that have to be taken with a pinch of salt (swedish saying) but so far in the game all except one is in areas that it is possible that their points are real.

    In SE there are 5 players on Top20 from both sides in the ongoing war. NW has 4, also from both sides. Vietnam have 4 and I have seen some reports attacking on the border. Sarah Young , a one man-alliance, is also situated in NE. SW have 5 players on Top20 so ok, not so peacefully maybe.

    The player left , Starboy is a one men-alliance that have settled out in the boonies, only ordinary villages but a lot of oases around. He still has his spawn so if anybody have reports?


    On the defenders Top20 half of the comes from SE, so clearly the quad where most is happening. 6 of the Top20 defenders comes from NE, mixed VN and smaller single alliances, as pat from Wane (2 members) who must have chosen the complete wrong quadrant to settle in with this description in the alliance profile, there are not many international players in NE.

    The remaining players comes from SW. NW have no player on Top20 defender but as alliances they have 2 of the ranks.

    Summary: Even if this server is weaker than last year it still can be thrilling about who will win. Each quad have even chances due to numbers. Organisation will be significant.

  • Top10 week 5





















    Village zeroed




  • 24 July


    • Artefact defence 2017
    • Top10
    • Reports

    I'm still on the Russian review but I'm closing in :)

    Several have asked about the artefact defence last year, here is those from International. The artefacts will be released the 2nd of August.




    TOP 10 week 6 and reports


    The war between Toumiopäivä and Bomber took an end last week. Full reports here.


    TG is in war with Cerber again this qualification


    Reports from China (NB)

    And that annoying 1% loyalty left...

    Report from MERAK

    (1) Cleaner (9K):
    (2) Russisch Roulette (5 aus 13):
    (3) Und Futsch:


    Tugra vs Bier

    Surprise - a lot of other reports too!…c,3251301ba66,325131059dd…8,325577a80d9,325578b02ea…4,3257136c4da,32571405f14


    There are several tricks to save a village, in the first report timing the residence and in the second with a snipe.


    Dacia™ vs Thieves Team[FL-X]:

    Dacia™ versus Mafia Kamikaze (capitala 15c, 861 -> 192 pop):
    ionut ionut:

    Dacia™ versus Nenes Malos (capitala 9c stearsa):

    LS (FL)] Death Note vs [Dacia N] Shooot -Retur

    [LS (FL)] ArMontano vs [Dacia N] Shooot


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    After the review on International qualification I have had many requests for reviews on the other servers too. The problem is that I have so many fun things drawing my attention =) I really like the multiple ways you can play Travian. Legends with its Tournament, 2x is such a perfect speed. Kingdoms, especially Test where I have so many friends, and 3x - the server ends in 2 months, it's awesome! And now the upcoming Path to Pandora with so many new functions. It's so exciting! The only problem is that it is a slow server and I realised on F&S that slow isn't my thing - I wonder how long I will remember that?

    Well back to Russia qualification. For so long time the Russian teams have been so superior in the Tournament. I remember the International qualification servers that they joined and made fools of us all. The Finals where they again and again grounded us to dust. No one will ever forget when they took all building planes and in lonely superior builded their WW to 100.
    So how is it to play on their home server? Until now the invited guests have had small chances to make any impact on the server but this year they are better organised and especially the Baltic alliances have figured in the Toplists.

    Lets take a look on the map. There are five teams, I would say, I have excluded all single alliances, most of them is in NorthWest - which makes that quad a bit empty on the map. Parts of Prime and X3 have chosen the Germany/International qual so they are missing.

    In NorthEast the WINter meta (green) has the control.

    In SouthEast there are two metas, the Russian РУБОП (black) intermixed with the Baltics (violet) in the center and HUN (violet) out in the woods.

    In SouthWest we have the strongest Russian team. BAD (pink) and Cerber (red) have a long history of cooperation. Hype (yelllow), a new name but old constellation, the orange is support alliances.

    And so the last team, the smallest one, only a single alliance, the Russian TG in Northwest to the border to SouthWest. I have also marked a couple of other Baltic alliances that obviously missed to participate in the prestart organisation.

    WINter: 6 alliances with a total of 248 Players
    I had the feeling I had forgot something - it was the interview with Winter..

    РУБОП: 7 alliances with 204 members.

    Mak, Pосомаха, ГУБОП

    I asked my team how to translate your alliance name and this was the answer:
    Regional Office for Combating Organized Crime. Can you tell us more about your choice of name?

    The name has to be capacious and reflect the sense of the alliance.

    2. BAD, Cerber, Hype, is as usual the biggest meta on this server. Do anyone have a real chance to beat them?

    Anyone has a real possibility to win. Everything depends on the organization and performance. This coalition had already lost couple times. So, everything is possible.

    3. Which alliance do you think have most fun on your server?

    Not having a possibility to look into all the alliance, will say honestly, surely it's ours.

    4. The invited guests, HUN and Baltics are for once more organised than your guests
    have been the latest qualifications. Do you have an opinion about them?

    Baltics happen for the first time on our way. In the finals 1016/17 we fought Americans and didn't notice any resistance. We had hungarians within the same quad in the quali 2015. There are many decent players among them, but they're lacking general coordination. We'll see... Maybe we'll survive until the arties.))

    5. It's a hot summer, especially in Sweden. What do you do to keep cool?

    To get cool people usually use fans. But we don't have those. That's why to keep cool we are running the off opps often. It's nice to face the wind while riding a war horse)

    Baltic and HUN: 7 alliances 289 account. Baltic in other quads 122 players.

    I asked a few questions in the HUN chat.

    Safiren: So what do you think about the server so far? How is it to play on Russian Qualification?I would like to ask some questions what you think about this server?

    Its fun so far despite all the ai accounts that were registered.

    Safiren: Very many of them have been deleted, Do you think there are more left?

    This is my first tournament so I can’t realy compare it to previous ones :)
    Since the registration is off there shouldn't be any.
    What I was trying to say is that the players /mostly Russians/ who did not settle far from the center became in an even more advantageous situation than in usual cases.

    Safiren: So it is your first Tournament. Is it as you had expected?

    I was expecting the Russians to be more aggressive towards us in the first few weeks instead they are busy attacking each other and our Lithuanian friends.
    I thought there would be more players, maybe it is because of the summer.
    but there are many great players as it was expected.

    Alfa from LTU

    1.Yes, the cooperation with HUN goes very smooth. You can see that they have experience playing as a team. We contacted other alliances from Baltic states for cooperation, but as they are in different squads, they are not interested in cooperation right now. Lets hope we can come to some agreement when finals will come.

    2. This is not the first time we play on Russian server. So far, it is as expected :)
    . This is qualification during summer. Most of the players are just to get tickets to the finals. After some bots were removed and some banned there are only 2k players left. So basically all that is left is to have an active account and you are in the finals :)
    3. Cerber coalition is strong and numerous. There is a good reason why BAD won server few years ago. Winter have proven them self that they are strong force in previous finals. They remain so, even if they are just waiting for finals. РУБОП/ГУБОП/and others is another good example that Russians have many good players (alliances) who still can come and join TT.

    4. These few nice days of summer is very precious. So anyone who can uses this opportunity to enjoy outdoors next to the lake or other water source. The strongest fans might still have phone somewhere near by to check are there any of incoming attack :)
    Overall I think qualification rounds are improving. They are still heavily dominated by multies and your success in the game is determined by home many you use. However, MH are doing better job by removing multies and qualification rounds are becoming interesting.

    BAD, Cerber, Hype: 14 alliances, 469 members. Support around 70 accounts.

    Chip&Dale from Cerber

    1.Yes both me & my dual are from Sweden and have been playing in CerbeR last 3 server I believe.
    We got in contact with them since our old alliance Def&dest was allied with Cerber since 2015-2016 finals and since I was leader there I had alot of contact with mostly Mors (Daniil).
    Also in the finals 2016-2017 we got sitter on (Scout acc for meta) as the owner Vita needed help to scout all the targets for off operations etc, and therefor got in even better contact with different players from Cerber,BAD etc & also got a good relationship with Vita.
    So after all this and alot of arguments with Def&dest leadership on how to run a alliance we decided to leave for a russian ally and Mors asked us to join his ally just before qualification started last year and we said ye and been apart of the alliance since then.
    Since Vita got us more or less into Cerber we always help her with sitter during finals since then & we even dual on this qualification even if she can't speak english thank god for translate.

    2.Well since few players speak english and I don't speak russian it's abit hard to know who it is exactly but from what i understood it's part of PRIME and part of old NOVA which was a part of BAD before, could be wrong of course.
    HYPE! Отборка. The leaders as i know is Gangsters from PRIME & Надежда who is also from PRIME.

    3.Yea, the RU quallys I have played we have never had any problems with winning and I doubt it will be different this one but maybe Winters play serious for WW this time I'm not sure at all and a lot can happen just have to wait and see i guess.

    4.Don't really have any opinion on LTU/HUN, they had many top farmers & pop for the first few weeks but seems to be falling off even if it's a few still in top 20 pop at least. Have to wait and see I guess hopefully they can bring a good fight =)

    5.Yea it's very hot in Sweden this year for a change which is nice of course I keep cool by chilling in my super clean & fresh pool!

    (Yes it's clean now and empty..)

    TG and UN: 48 plus 49 members - that is earlier this week. Yesterday something happen - TG is now a Cerber wing, UN have a nap with Cerber and are 36 members. Zerbun and Oyye have an ally for themselves.

    ZERBUN (Interview made earlier this week)

    Safiren: Hello :) I wonder what you are doing this server. Do you have any fun enemies?

    ZERBUN: Hi, we are fighting with Cerber, having 60 accounts.

    Safiren: You don't cooperate with the Baltic alliances in NorthWest?

    ZERBUN: Nope. We are alone, fighting-simple.

    Война с Церберами Часть 1 (ТТ-2016)
    Мир создается войной.
    Война с Церберами Часть 2 (ТТ-2018)
    Надеюсь будем снова друзьями
    at war(s) with

    Safiren: This is fun =)
    You have been in war, you are in war - and still you hope to be friends?

    ZERBUN: I think and hope) We fought, then were friends, now again all repeats itself)

    Safiren: I've done maps and Northwest have only single alliances?

    ZERBUN: Northwest There are single alliances, they don't know what to do.,5979409dc0a…e,6038671baaf,60386832aba…3,6060949057a,6060956e739

    ZERBUN: I would describe each battle, but only in Russian.
    It wasn't just a battle, there was meaning in every one.
    Maybe at the end of the server itself will lay out a description if I want)


    Registered players: 4248
    Active players: 1979
    Players online: 211

    Tribe Registered Percent
    Romans 1420 33.4
    Teutons 636 15
    Gauls 2191 51.6



  • 31 July


    • Statistics
    • Top10
    • Reports

    I have waited with doing this until the serves was cleaned from the spam bots so finally here is the numbers you have asked for :)

    Let's begin with server statistics. To be easier to compare I have added % actives and % online of the actives.

    The first the table tells us is that Russia and Arabia still have some cleaning to do, France is affected to to some part, and that Germany have an amazing amount of active players. Turkey have always been above average when it comes to amount of accounts.

    One thing I have noticed in the years I've been active in different society's is that the % of active members always is around 20. It seems to have validity in Travian too and on the plus side of the 20 which implicate a higher degree of interest among the players.

    Germany is in top here too and Arabia is just below 20.

    Before start I tried convinced others to start on Arabia. I toldthem it would be the easiest to qualify on and with a lot of easy farming. They didn't believe me.
    Ok - maybe not so easy any more. Spam bots are deleted, Natars have an annoying habit to build both crannies and troops so I have noticed a higher interest for the account that let me in on Arabia. It was quite active after start - mostly with farming. Later on the account owner visited the account more and more sporadic and last week it was turned to a farm. Now I have built a lot of crannies, no more ress lost this week =)

    I added Natars, accounts that have been deleted either by the player or by multihunter.

    Germany have the best numbers in this table too. Russia and France still have too many gauls, the most popular tribe among bots.

    I've seen teuton multies/bots too on earlier qualifications, is that an explanation to the over average teuton accounts on Turkey and Arabia?

    This numbers will change and is only an indication but I don't believe the final numbers will be as high as last year on off and def points. It will be no problem to qualify on any server but Turkey and France needs a bit more effort.

    In this table it is obvious more than in the others that this IS a real summer round. Players are satisfied as long they will qualify. A part of those I met in chats says they jump the qualification and hopes on a wildcard to the Final.

    But not all are taking a vacation, simming pop only. Turkey and France have alliances that takes the qualification serious!

    Hmm clock is 02, I have to stop here, the rest comes tomorrow. Bed is calling!

  • Top10 and reports





    Strategic boasted in Discussion tread about chiefing 3 villages from Djole Waker but he forgot the hammer that cleared one of them. Supposed to be an off village with 40-50K clubs plus TKs.

    I got this report but no explanation.

    ANNINHMANG attackerar NastyBastards - - Getter-Tools


    No Top10 sorry. I looked on a movie "Cats in Istanbul", it was so adorable! And I didn't hear the alarm because my phone was upstairs.
    Maybe TG can provide me with this one and Turkey too, they are on the same time zone.

    And thanks to Martina we have Top10 for Russia (and Turkey)





    No Top10 but I have reports!

    Edit: Top10!

    Turks finding a wall

    Village chiefed

    CS turn to find a wall





    Dacia also lost 6 chiefs

    Counter attack

    Dacia zero one village and chief another

    And a nice little wall





    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Artefact defence

    Most defence on International but Turkey was near the same. Russia and France had simular amount too. Even if Arabia don't have many active players left (733) they had more def than Germany.










    Worldcup was very lucky, a small confusion and a large trainer, 1 and 9 fields away.



    Unique trainer








    This one was cleared probably by Poland which caused some happiness among the Dacia players







  • Vietnam was most successful in taking artefacts, especially the large ones. Ghetto has most of the small. Both P.T and Bulgaria lost artefacts to other minor alliances in their quads.

    The unique architect went to P.T and they also got a large. VN got two large and Ghetto the last one which left Bulgaria without - but there are rumors that they cooperate with VN.

    The movements of artefacts will discover eventual bonds with the 4 metas among those I named as others.

  • 8 August

    Next date of importance is the construction plans release - 21 September! 6 weeks to go and time to enjoy fighting :) I have managed to find reports from every server this week. My alarm worked so I have all Top10 too. I got the missing Top10 week 7 from Martina so I have added them.



    I've been wondering if Def&Dest was friendly with the other Russians on International, I suppose not. 33 buildings was destroyed.

    Vietnam found a wall at Ghetto

    Village destroyed


    I counted artefacts, since it was a couple of days ago maybe it doesn't contain movements but it shall show the bigger view in any case. Winter got the Unique architect, the ru-team has 2 large, РУБОП has one. LT/HUN didn't got any.


    A funny number of scouts

    Nice hammer and village zeroed

    A wall


    Reports: Troja is of the opinion that I have had too many reports showing China (NB) from their best side so they contributes with some of their own. More than 8000 catas died in that wall.

    Offensiv village with 45-50K clubs and 8-9K Tks destroyed.


    CS and Bier (NL) still going strong


    Fighting in a cap in Gray Zone


    Poland claimed they would only play for tickets, nevertheless quite high activity ^^

    Have you seen the review of of the server by Hurugan?


    A wall


    Don't forget to check you have culture points


    One more residence "snipe" and never send your chiefs with the hammer.


    I found it quite amusing when I discovered that the account I was given to use for observation was a member of CheckerC. If you remember earlier servers this ally is usually banned and deleted because of multies, so I wondered if it was a real account or not. I have never spoked with the owner but he has a nice amount of medals and even been holding a WW so he must be real :D However he got inactive and become a farm. I can never withstand such challenges so no it's not a farm any more and oops I got a climbermedal!

    Reports: It was a short outburst of activity in the ally and a couple of reports arrived on igm.

  • 15 August

    I didn't thought that I would have much for you this week but when I was looking trough my chats I found several reports. A couple have asked about WW on other servers so I gathered those too. But let's start with something that made me laugh.

    If you don't keep an eye on what you are doing traders have an annoying habit to end up somewhere else. Instead of taking a trip to a negative village this traders decided that a visit to the Natar WW on 0/0 would be a welcome change. It wasn't so far tough and they was home again after 4 hours. The troops in the negative village? Don't worry - they didn't starve.

    I donated 30 golds to the account for this funny report :)

    WW all servers

    We start with International, only two taken so far. Ghetto will for sure take one and we will see if Bulgaria&Co can withstand the temptation to have one of their own even if they said earlier that they would be to small to support one themselves.

    In Russia we have a surprise - a lot of WWs is taken already! It's nine and Russian alliances have trough all years always been among the latest to start on building WW. "You only need a couple of weeks to prepare a WW, so why take it earlier?" Maybe they are right, they have been fastest to 100 most of the qualification rounds. LTU have built around WW 100/-100 but without a large architect they are out of endgame.

    I heard a rumour today that on Germany the Chinese have been so successful with their diplomacy that they have united nearly the whole server - only a few german alliances stands against them, FC, Dogma, Troja and LF. Only one WW taken so far.

    Turkey: Bier and CS have taken WWs, CS have a large architect.. COF and TD, two different groups of turks,have two WW each. It can be an interesting endgame. Tügra that have the unique haven't a WW yet.

    What happens on France? Dacia and 777 works together, they have unique and a large architect. Coq haven't any but PL has two and WTF one architect. More WWs will be taken, and it's not predictable who will win this server.

    And last our smallest server, Arabia. A second WW was taken today by the biggest meta . LR. WW has a large architect, they might offer some resistance in the endgame.

    Ajaj, I can't finish this today :( To check at the WWs took longer time than I thought. I start working 1h earlier this week so can't afford to stay up any longer.
    New try tomorrow!

  • Top10



    Be Happy don't let his troops rest much, I think I found him in every cluster of reports I had last week.

    It's not surprising that I found him in the operation on Archangels too, village was zeroed and Archangels counter attack met a wall.

    Another Ghetto adventure that ends with a zeroed village.



    Smurf belongs to the LTHUN meta

    Seven minutes to get snipes in between, it's not good to miss the timing.



    I was told that this guy had faked the great trainer a lot of days and finally he sent his hammer and met a wall.

    A hammer hidden in an oases and a ghost hammer found it.


    I look at this and wonder what have happened with the turkey players..




    A couple of the reports..


    Small fool

    Snipes even small ones can do the work. Both sides using it frequently.


    And tomorrow my Kingdoms test ends. 12 minutes left to next attack on our treasurys, wonder if our wall will hold. And after that I might have time for Tourney again :D

  • 22 August

    One more week and a few steps closer to my review about Germany qualification - lol. I have began with interviews but instead of continue with those tonight I did a jigsaw puzzle, I have to admit I'm very addicted to these :(

    My little village on com qualification is sleeping peacefully, I do some adventures now and then in hope to get something valuable to sell - not that I need it. I have 30K silver to change for gold if I got the need.
    Last week I got phalanxes 2 times in a row, 316 + 318 and a few adventures later 167 pathfinders. Suddenly my poor troops was starving and no resources on adventures! I was lucky my warehouses was full so I could npc for both crop and one more level 11 crop field. After that I got resources two times in a row...

    I'm still only training scouts, the rest I've got on adventures.


    Three quads, three metas and two WWs each.

    You might have seen the reports Nallukka posted but they was nice and can't resist to repeat them.

    Large eyes stolen

    the from VN met a wall

    Shmel and Landro busy again, this time the unique trainer was the target.

    I've heard complains that VN attacks is mostly single attacks and too easy to defend.


    Well, if you are going to break habits do it carefully. All WWs taken.


    SMURFS is satisfied with their def walls. A really nice ram hammer from Mafia.


    Still only one WW taken - by an alliance that claims they are sleeping trough the server.



    COF has now 3 WWs and BESTIE had joined too.


    Wtf and PL have also WWs now.

    I can't find the Alliances Top10..


    A ram hammer on the run.

    Hammers in oases lives dangerous.

    A small fool stolen


    All WWs except one belonging to LR meta.

  • 30 September


    • General
    • NB NewBee
    • Germany
    • SPQR
    • Portugal, Brazi and Thai

    Well at last =) I'm starting on a new server today too. Time isn't for sure enough. But that can't be unknown among Travian players ^^

    The interviews were made last week when only a few WW was taken. Today it looks different :) Who the WW owners are mirrors the significant with this server. They all in theory, due to the NB profile, belong to the same meta even if not - maybe - in practice. I'm not sure that it will end up that way. I have counted alliances with more than 5 members.

    Maps and interviews


    A colorful map where China (NB) is dominating in the NE, SPQR i the SE and NewOrder in the SW.

    1791 players (all have qualified)
    1507 active
    235 online
    1017 natars (less than on any other server)

    Romans 44%
    Teutons 16%
    Gauls 40%

    Artefacts ( I haven’t checked if artefacts have changed owner since I did the table)

  • NB NewBee

    12 alliances 285 players. They are building tight in the NE area 0-100 and also in the construction plan/ unique artefacts area in the NW.
    Due to their profile they had made success in diplomacy but the nap with NewOrder and SPQR is in vacation during the qual.

    Artefacts: 21 in total, 11 small, 5 large, and 5 unique.

    WWs: 5 in total, 4 in the Gray zone. The 5th on -100/100 taken by an alone NB player in Thai area.

    Hugo leader NB

    Safiren: What is your opinion about the server?

    Hugo: Actually this year group b is not too difficult. Maybe it is because the host is Germany. Italy, Thailand,Arab, Dacia all comes to group b. Many NB players regret to be defender because no one attack NB. The defence army starts to be hungry and die because no crop now. The main enemy of NB is multi-hunter.

    Safiren: What problems do you have with MH?

    Hugo: I do not know. NB players who holds artefacts always being banned by mh with interesting reason. This time a player called yoiu being banned 1 hour ago. The reason is 'other'. Yoiu is the holder of unique crop artefact.

    Safiren: You says that it is common that NB players holding artefacts is banned?

    Hugo: I can not say common to describe, but last week volts is banned. Two weeks ago solas is banned.Different reason as multi, bot, etc.
    For an example, there is a German player located on 0 60 (I forget his account name) opening vacation day by day to escape from NB's attack. Then my member Abby set the alarm and wake up at 05:00:00. Finally Abby success on stop his vacation, and other NB player Solas, send army to stop him from starting a new vacation. Then mh say Solas using bot and solas is banned account.
    I should say thank you to Abby. He wake up at 05:00:00 and check if that Germany player's vacation had ended every minute.
    But some enemy will using rules to try banning Chinese account. Then they can have a better chance to attack.

    Safiren: There is a common view among the other players on this server that you have a lot of multies.

    Hugo: I can only say NB has no need to using bots or multi against Germany.
    This year some NB members create a new communication channel call wechat, as like as whatsapp skype msn etc.
    Then all old players from 2013 to 2016 come back to play. They also invite their friends or teammate to join. Therefore this year the number of Chinese player suddenly increase rapidly. So the bad luck of other countries players who join group B.

    Safiren: Interesting information. Your opinion about the other alliances?

    Hugo: Let see…

    Germany: FC, LF, Troja,Dogma for example. They are not very strong ,but very good principle. All of them located on area 0 100. Also they never give up. Although NB member destroyed their capital many times, they always rebuild the village again and never delete account.

    SPQR and their allies: they are invited by me to join group B. They was strong in Final2017/18 against Russia. I want to see their glory future.

    TT, Pt-Br, Merak: they also have strong players. Their weakness is that they have less number of players. Otherwise they would have good development.

    G&V: NB's traditional ally, so I have not fight against them. I prefer further cooperation. So other NB allies do too.

    GG, Sloths: As strong as last year final 2017/18. I believe they will be trustable friend in the future.

    Although Neworder consist of German players, SPQR says Neworder is SPQR's ally

    NB has no much communication on SEK or Q. Therefore it is not good to comment on them.

    Safiren: A last question: Why is it only SPQR that have a WW yet?
    Oh no, Neworder has one too, they hadn't when I did my Corner last night.

    Hugo: Yes, just my estimation, NewOrder and SPQR has nearly cleaned -/- and +/-. They face no other emeny. Therefore they have free time to concentrate on WW -100 -100 and 100 -100
    However, in NB's opinion, attacking Germany (Dogma Troja FC LF) is more important and exciting than building wonder. There is many NB objects, so why NB need to take the wonder too quick?

    G&V and Sloths

    G&V, Greeks and Scandinavians, 2 alliances 84 players.
    Sloths and GG, Russians, 2 alliances 67 players.

    Allied with NB.

    Artefacts: G&V have 6, 4 small and 2 large. Sloths and GG have 3 small.

    G&V has the WW on 100/100

  • Germany

    Germany is divided into 3 groups. They have given up on the possibility to cooperate.

    NewOrder and SEK: 2 alliances 89 players. Friendly with SPQR. Domination in the SW.

    Dogma, Troja, FC, and LF: 4 alliances 127 players. Spending the server fighting with NB.

    Q, an alliance in NW with 15 players. Confed with Tuguinha.

    Artefacts: NewOrder and SEK 26 artefacts, 15 small, 10 large and 1 unique.

    Dogma, Troja, FC, LF: 3 small and 4 large.

    Q: 2 small.

    NewOrder has 2 WWs at -100/-100 and -100/0.

    Thomas NewOrder

    Safiren: You have a WW too now?

    Thomas: Yes. We have two and both were cleaned external. I did not check who got the points. Right now, we just took them for fun and we will see what will happen.
    Last finals it was better than the year before where Russia was dominating the whole server and especially the building plan areas. Still, we saw a Dacia Meta with a lot of numbers winning easily in the end and some smaller groups like Russia, SPQR and PT+Prime behind. Dacia had the biggest defense and several good hammers for endgame. SPQR and Cerber/BAD had an intense war and both metas were too small to be a serious competitor for Dacia. I was surprised by the performance of Prime/PT.
    For me, the server is too much dominated by the number of accounts and so the number of WW defense and hammers in the end. I got the feeling, that the big metas go into their sectors and try to solve the game by outnumber the other. I prefer a more aggressive playstyle during the whole server. I’m excited about the new mechanics in beta and how this could work on classic WW servers. Maybe we see more smaller metas in future and more war. It’s good, that TG is working for the next level of Travian.

    Safiren: Last Final with several smaller metas was more fun.I've heard that you and SPQR will cooperate with NB in Final.

    Thomas: I’ve heard this for qualifications aswell. It seems not to be the case ;)
    Im not included in this kind of diplomacy stuff. I’m leading NewOrder together with a friend and we feel very good with SPQR and we trust them whatever will happen. In the end we want an intense gameplay. And as you know SPQR is an aggressive shortwar union.

    Safiren: Mhm, but too small last time to have enough of def for a WW. Turks and Arabs will not be as many as last time, Russians is splitted, it's only Dacia left to form a big meta.

    Thomas: Yes. What we saw was: If we fight russia, dacia seems to win. If we do the other way what will happen? Russia got much smaller last finals. But I heard they will be bigger next finals ;)
    Dacia seems to be the biggest meta right now. Turks seems to be divided, and Arabs, well, I think their organisation is the problem (also turks). About PT and Prime I’m excited.

    Safiren: Turks and Arabs got so many bots deleted that they have to learn to play without them

    Thomas: True. I don’t even want to know their real number. Imho they will not play any important role in finals. Only if they join an organized big group. It’s good that Travian is working for more fairplay. But still it is a long way.

    Safiren: Is there any fights at all going on this server?

    Thomas: Yes. To my knowledge there’s an intense war between the German allies (Dogma, Troja, FC and LF) and NB. But we see less reports. I think there are some border conflicts at SPQR sector, but nothing special to talk about. We as NewOrder have some fights with Thais and mostly versus non-organized groups in our sector before.

    Safiren: What about SEK and Q?

    Thomas: SEK is part of us. Q I expect they play on their own.
    I think if SPQR would be more active, this server would have a lot more dynamic but it's not the case.

    Safiren: I believe that both last qual and Final was so intense that many wanted a lazy round this summer. And on most server there isn't a problem to qualify.

    Thomas: Yes. Same for us and I can understand this. It’s also summer and as you said: To qualify isn’t a problem.

    Safiren: I'm also taking it easy, it was a hard work even to be reporter :D

    Thomas: Hahaha. It's enough work to even organise a full ally in a serious way. I don’t even want to talk about leading a meta. It’s only working if all play together. Our vision of an alliance or meta is, that we all act as one account. That’s also a reason, why we will never see a real competitive german meta. There are too much differences in the idea how to work.

    Tobias Troja

    Safiren: What is your opinion about the server?

    Tobias: Its difficult to say, this server is a little bit strange. Neworder controls SW, Italian controls SE. Some German Alliances and Chinese have a nice fight.
    Neworder and Italian are allied. and I think they have/had a special agreement with Chinese for a long time, maybe this will be broken now but for more than 50% of server time, I haven`t seen much action between Italiy/Neworder and Chinese.
    Instead of attacking Chinese, NewOrder start fighting against TT, who are against Chinese, and join now war against another German alliance, which works with TT together against Chinese.
    So: this server is very strange.

    Safiren: :D and where in all this are you?

    Tobias: we are part of the German alliances, which make the most of action against Chinese around 0/100 area, so we have "fun" in 0/100 area against NB and sharp luk.
    NB joined this war, after sharp luk lost many offense, defense and some village against our german alliances.
    Interesting is, that Italian conquered ww 0/100 a few days ago.

    Safiren: And Neworder has two too now. And LOV also one.

    Tobias: Yes but I think, they only wanted offense points. Most of their points are from attacking natar villages.
    But I´m private not interested in the endgame (lol) it is to heavy with my real life (tmi)

    Safiren: It is easy to get the impression that this is a server where many don't even bother to play - only keeping accounts going so they will qualify.

    Tobias: I think many of the accounts started with this goal. It is a great summer in our area. Who will not enjoy sun, swimming pool and so on. Travian should think about it, to start qualification not in the highsummer of most of the starting countries. Would better, if qualification start is in spring and start of finals in autumn, so you lost not much days because of new year freedom and the religious partys of most of the players (muslim, christs, etc) will be not interrupting the game.
    But I think you wanted to talk about this server, we lost the main topic (chuckle)

    Safiren: Such happens :D

    Tobias: But the answer, why at this server many accounts (not only in german alliances) are only have the goal to qualify is this hot summer (lol) After the draw, everybody who play many finalservers should know, that this server must be the easiest.
    Germans are as everytime not playing in one team. NB is a great group. Italian join (without was drawn) and BR+PT+NL are not so many players, to have an equal base on players as the other drawn nations.
    The german group of the north did one big mistake before the start, but I hope they will learn of this mistake.

    Safiren: What mistake was you talking about?

    Tobias: To split in NW and NE, it was clear that chinese will join NE, so it was clear that chinese and the german alliances will be in war the whole server. Now you have not much fights in the south of this server.. and the two biggest groups of the north are fighting the whole time. it’s perfect for the south allied groups of Italian and Neworder.

    Safiren: I saw Dacia K is here too, but only 12 players.

    Tobias: Yes, G&V the same, they are not as much as needed to be a big enemy for the other nations.

    Safiren: I'm trying to do the maps so I can understand what you are talking about. I have most alliances down to 5 members.

    Tobias: :O you have to much time (chuckle) or your summer is not as hot as ours

    Safiren: oh it have been too hot, that is why I'm so late doing Germany.

    Tobias: (chuckle) to explain:
    in SE around 90% of the players are italians
    in SW many are Neworder + SEK (german alliance) and some other. some of them are now allied with them.
    NewOrder and Italian are friends since last Final.
    NB, sharp luk and so on are in NE. G&V are in NE.
    Merak and some other brasilian (like tugahina) are in NW, but not that much fights.

    Safiren: Gettertools has problems with all those chinese signs.

    Tobias: yes i know^^ but they are ALL in NE, 0/100 and grey area, G&V are around 100/100.
    and now you have to look in the south and you know what i mean, when I told the south have not much action because I saw only of LOV some attacks against Chinese.

    Safiren: I think you are the only one that haven't said something about chinese and multies.

    Tobias: I know that they used some, but if they need them to win. I don´t care. Yes it is not "fair", but can you promise, that in no other group someone have got multies?
    Everyone who play as much finals as I have, know that not only chinese uses multi accounts. So you have to solve this problem, if you saw it. We had farmed the multies of the chinese in our area, so they can not profit as much as they wanted.


    Safiren: I want to use the picture you did together with the interview so tell me what you think about the server :)

    Andi: I think on the server are many real huge hammers. Italy and China wait for building plans and than will start ww-hammers. Much NB players was banned for some time, so they use illegal tools and multiaccount farming, it looks so strange what they do.
    Its not a good server, to less action between the other nations. NB is in friendship with nearly the hole server. Italy, I dont know what they do, but still waiting for..... whatever.

    Safiren: Yes I saw the picture you made for me, it looked nearly as Arabs ally list, all belong to the same meta. Italy says they are inactive and now they have 2 WWs =)

    Andi: Yes, for NB it is no secret, they write it in the ally profile. I wonder that Italy take WW at 0/100 in NB area or only for offpoints?

    Since two weeks, everyday fakes and spy, 9 o'clock. Only fakes, this look like a robot or some poor people are arrested for this. Really, everyday, like a machine.

    Safiren: Fascinating

  • SPQR

    SPQR, 11 alliances 325 players. Also supposed to cooperate with China in Final due to NB profile.

    Artefacts: 12 in total, 7 small, 4 large and 1 unique.

    5 WWs on 100/0 (report), 100/-100, 0/-100, 0/100 on the border between NB and the german alliances in North, and finally 9/-8 in Gray zone.

    Francesco SPQR

    Safiren: I'm very curious why SPQR is the only one with a WW.

    Francesco: I think there is no a particular reason, in a hard server you take WW later also because you have 1000 other things to do, so to conquer WW at day 50 is only a problem, better to do it later. On a round like quali is not important the time of the conquer, so SPQR conquered the WW before the others.
    Maybe the owner ( Orion ) wanted also to do easy atk points because his hammer started to eat a lot of crop..
    For the rest I don’t know, we don’t know the plans of the others group in Quali B, it’s also true that we have 0 enemy in the quadrant and in the other quadrant there is war so they are waiting to take WW.
    Ehm.. our WW is not really a competition, we build ww without any real serious project, just for don’t sleep 120 days, because now we are sleeping from day 1 to today :D

    Safiren: Which war are you talking about?

    Francesco: China (NB) vs Germany for example.
    Nothing to add, just that we are not playing, leaders offline, players offline, and if god wants we will play finals. We still have to decide if we will play, so of course we don't know with who we will play.