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    I know that many of you like to read about old servers and with this new forum there now is an open archive here on .com! I have heard a rumor that archives from the old forums will be added. I'm holding my thumbs for that.

    Tournament 2017

    Next archive is on the Travian blog where you can find the War diary, interviews with players and other posts about the server.

    The Tournament site has a Hall of Fame where you can find Top100 players in past Finals. (Not updated to 2018 yet)

    Last - the reason why I'm so late to write about qualification. My Corner archive didn't work well where I had it so I decided to move it to a new web hotel last summer. To be Official reporter didn't left much time for that project but now, between servers, I finally have finish this weekend and now both my Swedish publications as well as my Tournament Corners have a new home. I hope that the forum archives returning can provide me with the last posts that I'm still missing.

    Qualification servers

    I haven't made any greater effort yet to get information about the servers due to my archive project. Here is what I know so far.

    The drawing live!

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    We have two International servers, .com where the domains that wasn't drawn is welcome and Arabia for Arab-speaking players.

    Group A Russia: I have 3 Russian speaking in my team so good coverage I hope. Myself I will be on a HUN account and they look forward to play on this server. Baltics, no contact yet. US will probably be a few players if any.

    Group B Germany: I will be on a german account. TW (China), I have a contact. PT no contact yet. BR, contact with a player that don't want to play with the other Brazilians and is searching for a German ally .

    Group C Turkey: The COF has promised me an account to dwell on this year too. Contact with CZ, they have a very lively chat and I don't understand a word except that they are trilled to play :D. My call on the forum gave 1 (one) from Netherlands that wanted to play. That could have been fun - a lonely Neatherlander against the hordes of Turks. I recommended him an ally on International Indonesia says they are occupied on local servers.

    [size=10]Group D France: Need a french contact. I will be on a Dacia account. Poland was still unorganized last time I talked with them. No contact with Chile.

  • Prestart Interviews

    Hi all!

    Previous post elicited new contacts :) I've talked with a Indonesian leader that confirmed that they are not playing qualification this year due to a local slow server which is on its 125th day. They will try to get invites to the Final though but for sure not on Turkey server which is the hardest to qualify on. Last year you needed 6400 pop to qualify.

    Next acquaintances was two players from Brazil, Yara have I met before but Francisco was the first time. Brazil was drawn to the Germany qualification (Group B) and has as goal to be an alliance to count on in the future by learning from a server with high competition. You have interviews with them below.

    I was also lucky to be contacted by a player from Baltic, Alfonsas Stonis. They are playing in Group A, where we also have Hungary. Still no sign of players from us.

    The last two interviews is friends from last years Tournament. Adam from HUN and Miko from Ghetto ( you know him as Tuomiopäivä).


    1. A short description of you and your ally. Your motto.
    2. Why do you play the Tournament? The competition? Is the prices important?
    3. Your server: Group A (B,C,D, int, arab) who is your favorite alliance (ru, us, hu, Baltics). Who will be your primary opponent?
    4. Which changes would you like to see in Tournament? Tribes? New artefacts? A new confederation system?
    5. Name the three alliances you think are the best in the world. (Don’t need to be known from Torney.)
    6. In old times you could name your hero. What should your hero name be if you could do it again


    Miko Ghetto

    1. 20-year-old American Football player studying in university. Not many travian servers played because I don't like the game that much. I like winning and that is mostly the only reason I play because it is too easy here when you face enemies like Hellas and Vietnam. Ghetto is built in 2017 qualification and now we have like 40-50 players group together starting this year. Most probably we will recruit some new faces to fulfill our team. Ghetto is one of the strongest alliances not because our individual skills but our active communication and willingness to play for the friend and for the team.

    2. Well, yeah it is about the competition. Nowadays you don't see much competition in local servers at least in Finnish servers. About prices: Before they fix the system you earn them they aren't important at all.

    3. My favourite alliance and primary opponent is one and same alliance/meta: VN. It is our primary opponent because I feel good when I can humiliate people much weaker than me. Also it is our favourite alliance because you know, having good farms in travian is important. But when you have whole META in your farm list, that is even better. I will surely feed all my troops with their resources.

    4. Stricter punishments to multi account users. No new tribes please.

    5. Well I don't know about the best ones. I like our style to play travian so I'll name ourselves. Also I like how !CS! is playing the game so they are number two. And also you can't forget M.S.B. (Moon Shine Brothers) with their leader: Agentti. You just can't beat them.

    6. The Beast Mode. It happens to be my second name too.

    Group A Russia

    Adam/Baal HUN

    1.My name is Adam 19-20 years old , Baal for everyone. I am the HUN Diplomat and leader. We have a new team with old friends/members. We know, that the russian server is scary, but we will stand up and fight against them.

    2.First of all we want to have fun, and enjoy to represent Hungary on a national tournament. We have a very simple goal. We would like to earn invitation codes to the Finals, and show the Hungarian Travian style to the world. This is our challenge. The prices is not important for us we are not a big ally with hundred players. We just want to show our best

    3. Our Server is Group A: with Russians, Usa and Baltics. The favorite is naturally The Russians. They have more and more players than us, and well organized. I do not know much about Usa or Baltics. We will see….

    4. I would like to see a better system to find cheaters/script users. Perhaps new artefacts

    5. The 3 Best alliance are The Dacia, Russians and Italy. These alliances are the most strong and organized

    6. A very good question. I would be name my hero to Baal or System Lord ;)

    Alfas Baltic

    1. Our ally consist of Lithuanian players and most of us are Travian fans
    . We play for fun, so communication is also big part of it. You may lose your capital, but then laugh to tears after some comments about it
    . I am 43 yrs old software developer (few friends usually joint me as sitters or duals, but have not committed yet). Our motto is: travian is place where you come to rest from everyday problems and have some fun.

    2. Tournament brings good players and a bit more fair game. We do not intend getting any prices, but I like that there are some.

    3. Qualification probably will be more about getting invited to final, making some alliances, trying some things and simply having fun. Group A will be dominated by Russian alliances. We do not expect to achieve much there (survival is a key :D). I am sure we will continue fighting them in final too
    . Can not tell much about other groups.

    4. New tribes would be nice. Few more artefacts for large servers like TT would be improvement. Improved confederation system would be good as it would let see some bigger picture in the game.

    5. a) Dacia leads now strongest coalition. b) SPRQ was nice surprise and can lead to form new strong coalition. c) PL was nice surprise (they have a chance to form reasonable coalition). Russians if united can come to top 3, but I am not sure who would lead them, maybe new alliance formed.

    6. Something simple: "Alfas hero". Or if does not meet exceptions (like not finding anything in quests) something funny, like "blind chicken".

    Group B Germany

    Yara MERAK

    1) My name is Karina, nick Yara, I'm Brazilian, this is my sixth tournament, during all these years I was the leader of the PTS alliances, where some Brazilians were also. This year I decided, due to lack of commitment and Portuguese strategy, to dedicate myself only to my country Brazil. I will be initiating a new project called MERAK, where the initial objective is to filter and train Brazilian players in order to have a good team in the future and compete among the bigger ones.

    Meraki is a Greek word, with no translation for my language, but it means doing things with the soul, creativity and love.
    good beginning

    2) I play the tournament for being a more competitive and aggressive server, different from the national servers and where there are also the best players in the world. I believe that the prizes are important to stimulate competition.

    3) My server will be group B. The best alliance for me will be mine, and my main opponent I think probably Germany.

    4) I like to play the tournament because it is the traditional game, I don't think that should change big things...maybe the confederation system, because the existing we knows that it does not work, since the confederations are much bigger than the available slots.

    rs? (in 3)
    5) I've been playing the last winter comx with an ally called ANT, I really enjoyed it. Other than the traditionals tournament, bad,dacia, etc ... hopefully one day might be the Merak,we are starting to walk.

    6) Well...I think Vixen would be a good name.

    Madara MERAK

    1: I am a breath of the past and my companions ghosts forgotten. our motto: Kadima!

    2: We chose to play the tournament because it is the server where you have the chance to meet good players and thus evolve in the game. in my view is a very big failure of a player not playing the tournament. it is a shame to see that today the qualifiers are used much more to classify the multis than by the server dispute.
    the prizes are not so attractive and I know that the great majority of the players do not aim at this.

    3: We will be in Group B playing for Brazil. I come from Russian classical school at a time where there were no bots and scripts. I have no favorite alliance, since the massive use of accounts in bots does not let us do this evaluation. our main adversary will be ourselves.

    4: A change in the tournament? A serious work done by Travian Games, it is sad to see that every day we see the most abandoned game. I understand the side of the company, but could make a more balanced game and before someone says that the fault is only the players is not, because it would be very simple to bar the multis, but here for us who will take the game players who Buy more gold? the addition of the new tripos comes to be funny the Huns I understand, but the Egyptians were clearly created for the multisales.

    5: Apart from ours, I do not know any. since the creation of the bots the game has had a very big change using a bot as the TA you can control 200 accounts ... using a robot to command 200 accounts is not the same as commanding 200 players ... Darcia last year came with 1200 It was a shame to me. should have won the highest multi-account server award.

    6: the hero's name would be my nick MADARA

  • I'm on adventure this weekend with the Friends of the Swedish Rail Museum. Old locomotive from the 60' and old wagons. We have our own bar wagon as you can see on the picture :D It's awesome to have an own train to travel with!

    I talked with a player from Arabia yesterday. He was disappointed and will probably not play because they feel unfairly treated by multihunters and admins even though they pay a lot of money to play this game. As you can read in a russian interview below they are not alone about that opinion.

    I can't convince the arabs that admin don't do this to stop them from winning. It's no secret that some domains is known to be heavy multi users, sometimes called tech accounts. It's also forbidden to buy troops. Maybe a less use of those will lead to a better treatment from multihunters?


    Ceasar (No ally name yet)

    1. Hi, My real name is Manan Nanavati, ppl know me as Ceaser on skype. I'm 20 & a student and I find my time for travian. I have been playing travian since 7-8 years now, majorly on .com and only slow servers until last year when I finally started with speeds and the tournament. I recently decided to play the qualifiers and started asking my friends to gather around to fight. My alliance is a small one so we are probably gonna tangle up with another one, probably one which spawns in our quad. Our main motto is to have fun and keep our players motivated. Fighting keeps you motivated.

    2. Why Tournament? Because tournament are the only servers with the most players. As of today, no other travian servers can beat the number of players compared to the tournament finale for sure. Another thing I like about it is that country based teams play on it. It gives the actual feel of wars between countries.
    I'm not here for the prizes really but who doesn't like being No.1? It's something to aim for, for sure. But hey, TG already knows how scout and club killers get those Phones and iPads from them for almost nothing.

    PS - I really liked the way Dacia transferred their last finale rewards to the Charity.

    3. International! My favorite alliance/meta there is actually Hellas but I don't know if they're coming. Our primary opponent is yet to consider because we really don't know who all are coming on international after they've announced about the other 4 country domains.

    4. No, I personally wouldn't like any extra tribes on tourney but they could improve the initial raiding phase (before second village) for Romans and Gauls in a way that everyone get equal chance to get their preferred croppers in the start apart from the too top Teut tribe. Something like Legos and phalanx can raid more resource; they know better. Changes in their detection system for multies if possible. They know it's a multi but they're unable to do anything. I'm myself playing as a tech on a server and I'm just building resources for a friend who is ranked 2 (soon #1) in raiders right now and 90-95% of it is because of me; almost nil troops is what I got but God knows why it's Not called cheating.
    Many use VPN and other automatic builders and stuff to handle their techs/multies. It's better to have the game be fair for all. Have a lot of changes that I want to recommend but maybe later.

    5. a) BAD( the word comes from the first letters of their founder leaders) which is led majorly by Buch. There's promter, Anton, Fury, eRussian, etc. and there are some more with whom I wasn't able to interact much due to the language barrier. I was under the coordinator, Promter, and she's one of my favorite travian player's. The planning, coordination, cooperation of players for the team, pre-set rules, almost every aspect which makes a team perfect is present in the Bad meta. They have all the qualities to go for a nice win like we saw in 2016-17 finals. All the leaders here are friendly as well. Even after the language barrier thing, they interact sweetly.

    b) CWL aka Chaotic War Lords is another of my favorite meta. I have a family there now and it's a fun server always - whichever they play. About their gaming, they're good at planning and coordination. The council is very strict about it's rules. They've been one of the best (don't wanna drag opponents by saying they're the best of .com) teams on .com with one of the core players.

    c) There are quite many that come over here after the above 2. So I'm not gonna mention another. But want to mention that Dacia is a very good meta and has the potential to win by themselves and I like & admire Emerik a lot apart from his Zerg gaming techniques.

    6) "Zeus", the strongest Greek God. I'm just a fan of Greek mythology

    Stefanos player from G&V

    1. Im a 19 year old boy and I study History. My alliance is G&V. We react like a family there and we have fun. Our motto is One for all and all for One.

    2. I play because of the competition. About the Prices i think the system it’s a bit ridiculous. Players who kill their own troops win the gifts. Travian must find a way to face that.

    3 .We belong on international group (Greece is not host in any group). I can’t answer about our allies or opponents before the server starts.

    4. Not new tribes. Maybe new artefacts with new abilities. A new confederation system seems interesting.
    5. I think the best organized alliances on the last Tournament were Dacia , Italy and Russians.

    6. I have never thought about it. Maybe Stefanos as my name.

    Group A Russia

    Alexander/PRISTOL (WINter)

    1. Hi, my name is Alexander. I’m one of the leaders in WINter. We mostly play in the tourney servers. Therefore, everyone who is related to the TT knows us, so we don’t really need to advertise ourselves :)

    2. We are primarily attracted by the opportunity to fight against strong and interesting rivals on a pretty populated server. It’s not the case for our national servers, where the number of registrations is very low over the last years.

    3. We don’t have any other favourite team but ourselves :) Most likely, there won’t be any enemies either. The qualification round is necessary to get a passage to the finals, where one could fight for real.

    4. We would be open for any changes, as long as they are not followed by various bugs and lagging problems on the server. In a meanwhile I’ve heard that the new tribes won’t be part of the next TT, therefore I don’t see much sense in such questions.
    Personally, I’d love to see some adequate multihunters on the tournament. Those who wouldn’t ban “anything what moves” for it’s mere affiliation with russian community. I’ve had my own experience of being banned for half a day for no reason and afterwards released with apologies. Please, keep your apologies, but value the time and efforts of your players (who are in fact your customers). A lot of players were unhappy about the last finals or about management of the server to be precise. If the situation repeats I’d dare to expect that the TT will proceed without russian teams.

    5. WINter, BAD, Hussars (polish team led by Rudolfina)

    6. Probably I’d call him "Imbalance" :D
    Ah, and by the way If I had a possibility to send more than 4 waves within a second or to launch a fake with one unit instead of 20 (without being spotted) as it was in old times, I’d extend my enormous gratitude to TG on behalf of familiar to me offers. :)

    Group C Turkey

    Oğulcan ANIMALS

    1.We are the Animals. “Animals” is a new union established by experienced players. We have a new team with old friends. We have a very strong communication network. This will be our greatest advantage. And I: My name is Oğulcan. 23 years old. From Turkey. Last final: AT’ın İntikamı, I have played with many alliances for many years. I am very happy to be a part of Animals. ‘’We will take revenge for all massacred animals.’’

    2.Absolutely competition. We were in the gray area at the finals last year. Unfortunately, we didn’t find what we were looking for. We are expecting a tougher battle in the gray area this year. Qualifying is just a simple step for us. We will not spend time for qualify. We will only receive tickets that we needed. Our only goal is the finals.

    3.As I said, qualify is just one step. Nobody is special for us. I was wondering: Who choosed Ru, De, Tr, and Fr as hosts? Why not Ro and Pl? I think group D is really tough. Group B is too simple. I do not know who is in the international group? I don’t care :)

    4.I've been playing this game for 12 years. It means a lot to me. We lost something in every new release. No, I do not want a change. Only the more industrious multihunters, quick answers and fair management.

    5.Until last year we played only on Turkish servers. I think HABABAM and HZZ are Turkey's top two teams. In last finals, Dacia, the Poles and the Italians were the teams that influenced me.

    6.Have you ever heard of "Horse Head"? You will hear it many times next year. :)

    Juri & AniMe CS

    1. We are one team and we want to play as one team.. Motto? - A player is a player, no matter small or big, all is equal.

    2. We are playing because we are a good team and we wanna show it to all over the world. Prices are not important, but always good to see if someone of us is TOP.

    3. We are playing in group C and the main opponent will be TR team or better to say TR teams.

    4. New tribes are very interesting, especially Egyptians, no need new artefacts, we tried FaS system with regions and it's also very impressive.

    5. Aegina (CS), YD (Spain), Tyranie (CS)

    Group D France

    Bibou and Bozzzz, WTF

    1. We are the WTF, an alliance which was on the last final .

    This alliance is the continuation of a small french coalition which was built on the qualification server FR 2017. It is composed of as many players accustomed to this competition for years as players who wanted to discover qualification server.

    My usual nickname is Bozzz (Froggies on the world), I come from a small alliance fr (LOL ™) long remained independent. And I had the chance to meet players such as Bidou, Caps, Twister and many others who allowed us to manage our third project, that of the qualification 2018 to come.

    We are a little better in our noobitude but some have turned out to be completely azimuth. Will we darken the madness? Surely ......... :)


    Obviously the prices are indisputably what we are looking for because we are ruined vultures.
    Not being able to play pop in view of the profitability gold spent / gold received, we hope that charitable souls will send spy or gougou as an offering.

    For the competition, it is thought to play against the natars, values on .......

    3. We are on group D. The Dacia are announced in our group, if this is confirmed, would probably be our biggest opponents. Romanians could also be formidable fighters.
    The Poles are also to watch for loan, he had heavy collective on the last world.

    4. The prospect of new peoples and new arte could be nice. I have often appreciated the changes over the years. As long as the spirit of this game and its level of difficulty are not lost, all novelties seems a good thing.

    When discussing between players, the number of players on a server seems to be a very important aspect of this game. If a larger number of participating countries allows this, I'm for!

    When is the big workshop?

    5. 3 it's difficult ^^
    KSN & MoD (2013/2014 final).
    Russian alliances such as BAD, CERBER (2015-2016 final)
    On the fr servers, the lodm and AS are for us the most important ally.

    6. Bozzz: The king of frogs

    Bidou: The black sea?


    That was all for today! Time for a glass of wine and to enjoy the company of the Friends and test another of our wagons. We are 40 people onboard and 8 wagons. Rail Nations heard about this journey and asked me to write a diary about it!

  • It’s not many days left now until start! Wednesday 13 June 13.00 GMT+1 is the start for the summer qualification. Last Final was a tough server and in difference to last year when most was excited to have a long summer with fights before them - the players this year seems to be more interested in a peaceful round and only play for tickets to the Final. There are exceptions of course and the game itself has a habit to make us more involved that we originally thought.

    International: We know about Ghetto and Ceasar with his alliance still without name. Vietnam told me today they will come to .com. PP, !CS!, Greeks (but not HellasDT), probably some Turks. A group of Russians.

    Arabia: I’m told the leaders will not play, only watch.

    Group A Russia: A lot of Russians naturally, Hungary and Baltic.

    Group B Germany: A very mixed server. except the 4 chosen domains; Germany, Taiwan (China), Brazil and Portugal we also might see Dacia, Italy and Indonesia here.

    Group C Turkey: Turks is inevitable, CZ - and NL have also shown up at last.

    Group D France: The french leader Makaveli as well as Emerik from Dacia will not be playing. Poland wants a peaceful server.

    I asked Emerik who will be leader:

    Emerik: no clue :)
    time for others to step up
    good opportunity :)

    I’ve been away 4 days on a Rail road trip. Nicole from Travian Game’s Rail Nation heard about that and asked me to write about it for their Facebook page. I’ve saved a copy in my archive.

    Martina talked about the Tournament in Ask Travian 5

    Translation from Poland forum

    Huragan made a nice introduction on their forum, I asked for a translation so we also can share the information :)

    I presented four polish alliances that have had confirmed intention of playing on the finals. Today TP also confirmed their presence.

    So those are: PNT, Anarchy, TP and two unnamed (yet) alliances.

    Polish National Team is a new alliance lead by LordTurek (the guy who was in Munich in may) and some of PS (polish alliance on previous finals) leaders. Their plan is to find a strong non-polish ally rather than cooperating with other PL groups, although this may change. They are not going to put much effort into qualifications. My personal guess is that they will be the strongest polish alliance.

    Anarchy played on previous tournament as PT. They will most probably be much bigger in numbers this year though. They are led by LaleczkaVoodoo and possibly will form some sort of coalition with other PL alliances.

    TP confirmed that they will play, but not much is known yet. What I can tell is that they won’t play on qualifications and there will be some changes in their leadership. They might ally with PL or some other alliances, that’s yet to be decided.

    Unnamed Frog’s alliance is also a new alliance and it’s led by Frog who was one of PS bosses. Their plan in terms of diplomacy is similar to TP and Anarchy. I don’t really know much about them.

    Unnamed Morokh’s alliance is mostly nTPL RD form previous tournament with some additional people recruited now. They will probably ally with Anarchy and Frog, maybe TP. I played with them for a while and I think that it’s a really solid group of good players.

    Some things still might change but that’s more or less the way polish players will split. To be honest I don’t think that they will actively fight each other but there is zero chance of them all uniting.



    1. A short description of you and your ally. Your motto.
    2. Why do you play the Tournament? The competition? Is the prices important?
    3. Your server: (Group A, B,C,D, int, arab) who is your favorite alliance in your group?. Who will be your primary opponent?
    4. Which changes would you like to see in Tournament? Tribes? New artefacts? A new confederation system?
    5. Name the three alliances you think are the best in the world. (Don’t need to be known from Torney.)
    6. In old times you could name your hero. What should your hero name be if you could do it again.

    Duvel De Brouwerij Netherlands

    1. We are a group of players on the Netherlands domain , flamish belgians and dutch people. most of us being players from Nl29 alliances (which has 4 alliances that are premade) We shall start with most of our players having beer names, because let's be honest here Safiren. Beer really connects people especially if they are belgian or dutch! Out motto will always be to have fun , at the end of the day it's still just a game.

    2. We play the tournament because we feel like it's the best place to play travian these days, domains losing attention. Servers having only 1000 players at the start and 1/3 at the ending. TT servers really just are throwback to the good active times!

    3. We play on the Turkey server , so obviously we feel like the turks will try there best to keep as much others out of getting to finals

    4. I think tournament could use the new tribes , would change the tactics field for sure. Changing alliances to host more players would also be fun to see , making ingame communication alot easier.

    5. alliances? or meta's? : meta's are for me Dacia , italians and russians in this order. I just love the love in the italian and dacian meta shared amongs players!

    6. Pasta! Because Pasta! Would always make me happy :p

    Gabi Dacia K


    My name is Gabi, one of the players that played finals on S U R A (2013), Katyusha (2015) and Katarina (2017). I am working as an automation engineer, playing travian since 2007. As a quote from one of my first alliance: I like "Soldier of ARES, we don't die, we multiply".

    2. Exclusively for the group and friends.

    3. We don't know yet. Final is important. We must get to the final as many as possible, with fully charged batteries. Tickets for final are important.

    4. Better anti boot system, no more cheaters on top def/offense. Traps gives too much pop, it should be maximum 20 population for trap level 20. No more bugs like last final on WW.

    5. DACIA (2011-2012 com5);
    Meta DACIA (finals 2013 & 2015 & 2017)
    Hamsters (finals 2012)

    6. S U R A

    LordTurek Poland

    1. "Quality not quantity" - I think this is the best description of me and my ally. We are new meta, but with a lot of veterans.

    2. National servers mostly are bored. On tournament I can challenge with a lot of players, with high skill and from other nationalities. Prizes are not important for me.

    3. I don't have favorite alliance and I don't think that we will have primary opponent, we want just get tickets for finals in peace.

    4. Features from last FAS were not very good in my opinion, but I'm sure that in the future we will see something interesting on special server and then maybe on finals ;)

    5. United RU-meta, I don't want to mention one ally from them but together they are the best. And of course my alliance
    :D We will try to be the best.

    6. Lampa - he was my inspiration to create this ally on tournament, he made a lot of guides for players and he always tried to teach all noobs how to play, so I think he is hero for polish players and my hero should be like him.

  • 11 June 2018

    Counting down ~ 60 hours left when I’m writing this. It’s still a lot of hysch-hysch who will start where - on com as on the other qualification servers. Expect some surprises :)

    On of the interviewed today turned out to be me. TG wanted me to tell little more about my years as journalist.

    THE COF Group C Turkey

    1. We are the oldest Turkish alliance and never change our name. We have rules. We love diplomatie, travian and people who plays travian.
    2. We have played travian in Turkish servers for years, this gave us new players and also new enemies. But tournament is more colorful and has an aim, goal. Yes, prices are important for players, but the most important thing is, travian have to find new ways to prevent multi players.
    3. Sure Turks are favourite. We are thinking that we will win the elimination as COF, like the past year. Its early to talk about our competitors because we will play first time with Czech and Indonesia.
    4. I think it’s fine as it is.
    5. I think the best team is the Russians, even though they lost the previous year. And as I think, Prime is the best team in the Russia. Maybe as the second best team I can say Turks. I think this year the balances will change. The new strong coalitions will show up.
    6. My hero's name is always THE COF

    Dolongdao Vietnam

    1 / My name is Trinh Trieu, known as dolongdao, one of the players of the Vietnam team. We are a small team and do not represent Vietnam, because there are a lot of Vietnam players travian better than us. However, we always play with tenacious fighting spirit of my nation.
    2/ We continue to participate in Tournament with the desire to improve and promote more achievements that our team has ever done. Specially, in last year, with the help of the CheckerB and HellasDT alliances we won the International server. Because the time of the finals falls on traditional Tet holiday, everyone is busy so qualifying is our main goal. For us, the prize is not as important as confirmed the ranking of Vietnam in the international arena.

    3/ As mentioned earlier, CheckerB and HellasDT were our precious friend, in last year. So obviously, we will stand with them on one battlefield if they love to. Besides that, Vietnamese will always be ready to set up a peaceful agreement with any team interested.
    But if a team despises us, remember that we are not afraid of anyone and I believe that the results will prove who is stronger or weaker. The Ghetto was a formidable opponent, but as soon as I read their interview answer, maybe I am wrong, because of their illusion. In last year, as we completed the built of the bridge, they built only a couple of spans connecting the two valleys. They could experience parachuting because they could not reach the other side.
    4/ I hope the publisher is more focused on multi player and bot to ensure fair player.
    5/ Three best teams should be BAD, PRIME and the 3rd named checkerB. Their reputation has been certificated by many WW around the world.
    6/ The dolongdao account is fortunate to be associated with the historic moment when the team successfully built ww, I will keep the old name.
    I also hope that people around the world can experience hours of fun with Travian, I hopes Team Vietnam promote the nation traditional spirit, interact with friends on the world in next round. Thank you so much!

    Trafalgar Law SPQR

    1) My name is Francesco, in travian and in real, everyone calls me “ Ciccio “. There is no a motto for me and for my group. Just a solid group born around 10 years ago, organization, passion, friendship between members and a lot of incentives to try new and crazy things on every server we play.
    2) Why do i play the tournament? Uhm.. first of all because of the competition, in the single nations there is not this level of gameplay, finals are a special round, i like that every nation has a different mentality, a different style , a different strategy. Secondly, for going out from our boring standard in italian servers!
    3) Hard question, we always played qualy really soft, just for reach the qualy. Almost 0 organization, players go to the sea, leaders don’t have time to follow the players and so on. The strongest on the group? The one who decide to play hardly, of course we will try to fight our opponents also if our players are to the sea :D
    As last year, we will go in group B again.
    4) I’ d like a new final phase, but not only in finals, but everywhere. I don’t like the WW system. A system that appreciate only who plays alone in the quadrant, with not a lot enemies or not good enemies. It appreciate who don’t lose a lot of deff in the server and so on. Who plays an hard round, against strong opponent, lose a lot in WW phase, but played 10 times better than who stay alone in the quadrant . Take a look on us (SPQR) and BAD/CERBER, we fought for 100 day longs, WW phase can’t be the same of Dacia, or another meta.
    I just want a final phase who can take a look also from the 100 days of the finals, not only from the 101 to 115 day
    5) Uollas , VICTORY ( Mack group ) , Poland.
    This talking about to be strong in shortwar ( same quadrant war ).
    Talking about groups who make big numbers if they play in peace ... Dacia, Bad And Cerber
    6. Mr.Nduja.

    Valkira PP

    1. My name is Edita, and in travian Valkira (withi not with y) :). I am in military retirement and because of the sleep problem I started to play travian. I'm playing Travian about 12-13 years. I'm the leader off PP ally. We're a team which is known to each other from Balcans servers, which mostly play for about 10 years. Our motto: Have fun 2. We come on Tournament to have fun and show what We know. :)
    3. I do not know which alliances are coming to an international server, but I'm sure we will find some of our old rivals, maybe VN ( some bird tell me it will come :D )
    4. It would not change anything... I would love to play version T3.6 again ( my best version)
    5. Except my alliance? from TT: Russians, Italy and HZZ inTurkish servers
    6. Valkira or Kali Maa

  • 13 June 2018

    Qualification has started and one of the news for this year is that you can’t earn gold by inviting other players. One way less for bots to enter, we will see if that helps.

    On International Top20 alliances we have P.T from Iran in top, followed by Bulgaria. A lot of Vietnam wings, Tsk (Ghetto), X3 - russians if you remember them from Finals, Ottomans from Turkey. And the surprise - Def&Dest, the alliance from Sweden that have played with Ru-team the last rounds.

    Arabia don’t make us disappointed this year neither - already more than 13K accounts. The leaders from former rounds is said to not be playing so we don’t have 95% players in the same meta - yet. New alliances is W.W - World War and CCCP that claims to be from Sovjet republics but writes in arabic. Despite the number of accounts they don’t even fill up the Top20 in alliances.

    Russia has less players registered. Russians are not know to be fast to form alliances and Top20 is lead by LITHUANIA followed by kkk, Hungarians. Usually early is Cerber on 5th rank. Winter on 19.

    Germany looks quite interesting. Dogma and LT (Germany) in top. Brazil, Thailand, China, G&V (Greeks), several Italy wings is also found on Top20.

    Turkey Top20 has a mix of Turkey alliances and Czech. The COF in top.

    France, the Top20 lack french alliances except from a few in the bottom. FL, Latins in top, followed by Poland and Dacia. Poland has 6 of the Top10. They should only play for tickets they said - well that is a good start :D

  • 19 June 2018

    The first short week is done. Alliances begins to form. I've got a new tool for counting players, it's awesome! I need to work a little bit more on the maps before I can show them for you.

    I got this map from Mackini. It shows the tribes. Red is teutons, Yellow is romans and blue is gauls. You can see that teutons started first. Many romans delayed their start and it's a lot of gauls in e outer circle. VN in NorthEast has a significant higher amount of romans than the other quads.

    I've been asked why I don't post about how many players that have registered. It's because at the second day the bots started to flood the servers.

    It's the same everywhere and as most of them are gauls you can see the result on the map below. I don't think we can blame all of them on the players. A majority, I believe, are planted by the companys that sells resources, troops, farm accounts. They have started to send ut igm's, they are the same on all servers. Report them!




    [font='Consolas, Courier New, Courier, monospace'][size=14][font='Consolas, Courier New, Courier, monospace'][size=10]

    And now I can't add all Top10, maximum attachements is 5!!! I have to complain. I need to goto bed - you will have the other servers tomorrow.

  • Hm, yes - sorry. Kingdoms test started yesterday and I had so fun! (blush)

    Remember Mackinis map about tribes? I got a new one, it shows a significant drop in teutons in Southwest.

    Red - teutons
    Yellow - romans
    Blue - gauls

    Group A Russia

    Lithuania had a good start and can add 3 gold medals to their profil, Well done!. Ramolin from Cerber was in top on all 4 - 2 gold and 2 silver.

    Group B Germany

    Neworder and LF, both from Germany, got several gold and silver medals.
    I would like to know what Angelo Merkel did.

    Group C Turkey

    Bier, an alliance from Netherlands, raided more then the turks themselves. Together with CS they took several medals. Good work of the invited guests to this tough server.

    Group D France

    Several bigger alliances on this server. You can wonder how Dacia had time to raid with 5 on the climber list. All in all the medals is even distributed.

  • Week 2 26 June 2018


    MH's have begin to clear the servers. Not much change on International yet. I'm working with maps and have identified 16oo players belonging to the Top70 alliances. We have 17.000 accounts...

    I have reports for you :)

    First a follow home from a Russian splinter group. VN was the target.

    Due to the limit of 5 images you have this as a link, Greeks attacking a player from the Portugal Team on the border between North and South.
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Ghettos leader has an argument with a neighbor, Bomber, about oases. A former member of BH ally hit a wall with his troops. An expencive wall. Radojica is now inactive.

    The last two reports:

    VN met a wall at X3 Black

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Optimus Prime from Μ-Λ zeroing a village. I'm grateful he found another target than me - but that was after all his scouts never came home after a visit in my village =)

    Converter - Battle reports Travian


  • Germany Group B

    Here we don't have rings but accounts are less today than yesterday, 6800.

    A wall report from China when the german alliance Troja came on a visit.


    Turkey Group C

    One of the first servers to start the clearing of bots


  • France Group D

    France has more bots than usual this year. 10.400 accounts.

    A small alliance with 8 members with only a dot . as ally name walked in vain visiting Dacia.

    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian


    Maximum accounts I've seen is now down to 21.000


  • 4 July 2018

    This picture isn't from Tournament but fun to see it is possible to reach a limit on raids.

    I'm trying to sort the reports I've got the latest week and I have a couple that I have to ask for permission before I can post them. But let's start or I will never be able to finish at least International tonight.

    PT/Iran vs PP/Balkan

    In SE we have a war between Ghetto&Co and BH

    More attacks from X3

    a little action

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    some more of follow home

    I failed on Top10 International. I can't even explained it. The alarm rang, I thought - oh already! Turned to the computer and started to do something else.

    Kingdoms test...

    Fortunately I can ask for help and Jay kindle gave me them. TG don't save the points and I have to hide the BBCode.

    Ghetto has 2 Gold medals and Tuomipä1vä can add more medals to is collection.

    Clock is 03, I will continue with the other servers tomorrow.

  • Hi again :)
    Today the announcement I've been waiting for since Munich finally arrived. It was under the disclosure document so I haven't been able to talk about it and one of the most important topics I brought with me to the event. I hope this will stop the players that concentrate on getting the prizes for off and def points in a dishonourable way.

    The registration for Tournament will close the 9th July so no more waves of spam bots after that and when MH have cleared the servers a final time we will know more about how many real players we have that compete for a ticket to Final.

    Time also for a reminder about the artefacts, they will spawn the 2 August. You can find the reports from last year here


    The reports I was waiting for permission to show is about Toumiopäivä from Ghetto and Bomber from BH. They have been quarrelling since beginning of the server. Their croppers share the oases around. Now it was time for a new round. Toumiopäivä scouted Bomber and found a big zoo.

    Never the less he thought to attack Bomber but Bomber was faster.

    20 waves with catas followed.

    The story will continue :D

    Next server is Group A Russia where HUN and LTU (Baltic) are the invited guests.

    A village zeroed.

    This must have been an desirable oasis

    Top 10

  • Group B Germany

    China vs Troja. A brave hero came to rescue and killed 14 waves of catas without escort before he met a heroic end.

    Later this evening Troja finally caught his off.

    Top 10

    Group C Turkey

    The invited guests CS and NL are still making an impression on the server.

    4 Turkey villages zeroed

    A 9c near Gray zone zeroed

    TOP 10

  • Group D France

    Ironman was very pleased with himself, situated as he is in the middle of the enemies, when he chiefed a village from COQ.

    Poland vs Ita, coming from Italian speed server.

    RocknRolla has as usual a big off early, vs FL (Argentina, Chile, Spain)

    Raelag also have an impressing off, vs FL

    More reports:
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    sssssssaaaaaa —
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian

    Top 10

    Players week 3


    Top 10

    Players week 3

    abo nourah is Top attacker, R3D is Topraider. Remember the tables are mirrored.

    Alliances week 3

  • This week only the Top10. A lot of other things to concentrate on. Tomorrow my house is invaded by 40 friends for our annual Summer LAN and they stay to Sunday. The best week of the year :D
    I'm collecting interviews on International. The basic research on maps are done. with some luck I can post the review in the end of the week.

    Top 10

    The fight between Tuomiopäivä and Bomber has set marks in both Attackers and defenders, they got one Gold medal each.



    China have been busy this week., 3 Gold medals!


  • 14 July

    The review from International will be posted tomorrow/today Saturday afternoon, it is in two parts - one for the Travian blog and one for the forum.


    If you haven't seen the last reports between Tuomiopäiva and Bomber. it will be repeated in an interview tomorrow.

    After the interview with Valkira from PP which includes two successful deffings I got one more report from her where they lost a village.


    Joaozorg from Winter amusing himself with chiefing villages.

    Reports from Russia forum by Loky

    Revenge from ZeusTalos

    Loky follows him back home.

    РУБОП stealing two villages from alvydelis2 LTU

    First village

    Second village


    There was a bug last week when ally points wasn't given as they should. Troja is sad because they did't get a medal for this defense.

    NB (China) defending with short notice.

    NB attacking Dogma

    NB meeting a wall at MERAK


    CS is out enjoying, 2 zeroed villages and one chiefed

    A wall for CS


    FL meets a wall at Dacia

    Full report

    PL vs Dacia Reports on FR forum

    FL vs Dacia

    COQ vs Dacia

    Dacia vs FL