The Corner Qualification 2018

  • Portugal, Brazil and Thai

    The alliances from Portugal/Brazil have the same problem to cooperate as the german alliances. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are spread over the whole map. Tuguinha has built a cluster and MI-F too - at 400/400.

    Tuguinha (43 players) has a confed with Q and CP-PT.BR (54 players) is allied with NB.

    Merak and PT 63 players.

    MI-F 18 players and supports SPQR

    Bourne 4 players and BR&Tuga 8 players.

    No artefacts or WW.

    Thai is also on this map, 3 alliances 67 players. They have a cluster in NW. 2 small and 3 large artefacts. The WW in their area taken by a solo NB player


    Yara leader Merak

    Yara: I called this server bots vs humans.
    A rather uneven server would say so, where rules were cheated and what we saw was a festival of Chinese multi accounts, where even the German favorites had no chance and neither the smaller alliances with less gold power.
    Where the Chinese went, they were successful, but not because they were better at the game, because they made very visible strategy mistakes, but because they had thousands of multi accounts and gold power, which left the ones playing according to the rules at a great disadvantage.
    What we have now are some formations of alliances and naps, like G&V and NB with nap with TT and CP PT.BR in the northern quarters. The Italians have canceled their nap with the Chinese and keep their empire in the SE. SW - I do not have a lot of news, just that most of the Germans that were in the NW, migrated to it, due to inequality in the sector.
    The Merak in turn continues the server as planned without allying itself to anyone. We continue very good in my opinion, with good scores and good classified in the rankings, for an alliance where I can say be alone against the server.

    Safiren: Your ally profil says nap with PT?
    What can you tell me about the other Portugal/Brazil alliances?

    Yara: Yes it's just a nonaggression pact because we have friends there. We don’t play together.
    As for the others, it is just the same situation as the pts / brs alliances pass every year, each goes to one side, does not follow a project and consequently our countries do not get anywhere together.. I know a large part of the members in them.
    Disco zohan was a big friend of mine. It was for us to be playing together, they came to this group and to that quadrant at my invitation, but we had a disagreement at the beginning of the server and we ended up remaining separate.

    Safiren: Do you know anything about this alliances?
    T T
    IST & TT
    T T T

    Yara: They are thai people. TT, the main one, TTT was the reason for our disagreement, because the wing was being formed with players from all sides and with a German staff, a fact that later he corrected but ... this third ist & tt is new, probably some alliance that joined them. Now they have a nap with the NB.

    Safiren: Yes, NB have many naps and as I understand they plan to work together in Final.
    Have you made any connections that can be valuable for Final?

    Yara: In the last finals we played allies to winter, at that time still used the old name of the LLB Alliance, I intend to keep the same for that year as well.

    Safiren: Is there any alliance you think is doing great on your qual (not your own) ?

    Yara: Yes, TT surprised me a lot.

    Safiren: In which way?

    Yara: They didn’t even have the habit of playing at the border. Because at first they came to me, as I said to our invitation, and then the reason for our separation was precisely to be dealing with the Germans and now I see allies with the Chinese ...

    Safiren: Why didn't you like their cooperation with germans?

    Yara: Because at first we came to go to war against the Germans and that was at the beginning of the server, we did not know that we would find there a barrier of multi-Chinese accounts and that these would become our greatest enemies. Not only ours, but of every quadrant, of the Germans as well.

  • I need to have fun too and not only observe and that is why I haven't been here for some weeks :) I have collected the Top10 though but I might have missed to save reports when I got them. I've been looking trough my chats and found a couple.

    I have begin to wonder what use it is to post this statistics because how can you differ between real points or not?

    So a congrats to those that have manage to get a medal by their own fair effort :P

    Week 11

    Week 12

    Week 13


    Not much def in the VN WW in Gray zone

    Unique confusion - I had it once on a qual, I loved it :D

    Destroy the village to get the artefact, wel it's also a way to do it :D

  • Week 11

    Week 12

    Week 13 Turkey has midnight at the same time as Russia so I have to blame the movie again for the missing Top10.


  • 19 September 2018

    The endgame is approaching :) The construction plans arrives on Friday and the battle to get a WW to level 100 will begin :)

    The def in plans have been the same several years in a row. I will appreciate reports from this year :)

    A 30 gold voucher is the reward for the first report from each server!

    Top 10


    Is it no way to stop this disgusting violence of the game? It's a joke. I should prefer there was no rewards in Tournament...


    Usually it's hammers found in oases so an anvil is unexpected. Expensive for both parts.



    A hammer found - and not in an oasis!

    Large architect stolen but Kira took it back 50 minutes later

    Full report:…2,113201e26ab,1132021bcdb



    First reported attacks on a WW.

    ok.. I miss a part of this report, failed attempt of chiefing. The defender was BlackPanter from TT.


    My borrowed account here is a farm :P


    Troops hidden in oases - pof!

    There is always a lot of reports in CS chat and a lot of them is between TD and CS

    More waves:

    Tugra sending a lot of attackes on a NL WW. Comment in CS chat: "I think 2.5 mille def mas maybe a bit too much :P"

    I think this one was the biggest.

    Some of the other waves:



    Dacia also have a lot of reports in their chat. Most of them is between FL (Latinos) and them so I chose one from Poland for variety.


  • 21 September 2018

    Travian Games asked me to contribute with something to their “Ask Travian” about the Tournament. One of the topics was a prediction about how the qualification servers will end. As it turned out the video will be published the 16th October when most servers will have only days before they have a WW on level 100 so a prediction would be very outdated :D

    So I decided to use it here instead :) Let’s take a look on the situation just now, before the plans are released.

    International: Well, all think that they will win :D, P.T (Iran) is sure they will win - at least they have most WW villages, 6, and the unique architect. Ghetto believes they are the only ones that are really active. Vietnam have a strong position in North East. D.A.D in NorthEast also wants to participate in the run. Here it will be about who has more WWKs than the others.

    The most important WWs will be Tuomiopäivä, CatChMe-Team, dolongdao and Darkorpse


    Russia: The BAD/Hype!/ Cerber meta is as always the favorites. Maybe WINter can challenge them this year, they have the unique architect. We have MAFIA in NorthWest and SMURFS (Baltic) in Southeast, both without architect.

    I think I will only name 2 WW here, the ones Плюшкин and Spamer is holding. The others are more or less for fun.


    Germany: Here it will be between NB (China) and SPQR. NB (5 WW) has the unique but SPQR have had a lot of time to build big hammers. NewOrder have been the most active alliance but is too small to have enough of def for a WW.

    I say that it is between orion981 and devil_u the real fights will be.

    I found this report, to not make the sender too embarrassed, I hidden his name.


    Turkey: The invited domains CZ and NL have done well and have 6 WW together. They should still be outnumbered by Turkish alliances but we will see, they have the unique :D COF has been the dominating meta the last rounds but I’m sure TD is a good challenger and they would be very happy to beat COF.

    Hard choice here.. The COF!, Oroniel and Tirsin Ulan will be Top 3.

    But wait - I found a scout report, this WW is well defended so early. Might be CS primary WW then.


    France: As on International it is hard to predict the outcome. We have 2 french constellations, Dacia, Poland and Latinos. My guess is that the final battle will be between Dacia and Poland. But where?

    A wild guess: Brak Formy, RocknRolla, Caps&Gala, Error404 and Millonairos


    Arabia: As usual the server consists more or less of one big meta. LR, Legends Return, has all WWs except one.

    I vote for LR-CA number 3 on the list because I recognized a friend :)

    So what do you think? How many of my prediction will come true? :D


    I got reports from Germany today. Emperor lost his hammer when a village was chiefed and he asked me if I know a chinese that speak English so he could send his congrats. The only one I know is Hugo and I don’t know which account he plays on so I forwarded it.

    Emperor: I want to congratulate them on their huge success yesterday. That hit was something I totally didn't expect.

    The hammer I lost

    Hugo: He is a strong warrior. It is NB's honor to defeat him.

    Full report 聖仇鎮 greift Emperor an - - Getter-Tools

  • It has started :) And I am so pleased to see that there are so many WWKs with a fair amount of catas. It could be more rams tough. I have complained in earlier qualifications about the low rate on catas so it's really nice to see that it has changed.

    One other thing that have changed is that the attacks on WWs have started earlier. Influence from the usual fast offensives in Final?

    I have a lot of reports from the weekend but I think you have to be satisfied with WW stats today, I had to do my part of next Travian blog which will be coming soon with a review from International about the building plans and some interviews.

    The defence was the same as it have been for several years now.

    WW stats at midnight. Due to the on some servers high level of attacks several WWs have been zeroed or damaged. They are vulnerable in beginning, even a lot of def doesn't help.







  • WW stats


    Ghetto level 45 +11
    VN2 44 +11
    P.T 44 +12
    D.A.D 35 +15
    R@K 33 + 16

    It still don't happens much on International, not even Ghetto have began to launch any WWKs yet.

    BUT! I have reports on def in WWs :D

    Failed attempt on a building plan.

    P.T WW

    Ghetto WW

    VN WW

  • WW stats


    CerbeR level 45 +12
    ГУБОП 40 +7
    MAFIA 25 +25
    Cerber 15 +7
    WINter 12 +4

    Cerber went out hard on WINter and kept them down. They have a good lead now and probably the highest def on the server due to their numbers. The attacks on WINter have continued today.

    Smurfs got a visit too, they have no BP so standing on 0. A chiefing attempt from BAD today was walled.

    Attack on CerbeR

    I nearly forgot this reports...

    It's a never ending story between Kira and Smurfs. This time a small trainer changed owner

    Mafia steals a small diet

  • WW stats


    Bob Level 34 +16
    TD WOW 21 +8
    The COF 12 +10
    Army-COF 10 +1
    COF KIN 9 +9
    CS-00 6 +4

    There have been many reports from this qual the whole server and it continues with the same intensity now in endgame.

    Scouting before BP

    and after

    Two days later before attack

    The most popular target, I wonder how many times it have been zeroed.

  • WW stats


    PL 1 level 43 +11
    COQ 15 +14
    777 4 +0
    Wtf-fr 1 +1

    Poland is a bit disappointed on their opponents, no one seems to take the endgame serious. Well they haven't made it easy for them - they have most of the building plans. The rumour says that RocknRolla only holds WW to get def points and the other two haven't any plans. Poland might have to share if they will have any competition after level 50 =)

    PL WW scouted

    Dacia lost the unique architect


    LR-CA Level 44 +10
    LR-P 20 +6
    T.K 16 +3

    No surprises here, there is only one enemy.

  • 27 September

    Interviews from International


    Finally something is happening on International. Vietnam launched on Ghetto and took them down from 64 to 58.

    Ghetto chose another path. First they sent their ram hammers on the Great Architect and 1 minute later the catas landed on Vietnams WW destroying all Great Warehouses.

    Both P.T and Ghetto is convinced that they will get the victory. One of them has to be wrong, the future has the answer.


    Vietnam vs Ghetto

    Ghetto vs Vietnam

    Stealing 3x Archi
    (11 armies survived)…f,703565f1216,703564e1cd3,

    Following WW hit
    (6x GWs destroyed, there was no 7th  )…5,703551c7086,703559ffafa

    Hit on the sup ww
    (to prevent ww switch),7035731b436
    (Greek report: two GWs are killed)

    Report from NorthWest, it doesn't help if you write no attacks fom DAD and Bulgaria on your profile if you're not active enough.


    Smurfs got a plan at last and could start to build on their WW. Cerber is still in lead.


    Attacks on Cerber

    Kira has had a busy server both as attacker and defender. I wonder how many reports I seen until now where Kira and artefacts have been involved.

    Reports from SMURFS

    Large architect
    Keitiklis - Kovų ataskaitų reporteris Traviane.
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    History repeats itself
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Plan stealing attempt
    Keitiklis - Kovų ataskaitų reporteris Traviane.
    Tried to catch off
    Keitiklis - Kovų ataskaitų reporteris Traviane.
    Keitiklis - Kovų ataskaitų reporteris Traviane.
    They finally got rid of eimis capital, atleast at the end of the server
    Keitiklis - Kovų ataskaitų reporteris Traviane.


    SPQR and NB is so occupied fighting each other that G&V could build on their WW undisturbed as it seams. I have to admit that I never counted on that in my predictions.


    SPQR vs NB

    NB vs SPQR


    It's a thrilling story ongoing here. CS and NL is still going strong. The Turkish alliances has finally met a worthy opponent. Reports is always on +99.



    Poland is complaining that they have no resistance. There is too little def in the other WWs. RocknRolla seems to be content building levels enough to be attacked by natars before the WW is zeroed again. WTF is beaten once and once again. COQ lost their WW - Poland attacked but Dacia conquered it.


    Seconds before the hit there was a try to chief the village:,201526cb0a2

    Full report Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian


    Reports are non-existing. Checking - aha, the troops have been returned. Sending again =)

  • 1 Oktober 2018

    Due to diplomatic entanglements on Kingdoms I've only had time to collect reports from 3 servers today.


    Hammers have been running and WWs have dropped. In a cooperation between VN, P.T and D.A.D (I'm told) the Ghetto WW had the hardest hits. VN is still standing still and the question is if they will have their lost Great warehouses up again so they can begin to build before the server ends. Probably, it's ~150 hours left if Ghetto haven't hammers left to take down P.T that is in lead.

    Just now when I posted this and took a last look on my chats I discovered that P.T WW is banned.


    Midnight yesterday

    and in writing moment


    Attacks on Ghetto

    Attacks on P.T


    Cerber not surprising still in lead, not many hammers runs that way. WINter is the most popular Cerber target so my prediction that they might be able to challenge Cerber was totally wrong =)

    Midnight yesterday

    And today


    Cerber and BAD on adventures, first on WINter and this is not all the attacks.


    G&V still in top, most that lands here is garbage but I found one real! NB and SPQR concentrating on each other and natassa can continue to build - lol, so unexpected. SPQR down to 10 - aj aj.


    and tonight


    It isn't all reports, I've chosed the biggest ones.

    SPQR vs NB

    The only real I found on G&V

    NB vs SPQR and NewOrder

  • 4 October 2018


    A turbulent week that changed the top positions of the WWs and now it is a close run which will end up on top. VN is still rebuilding on their Great warehouses, I wrote and asked which level they are on now but got a polite answer that it wasn't information to share. I hadn't expected anything else but it was worth a try :D

    The story what happen with P.T WW was removed....

    When P.T was on go again after 29 hours ban Ghetto thought it was time for a visit which cost them 10 more levels on WW. At the same time there was a lot of fakes on the building plans so P.T moved them and lost more time. A VN player changed ally and they could continue to build.

    Ghetto got a hit but only 1 level was lost and are back in the game. All in all this ended in all 3 top WW on level 66 this morning.

    Now it looks as this and we have at least 165h left which means International will probably be the server that ends last this round.



    BAD+Hype+Cerber will have their victory in less than 33 hours on Saturday morning.


    Only hammer I could find except for all "garbage" and natars was this.

    On the Russia forum you can find full reports in this thread

    Edit: I have new info, will post tonight

    Natassa , G&V, continues her climbing to victory. I'm still surprised, after been seeing her WW got crashed on all past servers. But it's fun to see an unexpected winner :) Less than 40 hours left. Will also end on Saturday. Edit: devil is now #1

    NB have practised in building WWKs with a splendid result which they are proud of. SPQR - I had expected more of them but as they have bragged on how they been sleeping the whole server the outcome shows that it was true.


    NewOrder was zeroed.

    A few hammers was sent on G&V, I think they lost 1 level.

    NB using their WWKs on SPQR

  • Turkey

    CS and NL have done amazingly well but The COF is in lead. I haven't had time to check often enough to see which of the 2 in top that has the upper hand. Many hammers has been running, I have chosen the best ones and looking on the dates it seems that most hammers have been used already. My scouts from The COF was sent home so I can't tell if CS/NL have had any good hits. 80 hours to the end - probably Monday morning if nothing change.



    Poland in supreme majesty in top. They got a hit that took them down a couple of levels but nevertheless the server will end on Saturday, approx 40 hours left.

    The full report here


    The only opponent lost their WW. This server will also end on Saturday.


    My scouts died in the first wave. The WW was chiefed.

  • International

    I wondered when Ghetto was to launch their last WWK, how long would they wait? The answer is that they did it this morning and if no other WWK has been hidden somewhere and Ghetto can keep their building plans nothing can stop them from winning this server.

    I'm surprised that CatChMe-TeaM's plan wasn't better guarded. Ghetto for sure expected that because additional 53 hammers was sent.

    P.T WW down 7 levels.

    Less than 116h left, that means server will end on Thursday.